What changes will the body change after pregnancy?Netizen: No one except the gender has not changed, everything has changed

Some pregnant mothers have left a message saying: Since the pregnancy, the body has changed a lot. The summary is that all of them have changed except that the gender has not changed.

So, what changes will the body appear after pregnancy?

First of all, it is estimated that there are many nightmares of many pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy. The reaction of pregnancy is really tortured. If you ca n’t eat it, sometimes it ’s hard to eat a little bit. It’ s too difficult.

Here, you can tell the mothers who are vomiting. You can try to put orange peel or lemon skin at your own often staying, which can alleviate pregnancy.

With the growth of the gestational week, the increase in estrogen and lutein in the body, many pregnant mothers will find that their chests have become larger, and the circles are gradually becoming bigger and black.

There is also the terrible stretch marks that will slowly find the door. When the stretch marks can not be seen at the beginning, the belly may feel itchy. It is recommended that pregnant mothers apply more moisturizing oil and be beautiful.correct!Although the long and not stretch marks are related to personal constitution and genetic factors, pregnant mothers do not try not to grow so exaggerated, okay?

I was pregnant at the time. It was just summer. It may be because of the high basis of pregnancy. I felt that it was the hottest summer I experienced. I wonder if you have this feeling?

It should be the easiest time in the middle of pregnancy. Without pregnancy and relaxed body, he began to feel the fetal movement slowly.

But with new troubles, the melanin precipitation on the body began to find me. There were a few more neck lines, the underarm turned black, and a middle section appeared on the belly.

The most obvious feeling in the third trimester should be pubic pain, frequent urination, and edema.

How painful does pubic pain hurt?When I went to bed, I went to bed and went to bed and turned over to grin. Later, I found that when I was sleeping, I pinched a pillow between the knees, and the pillow on the side of the waist was about 30-60 degrees to sleep, which would be much more comfortable.

It also reminds pregnant mothers that if the pubic bone pain is difficult to turn over, it can help your husband to help you go to bed or turn over, it will feel a lot.

Regarding frequent urination, I believe that pregnant mothers have a personal body, and they have to go to the toilet in a few minutes. I can’t wait to live in the toilet. This also causes me to not dare to go away during that time, and I am afraid that I can’t find the toilet when I need it.

Then there is edema, swelling, foot swelling, and calf swelling. I couldn’t wear my feet to my slippers. Later, I simply bought a large size men’s slippers to wear. I did not expect that it was still very fit.

Pregnant mothers, what are the changes in your body during pregnancy?

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