What are the pregnancy tests?Precautions for Super full pregnancy!I have to watch it

What are the pregnancy tests?When are you checking?What do you bring for the first birth inspection?

From pregnancy to childbirth, expectant mothers do not know how many times, small, small, and various examinations, let us sort it out.

Regular inspection time

What we usually see is the abbreviation of pregnancy weeks. The calculation of this pregnancy week is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation, seven days for a week.The accurate record of expectant mothers’ last menstrual time is very important. This is the most direct and easiest basis for the calculation of the due date.Specific mothers are divided into three stages: early pregnancy (within 12 weeks), mid -term (13 to 27 weeks) and late (28 weeks).

Conventional inspection -first prenatal examination (generally 0 ~ 5 weeks)

The content of the first inspection is:

1. General circumstances of pregnant women: age, pregnancy (several pregnancy), production (. Several births), early menstrual tide, menstrual cycle, menstrual flow, last menstruation, previous menstruation.

2. Whether it is exposed to toxic and harmful things, such as: mercury, lead, benzene

3. Whether there are severe diseases in the past, such as: hepatitis, tuberculosis, heart, heart, lung, kidney, brain disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc., have undergone surgery

4. Whether or not genetic medical history in the family, the history of twin, and the history of oncology disease

Do the ultrasonic examination from 5 to 6 weeks, and it is also done in about 12 weeks. Ultrasonic examinations can see the fetal heartbeat and yolk sac.

The first formal inspection was started in 12 weeks, and the second trimester was checked once a month in the second trimester.

Since it has entered a relatively stable stage at this time, general hospitals will handle the "pregnant women’s health manuals" for mothers.In the future, when doctors perform various birth checks for each expectant mother, they will also perform and record them according to the inspection items recorded in the manual.

The inspection items mainly include:

1. Consultation

2. Over weight and blood pressure

3. Check in various parts of the body

4. Listen to the baby’s heartbeat

5. Check the size of the uterus

6. Blood drawing

7. urine test

8. Screening of "A Transparent Belt of the fetus".

From 13 to 16 weeks, do the Tang family screening and other basic items (weight, blood pressure, consultation, uterine size and baby fetal heart sound, etc.). Donal screening is mainly to see the fetal chromosomal abnormalities.

From 17 to 20 weeks, detailed ultrasonic examinations, you can see that the fetus is gender. This examination is mainly to see if there is a big problem in the appearance of the fetus.

From 21 to 24 weeks, the content of gestational diabetes and bile acid is detected.

From 25 to 28 weeks, the review of syphilis, AIDS, and hepatitis B related antigens and antibodies, at the same time, the review of blood glucose and bile acid is also necessary.

Start entering the third trimester of pregnancy in 28 weeks, and check every 2 weeks every 2 weeks

From the 29th to 32th weeks, the inspection of expectant mothers in the second trimester of pregnancy is very important for blood pressure, proteinuria, and urine sugar.If the measurement results are found that the blood pressure of the expectant mother is too high, and when there is proteinuria and general edema, the expectant mothers must pay more attention to avoid the danger of pre -eclampsia.In addition, ECG and hepatobiliary B -ultrasound are also necessary.Also review blood sugar and bile acid according to the situation of pregnant women.Starting from 33 weeks, the birth check -in to once a week

There is no obvious change in the contents of each inspection, such as: measuring weight, palace height, abdominal circumference, heart rate, blood pressure, fetal heart, and regularly measure hematuria routine.The difference is that we have to start doing fetal heart monitoring.

In fact, pregnant mothers don’t have to write down all these testing items, just know it, because after the pregnancy test at the hospital, the doctor will tell you the next delivery time and content. If you are uncomfortable during pregnancy, you should go to the hospital in time to go to the hospitalTest, listen to doctors’ suggestions.

What issues should be paid attention to before pregnancy check before pregnancy

1. Avoid alcohol a day before the physical examination, limited to high -fat and high protein diet, avoid using preparation particles that have affected liver and kidney function.

2. Diet should be light 3 to 5 before the examination. Do not eat blood -containing foods such as pork liver and pig blood.After 12 o’clock in the evening before the inspection, please completely fast (including drinking water).

3. Pump blood and liver and bile B ultrasound on an empty stomach.Do bladder, uterine, and attachment B timeout. Do not urinate.

4. When doing X -ray checks, you should wear cotton underwear, and do not wear clothes and bras with metal buttons; please remove metal items such as necklaces, mobile phones, pens, keys.Women who are pregnant and may be pregnant, please inform the health inspection service personnel to do X -ray inspection carefully.

5. Women should pay attention to avoid menstruation during pregnancy.

6. Dressing requirements on the day of physical examination: easy to wear, easy to wear, shoes and socks, it is best not to wear necklaces, etc. Do not wear steel brackets for female comrades, do not wear metal sequined underwear.

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