What can I eat to relieve pregnancy and vomiting?

Pregnancy is one of the joy of every family, but it follows the various uncomfortable adaptations of pregnant women. It is well known that it is pregnancy vomiting. How many mothers are painful.But this situation is not unable to alleviate. The following recommendations are recommended for you:

Plan one, when you vote for your appetite, except for pregnant women’s diet taboos, you like what you like to eat.Pregnant women in early pregnancy like to eat acidic flavors, such as, dried plums or vegetables.Therefore, husband and family should prepare more such foods.Due to the early pregnancy (the first 3 months), the fetus does not require too much nutrition.Pregnant women can choose what they want to eat, drink plenty of water, and eat more foods that can be prevented, because it will increase.In addition, change the dining environment of a pregnant woman as much as possible, which can stimulate the appetite of pregnant women.

Option 2: It is better to eat less meals for pregnant women.Eat every 2 to 3 hours.Most of nausea and vomiting are heavier in the morning on an empty stomach. In order to reduce the reaction of pregnancy, you can eat more dry foods, such as sesame cakes, biscuits, grilled steamed buns, bread slices, etc.If pregnant women are severe, pay attention to eating more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent acid.

According to the third, the diet of pregnant women is mainly light, less greasy, and easy to digest, such as bread, biscuits, milk, loquat powder, porridge, honey and various fresh fruits.Avoid too greasy foods.

Plan 4, family members should encourage pregnant women to eat.If pregnant women eat vomiting, do not be mentally, can do deep breathing, listen to music, or walk outdoors, and then continue to eat.After eating, it is best for pregnant women to rest in bed for half an hour, which can reduce vomiting symptoms.When the response at night is lighter, the amount of food should be increased and the food should be diversified. If necessary, the meal can be added before going to bed to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women and fetuses.The dietary conditioning of pregnancy is very important, because the first three months of pregnancy is the most vigorous moment of differentiation and various organs formed by the fetus.

Plan 5, soup and greasy foods are the most likely to cause nausea or vomiting. Do not drink too much soup, drinks and boiling water during meals to avoid eating fried or indigestible foods.

Although the pregnancy vomiting is light and heavy, it does not want to let the pregnancy vomiting affect the health of the baby and the mother, nor does it want it to affect our mood.Let us maintain a good body and a good mood to welcome the birth of new life.

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