What are the effects of "lotus seeds" in the same source of medicine and food?

Introduction: The usage of lotus seeds, stone lotus seeds, lotus beard, lotus room, and Hetie today.


(Affiliated with stone lotus seeds, lotus beard, lotus room, Hetie)

[Sexual flavor to classics] Lotus seeds, sweet, astringent, flat.Enter the spleen, kidney, and Heart.

[Efficacy] Replenish the spleen and stop diarrhea, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, and strengthen the kidney.

[Efficacy characteristics] This product Ganping nourishes the spleen, can nourish the heart and nourish the kidneys, can solidify the essence, and can stop bleeding.

Shi Lianzi, is a lotus seed old dried lotus room, fell into the mud, and the long -term black as a stone, also known as "sweet stone lotus", acts with humidity and heat, appetizing and eating.The person is.

However, a "bitter stone lotus" is the seeds of the beaks of Tengwan Ben, which is poisonous and cannot be used.

Lotus beard, the stamen in the lotus, also known as the lotus rotor, is sweet and astringent, the function is to clear the heart and the kidneys, and the astringent essence stops bleeding.

Lotus room, that is, the lotus shell, is bitter and warm, eliminates blood stasis and stops bleeding.

Headi is cut off at the center of the lotus leaf in the center of the lotus leaf. It is used or scorched, can be used with stomach security, hemostasis and stop bands, and can also treat prolapse.

The efficacy, identification application of lotus seeds

1. Replenish spleen to stop diarrhea

It is used for spleen deficiency diarrhea, which is often used as Poria, Atractylodes, yam, and amomum.

2. Rest the heart and peace

It is used for heart and kidney without sex, palpitations and insomnia, which can be used with jujube kernels, Yuanzhi, Poria, and Pearl mother.

3. Yi kidney solid essence

It is used for kidney deficiency nocturnal emission, collapse leak belt, and other certificates.

【Differential Application】

Lotus seeds and yam are both flat and astringent. Entering the spleen and kidney can nourish the spleen and kidneys and the astringent intestines. For the sperm of the spleen deficiency and diarrhea, the symptoms of the kidney deficiency, the obtsession, and the proof of the lower, they can be applied.

However, lotus seeds can still nourish the heart and calm the nerves and stop bleeding. For the palpitations, insomnia, nocturnal emission and disturbance, thirst, and leakage of the heart and kidney, it is more commonly used;

Yam can still enter the lung meridian, nourish the lungs, cough to cure deficiency and cough, and the yam is mainly supplemented by supplementation.Can be applied.

The compatibility and dosage of lotus seeds

1. With 实 实 实 实

精 精 , 精 精 精 精 精 精 精;

The compatibility application of the two medicines will strengthen the spleen and relieve diarrhea, nourish the kidney and solid essence, and have strong essence.

2. With yam and white lentils

Yam to nourish the spleen and stomach yin, strengthen the kidneys to solidify the essence and stop the diarrhea; white lentils to remove the heat of the heat, help the spleen to stop diarrhea, nourish it without greasy, and can humidity and humidity;Gastrointestinal diarrhea.

The combination of three medicines can stop the spleen of health. This is a light tonic used after illness. It takes chronic long diarrhea, malnutrition, and women’s leucorrhea is good.

3. With jujube

Lotus seeds nourish the spleen and nourish the heart, and collect astringent and soothing.The two medicines are used, nourishing the heart and the spleen, nourishing blood and soothe the gods, and it is used for heart palpitations and insomnia, and good forgotten.

4. With far away meat

Lotus seeds nourish the spleen and nourish the kidneys, nourish the heart and the nerves; Yuanzhi meat can pass the kidney qi and achieve the heart, so it can be relieved.

The combination of two medicines, nourishing the heart and blood, nourishing the kidney, transportation heart and kidney, and the symptoms caused by the heart and kidney non -interact.

[Usage and Dosage] Oral: 6 ~ 12 grams, decoction, or pills.

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