What can I eat and vomit, who can understand the pain of pregnancy?Don’t worry about pregnant mothers, alleviating pregnancy vomiting tips are here

Pregnancy is sweet and hard to every treasure mother, especially for pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy reactions during pregnancy. They are tortured to suspect life, but in the end they still need to endure.

Xiaoqu is a post -95 pregnant mother. She is now pregnant for five months. I don’t know if it was because of the first pregnancy. The pregnancy response of Xiaoqu is obvious, especially the pregnancy vomiting is very serious.

Others have changed a lot, but when Xiaoqu is here, I ca n’t eat it directly. I usually like food. Now I want to vomit when I see it. Originally, Xiaoqu was relatively thin. Now I am pregnant.People are worried.

The reason why pregnant women have a pregnancy vomiting are mainly related to the changes in hormone levels in the body. The increase in estrogen content has led to gastrointestinal digestive disorders.

Most pregnant mothers’ pregnancy is not very serious, and some do not even have a pregnancy reaction. They usually occur during pregnancy during 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy. The pregnancy vomiting is severe at 8 to 10 weeks. After 12 weeks, the pregnancy gradually improves.

However, in real life, some pregnant mothers will be the same as Xiaoqu. The pregnancy reaction is very serious. From the early pregnancy vomiting to the late pregnancy, the weight of the weight is decreased due to pregnancy, and even malnutrition, physical weakness, and mental weakness occur.

If you encounter similar situations, pregnant mothers must pay attention to, do not carry hard, do not eat hard, and seek medical treatment in time.Don’t affect your health because of pregnancy.So in daily life, pregnancy vomiting is pregnant, how can pregnant mothers alleviate?

① Three months before pregnancy, fetal growth does not need to consume too much nutrition, so if the pregnant mother occurs at this time, do not force yourself to eat too much. You can choose your favorite food or the food you can eat.

② If there is loss of appetite or pregnancy, pregnant mothers can choose to eat more meals and eat more, eat less appetite, eat more with appetite, and eat high nutritional food as much as possible.

③ When choosing food, you can choose alkaline fruits and vegetables, or choose dry foods such as bread and biscuits, which can relieve pregnancy and prevent acidosis.

④ Pay attention to the dining environment. A good dining environment can improve appetite. In addition, it is best to stay away from the kitchen with heavy oil fume during pregnancy. Therefore, if the restaurant is closer to the kitchen, pregnant mothers can change places to dine.

⑤ You can bring some snacks with you, such as sour candy and fruits, but pay attention to the amount of intake, you can also bring a small bag of soda biscuits. When you are hungry or blood sugar, you can replenish energy.

⑥ After pregnancy, the pregnant mother needs to clean up the vomit in time and rinse the mouth in time to avoid being stimulated again.

Each mother’s pregnancy is different, which is mainly related to physical condition.However, some pregnant mothers have severe pregnancy and vomiting, but they are caused by too much psychological pressure. Especially for the first time as a mother who is a mother, they are confused about the future, and they are panicked for the first time to be mothers.Pregnant women must maintain a good attitude, and pregnant women should not put too much pressure on pregnant women.

Today’s topic: Is your pregnancy response serious?

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