What are the skin care products that pregnant women can use?

All mothers in the world are very great. Not only should I have such a big belly for ten months, I can’t do anything, and they can shape them.It’s bad.

Even if my husband is not disliked, I don’t look good at it.

Many pregnant mothers use some skin care products during pregnancy to avoid postpartum stretch marks and some spots appear

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It is famous for its citrus and gentleness.Its raw materials are selected from high -quality high -quality ingredients, introduced advanced Japanese skin care technology, and developed according to the characteristics of the skin during pregnancy in Asia.After testing and sensitivity testing by authoritative agencies, no harmful ingredients such as alcohol, mineral oil, heavy metals, hormones, and dyes can be used during pregnancy.And more moisturizing and hydrating

So really like the official saying, does it contain any stimulus?

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From the test of the True APP, the toner of this pro -moisturizing soy milk contains a stimulus, which is fragrance.Although there are not many ingredients and have not caused risk components, as long as the flavors are all harmful and unpleasant.

Fragrance penetrates the skin into the body of pregnant women, it is easy to cause premature birth or even abortion.Not only that, fragrance is also easy to transition to the baby through milk and other channels. Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to not use products containing fragrance ingredients. Even if they do n’t think about themselves, they must think about the children in the belly.

Let’s take a look at whether the effect of skin care products is really as official, moisturizing and hydrating?

Obviously, the previous ingredients are glycerin, butanol, etc. These are common moisturizing and hydrating ingredients.The purpose of the following components is also the purpose of moisturizing the skin.

From this point of view, the softening water of pro -moisturizing soy milk is indeed moisturizing and hydrating, and it has deep hydration to pregnant mothers.If you need the rest of the pro -moisturizing products, you can check and query on your own app.Next, I will help you to see how other brands are.

Summary: Four stars in safety performance, moisturizing and hydrating five stars.


New York has a very good reputation for pregnant women with daily skin care brands. The aromatic smell is very effective for alleviating tension during pregnancy.During pregnancy, pregnant women with itching of the skin can try BASQ nutrient -rich body oil, driven the skin itching and long effect, and can completely prevent the production of the belly.Various essence oil extracted by hand can be easily absorbed by the skin.

BASQ’s stretch marks repair essence is the most purchased. Let’s take a look at the effect.

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Oh my god, is this true?

This product of Basq contains flavors, but there is already a dangerous component.It is best not to use this stretch marks to repair the essence if you are still breastfeeding.

Fragrance is an artificial synthesis of spices, and the main component is a variety of chemicals.Therefore, if long -term consumption or contact with fragrance, there must be some negative effects on human health, especially for babies, it may have some bad effects on the development of the baby’s brain and body.

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From the perspective of component analysis, the moisturizing and hydrating performance of BASQ is not as high as pro -moisturizing, mainly because the skin conditioning.After all, this is a product that repairs stretch marks

Summary: 3 stars in safety performance, 4 stars of moisturizing and hydrating, 5 stars for repairing ability

Clarins Clarins

All products from French Clarins come from plant refinement and have a unique plant taste.The product series of Clarins is very rich, and it can be described as the best in the industry.

When it comes to the necessary skin care products for pregnant mothers, I really have to mention this Clarinus poem

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Many people are recommended by Clarins, but most of them are following the trend, because the next door is using it, then I have to use it.

It can be seen from the display of the true app app that this stroke pattern does not contain flavors, and the pregnant mother uses the component of 0.Our pregnant mothers can be used with confidence.Then some pregnant mothers may ask why there are preservatives. These do n’t have to worry. Platoats are just to make the shelf life longer and avoid expiration for a few days.The production cost of this product is relatively large, so we can’t use it in a few days, right?So add some preservatives.But these contents are very small, within the scope of safety

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The component analysis shows that the pattern of this Clarins is mainly based on skin conditioning, supplemented by moisturizing and hydration.And the moisturizing performance is better than BASQ, because the components of moisturizing and hydrating such as glycerol and butanol are all contained.

From my personal point of view, although Clarins are a bit expensive, the effect and safety are good

Summary: 5 stars of safety performance, 4 stars of moisturizing and hydrating, repairing 5 stars


This is a very socially responsible maternity skin care brand. Belli’s products are refined by natural organic ingredients. Each product is tested by allergies, without comprehensive dyes and preservatives.According to the different needs of the pregnant women at all stages, Belli’s service provided by women during pregnancy is thoughtful and meticulous. From pre -pregnancy, during pregnancy to postpartum or even baby skin care, the Belli product series is very rich.

Take Belli’s eye cream to see

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This Belli’s eye cream does not contain fragrance. It is the same as Clarins. The more rare is that the content of preservatives is very small.It is not difficult to see from the analysis of the true app app that it is 0 types of components used by pregnant women. Let’s take a look at its main function.

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There are 8 types of skin conditioning, 7 types of moisturizing ingredients, 7 antioxidant components, and 4 types of anti -wrinkle components.It is mainly for pregnancy or after pregnancy, some young Baoma will have wrinkles or fine lines in the corners of the eyes. Because they are still young, they still hydrate and moisturize.It’s more suitable for 30 years old to use pregnant mothers

Summary: 5 stars in safety performance, 5 stars moisturizing and hydrating, 3 stars of anti -wrinkle ability

Skin care products used by pregnant mothers include Jingqi, Mama Mio, Palmer’s Yaer, DHC Butterfly Cui Poetry, etc. These brands cannot say who is better than who is better than who is better than whom is the best for them.Although most of the skin care products of pregnant mothers are no problem, otherwise they dare not take it out, but since it is a pregnant mother, it is necessary to minimize the danger.Because the query is only a certain product of a certain brand, all products of the brand cannot be killed.

There are a lot of sheep heads on the market. I hope that all pregnant mothers can check whether the ingredients are really suitable for their own use before purchasing products, and they are not suitable for refusal to buy.

The above are all personal opinions. Please contain a lot of controversy.

Hope to help you ~

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