What are the families of those who have long -term smokers?

Family is the most important place for smokers to smoke. Smoking at home not only endangers himself, but also endangers the whole family. In this sense, it is more harmful.

Smokers are prone to cancer, and harmful substances in smoke can also cause cancer and other diseases after being inhaled by their families.

Let’s see a few cases


The 13 -year -old Tongtong (pseudonym) has been shouting a headache. When he was taken to the hospital, the blood pressure at the shrinkage of 180 caused the hypertension department of Ruijin Hospital and Professor Wang Jiguang, the director of the Shanghai Hypertension Institute."Parents have normal blood pressure, and all clinical examinations show that it is normal. Why does the child’s blood vessels be severely damaged by the eighty -year -old elderly’s arteriosclerosis, and the vascular endothelial is severely damaged, and even the fight disappear?" The doctor was puzzled.When the child’s father waited for consultation outside the clinic, the smell of smoke from far away finally made Wang Jiguang realize, "Will it be a second -hand smoke?"

In China, 53%of children smoke passive!

It turned out that Tong Tong’s father has been smoking at home for more than ten years, and he has a lot of addiction, 3-5 packets of cigarettes a day.And a large number of second -hand smoke is the reason for the high blood pressure of young people.For the sake of children, my father was determined to smoke at home.The child’s blood pressure began to decrease under the cooperation of his father and the doctors’ individualized drugs.Now the blood pressure has returned to normal, the examination shows that the vascular endothelium is basically normal, the blood vessels are fully recovered, and the drug will be discontinued in the near future.

Second -hand smoke is one of the reasons for young people’s hypertension


A father came to the hospital with his 8 -year -old daughter, and he took out a CT tablet and pleural biopsy report taken by his daughter in the local hospital.Under the test of the Department of Pathology and Foreign Medicine of the hospital, the girl was confirmed that the girl had reached the advanced lung cancer.

The father said that he was an old smoker, and he did not quit smoking even during his wife’s pregnancy.After her daughter was born, she had no taboos to smoke at home, and never considered what it would affect her daughter.

Unexpectedly, just more than a month ago, her daughter suddenly had symptoms of dry cough. She always felt my chest tightness and breath, and her chest pain was severe.Until I went to the hospital for examination, I found that the child had advanced lung cancer, and there were accumulated water in the right chest cavity.

There are more than 40 second -hand smoke -related toxic substances related to cancer

Experts said that at that time, there was a mass on the child’s lungs, and there was a metastasis of cancer cells on the lungs, pleura, and intervasal lymph nodes. There was no hope of treatment.In order to see a doctor, her parents have borrowed tens of thousands of yuan, and they can’t pay for the child.After learning that her daughter was terminally ill was related to her smoking, her father seemed very regretful, but everything could not be turned back.

Nearly 20 % of children suffering from cancer are related to their father’s smoking!


Ms. Qi gave birth to a baby last month, but the baby was a rabbit lips after birth, which made Ms. Qi and the whole family very sad.

Ms. Qi just started to understand that she could smoke without drinking during pregnancy, and her diet was very regular. Occasionally, she also had exercise and regular inspection. How did the children give birth to rabbit lips?

Second -hand smoke will directly affect the development of children’s intelligence and hearing

After understanding, the doctor found that Ms. Qi’s husband and father -in -law smoked both. Every day, the family was smoky, and she was always like this during pregnancy.

Ms. Qi also quarreled with her husband many times because of her father -in -law smoking, but her husband didn’t take it for granted. Let Ms. Qi go to the house to close the door.Ms. Qi ended up every day. As a result, the family was dumbfounded after the child was born.

Quit smoking is the fundamental Dafa

These are still an example!

Seeing these thrilling data, you still feel that smoking near children is a trivial matter?

In addition, some smokers often stain their bedrooms because of smoking, burn out the clothes or cause family economic constraints, causing couples to quarrel and even cause divorce.According to reports, the divorce rate of smokers is 53%higher than smokers in adults.Therefore, advise the smokers to quit smoking early and let the dirty smoke at home be replaced by fresh air as soon as possible, which will be a great contribution to the health and happiness of the whole family.

Family secrets, leaning for your family and escorting.

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