What are the same points and differences between "drug flow" and "abortion" to women’s bodies?

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For a woman, fertility is one of the serious things in life.Now more and more people have chosen the flow of people without the premise that their children are planned.

The abortion surgery hurts the uterus and affects fertility. No wonder mothers and children are different

A female friend of her mother regretted the flow of people when she was young.A few days ago, attending the wedding of a aunt daughter, this aunt had a good relationship with my mother, but I had a doubt from childhood, because this daughter was completely different from her aunt.

Later, I slowly learned that the two of them did not have a blood relationship. The girl was raised by her aunt when she was three years old. Now the girl’s biological parents have to attend the wedding.What is going on?My mother told me that the aunt was pregnant when she was young, but she ate drugs that hurt the fetus without knowing it. Gynecologists suggested that the child is shed.

The first child was lost because of one person. As a result, because the original abortion surgery indirectly hurt the uterine function, and she never became pregnant. Auntie said that if you choose the drug flow once, it may be different!Is the dangers of drug flow really smaller than abortion?

"Drug flow" and "flow", who is big and small for women’s bodies?

Drug flow is the abortion of drug abortion

In recent years, it has been widely used in medical clinical technology, and most of them refer to the process of oral drugs to terminate early pregnancy.It is also the new development of obstetrics and gynecology to ensure that it can ensure that the effect of abortion without surgery, medical equipment and injections in the past 20 years.

Risk of drug flow

According to research statistics, the success rate of drug flow is low, reaching only about 75 %.Therefore, the biggest problem facing the drug flow is that the drug flow may cause the situation where there are not clean abortion. In this case, the second Qing Palace surgery must be performed, otherwise it will bring life danger.Secondly, drugs have great side effects, and WHO pointed out that women around the world have a precedent for illness and death in the drug flow.The ovaries are caused great damage and even reduce anti -aging ability.The last point is that the vaginal bleeding phenomenon will occur after the drug flow. It ranges from more than ten days to a month. The long -term recovery process is greatly likely to cause vaginal infections, causing complications to cause various gynecological diseases.Leave hidden safety hazards.

The flow of people is the abortion of abortion

It refers to the behavior of using artificial or drugs to help pregnant women during the three -month pregnancy period of pregnancy. In two directions: one is surgery and the other is drugs.It is also the most acceptable and understanding method of the public.

Risk of flow

The flow of people is greater danger, and the damage caused by women’s body is irreversible.There may also be complications and infections.Weak people’s resistance leads to weak constitution, and it is easy to be infected with gynecological inflammation by bacteria.Moreover, every flow of people will scrape the endometrium, causing damage to the uterus. If there are more people, the chance of pregnancy will be slim.In contrast, the flow of drugs will be safer, and the risk is lower than the flow of people.

What is the difference between "drug flow" and "flow"?

Both methods will cause large or small damage to the body.Under normal circumstances, the successful drug flow is the most secure. If the failure needs to be cleared in the second time, the damage is the same as the flow of people, which will affect the uterus, and the process of drug flow is relatively comfortable.

Therefore, when female compatriots decide abortion, they must consult a gynecologist and choose the appropriate way according to their own situation.At the same time, choose reliable medical institutions instead of choosing a small clinic or a place where medical treatment does not meet the standards for abortion.After all, good health is the first.

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