What are the four "statics" of the belly during pregnancy?Specific mothers must distinguish it carefully

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The time when the expectant mother really felt the presence of the fetus was the first time the fetus moved.

Generally speaking, pregnant women can feel obvious fetal movements around 4, but some pregnant women will feel less than 2 months of pregnancy. This is not necessarily positive fetal movement.

During pregnancy, the belly is a problem that pregnant women and family are very concerned. Whenever there are different movements, it will always be worried, so we have to distinguish between different "movements".

1) The intestine is exercising

After pregnancy, the uterus gradually increases, and squeezing to the intestine has a hindrance to the peristalsis. In addition, the gastrointestinal function of the pregnant woman will weaken, and when digested food, it will make a sound at the same time.

In fact, when I was about 2 months of pregnancy, I felt that my stomach peristalsis was not fetal movement, but the intestinal motility of the pregnant woman. This kind of "movement" is still very distinguished, but the expectant mothers hope that the baby is moving.

It is easy to cause constipation during pregnancy, so expectant mothers should pay attention to diet, eat less spicy and irritating food, and eat some fruits and vegetables to balance nutrition and alleviate constipation.

This feeling is very similar to the intestinal movement of fetal movement. It often occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, and it is more obvious when hunger and fullness. At the same time, there may be intestinal sounds. Moms are distinguished.

2) The baby grows up, with a real fetal movement

After 20 weeks, the fetus started to move slowly, and the fetal movement was powerful.The fetus sometimes turns around, stretches out her arms, legs, laziness, etc., and sometimes it hurts her mother.

As the pregnancy month increases, the fetal movement has become frequent and stronger. By the time of about 28 weeks, the fetus is the most active stage.

When the fetus grows up in the third trimester, the uterus will make him feel a little crowded and inconvenient to stretch the limbs, and the fetus will become "honest". More often, it is "arch", as if changing a comfortable posture to stretch the limbs.

Normal fetal movement is about 3 to 5 times, and 12 hours of fetal movement is above 30 to 40 times.As long as the number of fetal movements is ruled, there is no change that does not suddenly weaken or accelerates suddenly, and there is no big problem.

Specific mothers can talk to the fetus more, take him to feel different light, and let the fetus listen to the voice of the parents. Proper prenatal education can also establish feelings with the baby.

3) Belly stomach

Many expectant mothers have experienced the hard feeling of the stomach, also known as "pseudo contractions".It is not necessarily a sign of production, but a stress response of pregnant women’s body to fetal movement.

Near the expected period of the uterine muscles becomes sensitive and irregular contraction occurs.The specific manifestations are: short time, lack of strength, and lower position, but this will not cause the opening of the palace.

When someone frequently touches the belly of pregnant women, or is too tired for pregnant women, and poor posture, it may cause "pseudo -contractions", which is also a reminder to pregnant women.

This contraction is not regular, and the duration is not long, which is different from the contraction of property.

Occasionally, the pseudo -palace does not feel that the stomach pain and bleeding have little effect, but the frequent pseudo contractions and the intensity must be more careful.

4) The stomach "jump" and move

There is also a more interesting phenomenon during pregnancy. The stomach occasionally moves. This is the fetus "snoring" in the uterus.

The rough feeling is that the fetus "jump" once every 2 seconds, which lasts about 3 minutes, which is almost the same as adults.When the fetus snores, the expectant mother should pay attention not to stimulate the fetus strongly, just take a little rest.

This situation usually occurs around 28 weeks of pregnancy, which is also a good manifestation of the fetal development, indicating that the lungs are developing.

Tuanzi mother’s heart:

The above four feelings are the most common during pregnancy. Specific mothers should usually distinguish them carefully. Different "mobility" represents different states of pregnant women and fetuses.

Expectant mothers can distinguish through different performance and feelings, so that they will not be confused during pregnancy.

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