What are the symptoms of sows after abortion?What should I do after sow abortion?Breeding experience tells you

Sow abortion is a common problem in the production of pig farms.Abortion will not only bring economic losses to the pig farm, but also affect the benefits of pig raising pigs.Let me talk about it in detail after the sows will have symptoms after abortion?What should I do after sow abortion?You can make a reference.

1. Symptoms of sow abortion

1. Own product: After sow abortion, a large amount of blood and fetus will be discharged. The abortion is black, and sometimes it will be accompanied by a smell of evil.

2. Decreased appetite: After the sow has miscarriage, there will be loss of appetite, and no longer as appetite as before.

3. Silence: Some sows will silently silent after miscarriage, and are no longer as lively as before.

4. Face: After the sow is aborted, the body will be weak, the limbs are weak, and the movement is slow.

5. Heating: After the sow is miscarriage, a large amount of bacteria will occur in the body, causing the sows to increase the temperature and the symptoms of fever.

6. Specific breathing: After the sow is miscarriage, due to poor physical condition, symptoms of shortness of breathing often occur, manifested as asthma or breath.

7. Insidity: After the sows have miscarriage, due to poor physical condition, there are often symptoms of mental weakness, which manifested as listless or depressed.

2. Treatment after sow abortion

1. Isolation: When we discover the abortion of sows, we need to separate the sows to prevent other sows from infection.The time to isolation generally needs to be about a month, and it also needs to be used: the mother animals are too guarantee+multi -dimensional Pacific+clm mold too much, and the sow is conditioned. It can supplement the sow to replenish qi and blood to ensure that the sow’s body is recovering normal quickly.

2. Cleaning: After the sow is aborted, there will be a large amount of blood and placenta such as the sow. We need to clean and disinfect all kinds of dirt to prevent bacteria from breeding and disease transmission.

3. Observation: After the sow is aborted, we also need to observe closely to the sows to facilitate any abnormalities in time.The focus of observation mainly includes the appetite, body temperature, and mental state of the sow, and whether the sow’s vagina continues to flow out. If so, it is recommended that we use it: Clear Extreme Palace and give sows to clear the palace.

4. Diet adjustment: After the sow is aborted, we must also adjust its diet, so that it can help sow to restore the normal state as soon as possible.We can add to sow’s feed: Multi -dimensional guarantee, which contains protein and vitamins, which can supplement the sow to supplement nutrition and promote the recovery of the sow.At the same time, we also need to pay attention to feeding sows, do not feed too irritating feed to avoid adverse effects on sows’ bodies.

5. Vaccine vaccination: In order to prevent the occurrence of sow abortion, we can consider regular vaccines to take sows regularly.Vaccine vaccination can effectively increase sow’s immunity, reduce the risk of their infection disease, and reduce the probability of abortion.

The above is the topic of sow abortion. The sow abortion hurts the sows very much, but we must do a good job of the sow’s miscarriage according to this article. Only in this way can we ensure that the sow is breeding normally next time.

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