What are the symptoms of early pregnancy? With these 9 symptoms, congratulations on your pregnancy

Many expectant mothers who are new to pregnancy lack their understanding of the early symptoms of pregnancy.There will be a lot of body in the early stages of pregnancy.Many people think they are sick.Now let’s take a look at the early symptoms of pregnancy.

1. Menstruation stop

Usually the menstrual cycle is normal, and the husband and wife have sex before and after the ovulation period. They do not take contraceptive measures. Menstruation is postponed for more than one week, and it is possible to get pregnant.

2. Nausea and vomiting

After the 5th week of pregnancy, many pregnant women will be pregnant.Eating less meals can reduce this symptom.Tomiting began to appear one month after pregnancy. When three months of pregnancy, the intensity of pregnancy will slowly reduce, and the human body will slowly adapt to various changes in the body due to pregnancy.

3. The breast becomes sensitive

After pregnancy, the breasts will become swollen and softer.Due to stimulation of pregnancy, the body of pregnant women will produce many hormones, causing the gland to grow in the breast, and the breast will become larger.Sometimes breasts have symptoms of pain.

4. Increase leucorrhea

After pregnancy, estrogen gradually increases with the increase of the month of pregnancy, the vaginal secretions increased, and the number of leucorrhea also increased.

5. Mild vaginal bleeding

The fertilized eggs will be bed in the uterus after conception. At this time, there may be a slight vaginal bleeding in pregnant women.If the vagina is only mild bleeding, there is no symptoms of severe discomfort, and expectant mothers don’t have to worry. This is a normal physiological reaction when fertilized eggs are bed.

6. Loss appetite

Sudden appetite is also a symptom of early pregnancy.Because the secretion of flavonoids can reduce many system functions of the body, and the human digestive system function will also be affected, sometimes it may cause bad appetite.

7. Physical fatigue

The body hormone changes after pregnancy.In addition, the basic metabolism of pregnant women has increased, the calorie consumption in the body is fast, and the blood sugar is insufficient, so you will feel very tired.

8. Frequent urine

The frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy is mainly caused by changes in the body’s hormonal secretion. Not only the expansion of the uterus will cause pressure on the bladder, and the increase in blood flow will also cause pressure on the kidneys, resulting in increased urine.

9. Emotional instability

The hormones secreted after pregnancy can cause emotional instability and become very sensitive. You may cry and laugh in a moment.

The first three months of pregnancy are early pregnancy, and the early pregnancy belongs to the instability period.There are some precautions that need to remind you of pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy.

1. Reasonable diet

In the early pregnancy, due to the impact of progesterone, many expectant mothers’ dietary habits will change.At this time, the expectant mothers must ensure the balanced nutrition, which is a critical period for fetal development.

2. Avoid the same room

In the early stages of pregnancy, fetal development is still in a relatively fragile period.This stage is the initial stage of the baby’s internal organs.Therefore, the prospective mother should pay attention to the same room in the early stages of pregnancy to avoid abortion caused by the same house.

3. Careful medication

Early pregnancy is an important period for baby development, so expectant mothers should pay special attention when taking medicine to avoid blind use of the fetus and cause malformations of the fetus.

During pregnancy, if you have to take medicine, you must consult a doctor and take medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

4. Moderate work

Pregnant mothers in early pregnancy are easy to feel fatigue, and excessive fatigue is not conducive to the development of the fetus.Therefore, you must pay attention to rest early.

5. Go to the hospital for a checkup

In the early stages of pregnancy, whether or not you are pregnant, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a diagnosis.At the same time, according to the hospital’s examination and the doctor’s instructions, regular production inspection according to the prescribed time,

6. Keep a good mood

In the early stages of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers may not be used to it for a while, and they are prone to emotional fluctuations.At this time, you can choose to listen to light music, or find a quiet place to rest.To maintain a good state of mood and relax, it can make the baby grow healthier.

After reading so much, everyone has a certain understanding of the symptoms and precautions in the early stages of pregnancy. I wish you all the mothers can give birth to a healthy and lovely baby ~

I am a childcare helper during pregnancy. I walk with you on the way to childcare.

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