What are the ghosts of vulvar itching during pregnancy, will it affect children?

Speaking of vulvar itching, the first thing that makes people think of is mold vaginitis. Professional term is called vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease.This itchy level is only known to those who have experienced it. Studies suggest about 75%of women in women who have suffered at least once in a lifetime of mold vaginitis. 45%of women have experienced 2 or more diseases, and they are easyWomen are constantly treating.

And today we are talking about pregnancy and vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease. The incidence of this disease during pregnancy is about 30%, which means that 3 of the 10 mothers are pregnancy and vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease., High incidence.Clinically manifested itching vulva, and some vaginal discharge increases, which are cheese or tofu -like.

Many Baoma wants to know what the vulva vaginal fake silk yeast disease is. The 80-90%pathogen of this problem is white fake silk yeast. It is a fungus, not bacteria, and a two-phase bacteria.In the phase, the yeast phase is the spores of the buds, which mainly plays the role of propagation. The mycelium phase has a strong attack and has obvious correlation with itching symptoms.

Where does this white fake silk yeast come from and why it can grow in the vagina? In fact, this white fake yeast exists in the vagina of normal women, but it does not develop under normal circumstances, but when the body’s immunity is low, the body’s immunity is low.There will be conditional onset.In rare cases, it can be indirectly spread through sexual intercourse and clothing.

When the body’s immunity is low, symptoms occur, such as the vulvar itching above, the vaginal discharge increases, and the typical secretion shape is cheese -like, tofu -like.The doctors are mainly based on vaginal secretions. Popularly speaking, they are based on leucorrhea inspections to determine whether they are infected with white filament yeast. You can see the spore or pseudocelli in the mirror to confirm the diagnosis.And white fake silk yeast often appears with bacterial vaginal disease.Therefore, when treating vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease, bacterial vaginal disease is needed at the same time.

After pregnancy, vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease needs to be treated? Will it affect the baby if the treatment can be told you that as a professional obstetrician, if there is no symptom, it can not be treated. If there are itching symptoms or vaginal discharge,It is necessary to treat it. Clinically, it is mainly used for local medication, that is, vaginal medication. The recommended medication is club pheolezole. Generally, it is used to use it once.Sometimes it needs to be treated simultaneously with bacterial vaginal disease.After treatment, you need to review it, and you need to treat your underwear high -temperature treatment. Otherwise, it will recur. The mold is more sensitive to the temperature above 60 ° C. It is recommended to use hot water or boiled with water, but the use time of the underwear will be shortened.If you don’t care about money, you can mess up.When using climazole bolt, it will not have any impact on the baby. After all, it is a local medication. This Baoma can rest assured that the doctor will not mess around.

In summary, the incidence of vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease during pregnancy is about 30%. It is a conditional pathogenic bacterial infection. Symptoms need to be treated with local drugs. First of all, clonazole embolism is needed. The treatment has no effect on the baby.Wish good pregnancy.

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