What are the skin care brands suitable for pregnant women?

What are the skin care brands suitable for pregnant women?

During pregnancy, the safety of the fetus is undoubtedly the first, but the skin care work of pregnant mothers cannot be ignored.Skin -care brands suitable for pregnant women are naturally good reputation and good product quality. They will neither affect the fetus and pregnant women, but also effectively solve the skin problems of pregnant women.The following lists have been listed on the skin care brand, which are safe and applicable for pregnant women.

1. Jingqi

Jingqi, as a well -known internationally renowned mother and baby brand, uses mature advanced technology and scientific formulas, with bird’s nest protein as its main ingredient, with goat milk extract, hydrolyzed collagen and other ingredients.It can solve most of the problems of women during pregnancy.In addition, because skin care products are rich in nutrients that can be effectively absorbed by the skin, which enhances skin cell activity, not only restores skin elasticity, but also delays skin aging.

2, germination time

Skin care products for germination time are specially developed according to the physical fitness of women’s pregnancy. The raw materials used are naturally extracting the essence of pure plants.Therefore, pregnant mothers can use it with confidence.

3, basq

BASQ is a well -known brand in the United States. The brand is very famous in the United States and is very reputable.BASQ can provide a complete series of solutions based on different skin characteristics of women, thereby restoring the skin as the beginning.It is worth mentioning that the brand’s products contain their unique plant pregnant women’s aromatherapy, which can relax pregnant women.

4. October Angel

In October, Angels always adhered to the basic concept of "professional products, special care, safe use, and assured care". The selected skin care products are all green and natural plant essence. Using advanced professional formulasKeeping nutrition and strengthening the skin microcirculation function, so as to achieve the full skin care of mothers during pregnancy.

5. Belli

The brand is a brand that specializes in developing pregnant women’s skin care products during pregnancy. The products are divided into three series of pregnant women, mothers and infants, all of which have high safety.It is also because of its high standard security that it has made it the first skin care brand recommended by OB-GYNS in the United States.However, the brand’s skin care products are more difficult to buy in China, and the price is slightly more expensive.

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