What are the stomachache during pregnancy, what is the situation of stomach pain?

When I was Huai Dabao, I had no experience. I was panicked when I encountered problems. Now I think it ’s really funny.When I am pregnant, I always feel a faint pain in my stomach, saying that my stomach hurts, but it is not strong like a kitten scratching you. It is very mild, but it continues.At that time, I really thought it was a big deal, and I went to the hospital to see it. The result was really a little shocking. The pain was just normal pain during pregnancy. Every pregnant mother would experience it. Later, I also learned various related knowledge.After understanding, it was even more ridiculous.

However, this is also the normal psychology of every pregnant mother. Regarding the fetus, it is inevitable to panic, especially in the aspect of stomach pain, which is directly related to the development of the fetus.In fact, there are many types of stomach pain during pregnancy. The most common thing is nothing more than that. It may be that there may be a real accident. Pregnant mothers have to learn to judge.

Normal pain

During pregnancy, I feel that my stomach has a faint pain. Although it is unwell, it is mild. This is caused by the embryo that the embryo is gradually developing in the uterus. It belongs to normal phenomenon during pregnancy, and there is no need to worry too much.

Pain on the side

In the early days, the stomach was not a full -scale pain. The stomach pain on one side and continued, a bit like appendicitis. This situation may occur in ectopic pregnancy. For safety reasons, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.Terminal pregnancy.

Threatened abortion

The pain during aura abortion is very recognizable. The pain in the stomach is painful and accompanied by the lower abdomen. At the same time, the lower body has bleeding symptoms. This may be a sign of a threatened abortion. The pregnant mother must quickly seek medical treatment.

Advanced physiological pain

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus gradually increased the pressure of the abdomen, and the chance of pain was even greater. For example, an increased uterine stimulating the lower edge of the ribs caused pain, but the left side was conducive to relief.For example, sometimes the stomach becomes harmful, but just a few seconds, it may be a pseudo -contraction, just rest and relax.

Belly stomachache under the body bleeding

This happens in the third trimester. The stomach pain is severe and bleeding. In the third trimester, most of the placenta is peeled early. After encountering this situation, you must quickly act to go to the hospital.


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