What are the preparations before colonoscopy?Is magnetic resonance radiation?Why is the color Doppler ultrasound black and white?… Talk about checking those things

When the medical examination or the doctor’s advice is done for further examination, many people will have a variety of concerns: I heard that I have to make a lot of preparations before the colonoscopy, but what should I do if I don’t know anything?Will magnetic resonance have radiation, is it hurting the body?Why did my color Doppler ultrasound test the result of black and white, and did it be wrong …

Today I will answer these questions one by one, so that everyone will be able to accept various necessary inspections.

Colonoscopy: You need to make sufficient intestinal preparation before examination

Intelligence is an important means to screen, diagnose and treat intestinal diseases.Before you do colonoscopy, you need to make a sufficient intestinal preparation.What is sufficient intestinal preparation?

1 // Be prepared

The doctor needs to be informed in advance:

1. There is no heart cerebrovascular disease;

2. Whether to take antiplatelets, anticoagulant drugs, etc.;

3. Whether there is a family history, the history of the abdominal surgery, and other diseases;

4. Whether women are in menstrual period and pregnancy;

5. Actual age, smoking and drinking, etc.

2 // Diet preparation

Be careful not to eat foods with seeds, such as dragon fruit, kiwi, etc., and do not eat foods that are not easy to digest, such as black fungus, tomato skin, etc. These foods are not easy to discharge in the intestine.

Check the smoke and alcohol for two or three days before the inspection, do not eat spicy food, and eat some diet that is easy to digest, light, low residue, such as porridge, noodles, etc.

3 // Drug preparation

Before you do colonoscopy, you need to prepare the intestines through the drug. The drugs used are generally electrolytic dispersion. Different hospitals may have different medications. How to use medicines and doctors can be performed according to the doctor’s order.

The following groups need to perform a colonoscopy under the guidance of a doctor: people over 45 years of age; direct relatives have a history of colorectal cancer; diarrhea, abdominal pain, anemia, abdominal blocks, etc.For example, positive and black stools of feces are tested; intestinal diseases have been diagnosed with intestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, colon polyps; colon cancer.

Some people will push the colonoscopy because they are afraid of trouble. In fact, colonoscopy is a weapon that discovers and remove early intestinal tumors. After colonoscopy, if everything is normal, it can be checked again for 5 to 10 years.For your own health, you should do it in time if you should do your own health.

Magnetic resonance: have nothing to do with radiation

As soon as you hear magnetic resonance, some people can’t help but Lenovo: won’t it have anything to do with radiation.

Rest assured that magnetic resonance has nothing to do with radiation. It uses hydrogen sons in human moisture to imagine. There is no nuclear radiation phenomenon and radioactive substances at all, and there is no ionized radiation at all.People can check with confidence.

Magnetic resonance has a wide range of applications, such as the field of nervous system, suspecting cerebral infarction, intracranial vascular lesions, intracranial position occupation lesions; orthopedic fields, suspicion of disc herniation or swelling, spinal ducting positional lesions, knee hip hipWhen joints such as joints and joint problems; in the heart domain, it is clear that the patient’s heart structure and functional problems such as myocardium, pericardium, and heart valve may require a magnetic resonance examination for further diagnosis.

However, magnetic resonance has a strong magnetic field. Before the magnetic resonance, the subject needs to remove the metal foreign objects of the body table, such as necklaces, mobile phones, coins, keys, etc.; And metal foreign objects in the bodyAs well as metal implants of orthopedics, doctors need to evaluate whether they can do magnetic resonance.

In addition, due to the long examination time of magnetic resonance, some patients with critical condition are not suitable for doing it; because when performing magnetic resonance, the human body will be fever under the influence of a strong magnetic field, so high fever patients are not suitable for doing it;Patients, pregnant women within 3 months of pregnancy, are not recommended to be magnetic resonance.

Color Doppler: Color encoding help identify blood flow signals

The color Doppler ultrasound does not mean that the inspection report image you get is color.

The "color" of the color Doppler ultrasound is actually human beings: red and blue.The color Doppler ultrasonic Doppler technology and ultrasonic ecception principle can be used in real time to help doctors judge the human body’s blood flow signal after the color is encoded in color.

Ultrasonic examinations are like a pair of perspective eyes, which can dexterize each side of the human organs, and is widely used in the abdominal, heart, blood vessels, gynecological examinations.In addition, under the guidance of real -time ultrasound, doctors can also conduct tissue puncture, biopsy and some interventional treatment.

Therefore, if you see the color Doppler inspection report image is black and white, don’t be nervous, this is normal.

Author: Yang Nan, Health Management Department, Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Affiliated Hospital

Review: National Health Science Popularization Expert Library Expert

Ronglong, chief physician of the digestive endoscopic center of Peking University First Hospital

Planning: Tan Jia Yu Yunxi

Edit: Fan Hongyan

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