What can kittens eat?These foods are suitable for feeding, healthy and nutritious

The cat’s diet is very particular. There are many things to pay attention to, especially the kitten.What can the kitten eat?The following foods are very suitable for feeding kittens, healthy and nutritious!

The apples and kittens we usually eat can also be eaten.Apple is rich in nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K and pectin, etc., feeding in moderation, which is greatly beneficial to the kitten.

It should be noted that if you feed the apple for the kitten, you must remove the apple to avoid cyanide poisoning.It is best to cut apples into small pieces and then feed kittens.

Whether it is a kitten or a cat, as long as the cat likes it, you can feed it some cheese. The protein in the cheese is very rich, it is very easy to be absorbed by the kitten, which has great benefits to the growth and development of the kitten.

The chosen cheese must have no salt or add!

If your female cat does not have enough milk to feed the kitten, then the pet owner can feed the kitten some goat milk powder to supplement it enough nutrition.The ingredients of goat milk are close to the breast milk of the female cat, which is especially suitable for kittens who are still breastfeeding.

The goat milk powder for the kitten must be dedicated to pets!

If your kitten has been 2-3 months, it is not enough to feed it with sheep milk powder.The pet owner can give it Wishing some nutritious liquid food as auxiliary, like mixing millet mixing millet porridge is very good.Grain is the source of the body’s energy, and the minced meat is rich in protein.

The combination of millet porridge and minced meat can also help supplement the nutrition required by the kitten!

Egg yolk is a very good supplement for kittens.Egg yolks are rich in protein, and the growth of kittens requires more protein. Feeding egg yolks is healthy and nutritious for kittens.And egg yolk can also make the kitten’s hair smooth and shiny.

Although the egg yolk is very nutritious, it cannot be eaten too much, otherwise it is prone to indigestion.

Fish can also be fed for kittens. Fish is rich in high -quality protein, and the taurine required by cats can not only supplement nutrition to the kitten, but also improve its night vision ability, promote the kitten catGrowth and development.

It should be noted that when feeding fish for kittens, be sure to pick out the fishbone, and try to feed some fresh water fish. Don’t let it consume too much salt and increase the cat’s kidney burden!

Conclusion: How old is your cat?

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