What are you most tortured during pregnancy?Pregnancy examination, pregnancy vomiting, various uneasiness

My husband is busy with the company. Sometimes I go home early and tell me the recent development of the company; sometimes when I go home and late, I ca n’t wait to sleep early.At first I was pregnant, although I did not vomit, I still feel sleepy all day long, and sleep when I have time.For the safety insurance of children, we chose to protect children and adults in the new district hospital.Because of the hypothyroidism, you need to go to the hospital for a period of time. You need to draw blood, and adjust the medicine to take medicine according to the test results.The new district hospital is particularly far from my house. It takes two buses to take two bus. Sometimes, when I am not busy, my husband will take me to the hospital. When I am busy, I will take the bus myself.

Every time I checked, I lined up in the hospital, waiting for the doctor, and the results of the examination. Every time I had to toss all day.You can get up early in the morning. After checking up the checkup, you are almost at noon. The hospital’s list can only come out in the afternoon. Just wait for the afternoon to come out in the afternoon, watch the doctor, and take another hour of car home.Now I can’t remember the discomfort of my body at that time, I just remember that it was too troublesome to check the hospital for examination all day long.

We only see that others are easily pregnant and have a child. We always think that it is easy. Only when you are pregnant can you really realize which child is not a mother who tossed half of his life before he was kept.

During that time, the company was under the efforts of her husband, and everything went smoothly. Her husband also had the spirit of struggle that he had never had before. Perhaps only by work could he find his value.Money cannot be replaced.For a person who has been pursuing a career, I understand the feeling of finding my own special range and can freely control the development trend.I feel happy for him.I can understand the mood of hope and expectation. I know that I can’t help him now, so I will bless him silently in my heart. May he move forward steadily along his business plan.

My husband can be busy all day long and can’t care about me at all. I am alone at home, and I do n’t even have a speaker. In order to send a boring time, I watched the TVs I wanted to watch and had no time to watch.I watched the Romance of the Three Kingdoms again. The reason why the classics are classic is that as you experience the growth, every time your feelings and experience are different.I no longer treat Cao Cao’s treacherous and vicious opposite character that the adults say. Instead, I feel that as a leader, he has a strategy and courage. There are the Akih Wars who defeat the warehouse and escape.The tolerance of Guan Yu in front of Guan Yu.I have learned more objectively to evaluate a person. I have a more tolerant attitude towards the creator’s doing. I know how to stand in the role of the character and think about every decision in his current position, and complete the sublimation of myself in the classics.

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