What are the precautions for drug flow?In particular, pay attention to these 3 points, don’t take it lightly

With the improvement of medical technology, the ideas of modern people have gradually changed.Many people who are pregnant now will choose abortion. Among them, the drug flow is a common means of abortion.In addition to the drug flow, there are also surgical abortion. These two abortion methods have advantages and disadvantages, so we need to understand the knowledge of the drug flow.So, how long can we discharge the pregnancy sac after taking abortion drugs?

How long can we excrete the gestational sac after taking abortion drugs?

Under normal circumstances, taking medicine under the guidance of a doctor can be discharged from the gestational sac in about two hours. This period of time needs to be restrained.Because the drug flow is very harmful to women’s physical damage, and there are many points to pay attention to.After all, the drug abortion is a non -scientific means. If you don’t pay attention, it may damage the health of women.

What are the precautions for doing medicine and abortion?

1. When taking drugs, there are generally two types of meol and mimphis. The use of drugs also affects the excretion of the gestational sac.Under normal circumstances, Mifidone tablets are taken in the morning and evening, and they can be taken in the morning and evening.After two days of continuous use, use Miso frontol, which can promote the rapid discharge of the gestational sac.It should be noted that the drug needs to be guaranteed two hours before and after, so that the efficacy of the drug will not be halved, which is conducive to the excretion of the gestational sac.

2. The drug flow is more suitable for women within seven weeks of pregnancy. If pregnancy has exceeded forty -nine days, it is generally not recommended to perform drug flow.This can easily cause the gestational sac to exclude unclean and incomplete.Therefore, if you want to quickly and correctly discharge the gestational sac, you need to ensure that your pregnancy time is within 49 days.If the specific pregnancy time cannot be determined, it is best to take the B -ultrasound at the hospital, and other abortion methods are adopted more than forty -nine days.

3. On the third day, the symptoms of abdominal pain are prone to abdominal pain after taking macooliol. This is a normal medication response. Proper movement is conducive to the rapid discharge of the gestational sac.At this time, don’t try to relieve abdominal pain, because the symptoms of abdominal pain will disappear naturally after the pregnancy sac is discharged normally.If you take other ways to relieve abdominal pain, it may affect the excretion of the gestational sac.

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