What are the differences between women who have become pregnant and women who have never become pregnant?In front of the doctor, one clear

There is a common situation at the moment, which surprises everyone. That is, some women may be pregnant and have children in life, but after a long time, they still can’t see any changes in the figure, and they are still full of girls.

In fact, after being pregnant and having a child, women can indeed be visually impressed by others.

However, in the eyes of doctors with professional support, whether women are pregnant and have children can still obtain judgment through professional contact.

Ms. Zhang’s girlfriend recently encountered a more embarrassing problem.The husband accompanied herself to do the checkup that day. Originally thought that the current doctors were more intimate personality. Generally, the patient or family members asked questions to give the answer to the answer, but I did not expect that the husband would accompany himself to do this time to do it.During the checkup, the responsible doctor asked an embarrassing question: Have the lady had experienced production experience before?After all, this time is not the first child, and you still have to pay attention to all aspects.

Ms. Zhang’s girlfriend is married to her husband, and then to all stages such as pregnancy and pregnancy.

And Ms. Zhang’s girlfriend did have a more unforgettable love before she married her current husband, but also in the last relationship, causing trauma to her body: pregnancy and abortion.

With the unconsciousness of the doctor, the mother -in -law of Ms. Zhang’s girlfriend got the news therefore, so for a long time, everyone did not get relieved, but felt that there was a gap between each other.Especially during the care of her daughter -in -law, Ms. Zhang’s girlfriend’s mother -in -law showed a cold attitude.

So what professional perspective can the doctor can determine whether the pregnant mothers have had children’s experience at a glance?

First: The cervical mouth does change.

Most of the cervical mouths without giving birth are round.Therefore, it can be judged from the shape of the cervical mouth, whether the pregnant mother is the first time.Because of the women who have giving birth, their cervical mouth shape shows a state of shape.

Second: Whether to have giving birth, the pelvis has also changed.

In life, you can find some women who choose to give birth. After childbirth, they have a large bending situation on their waist., Also formed O -type legs. In fact, this situation is that the pregnant mothers will make the pelvis more relaxed during childbirth.

Therefore, after choosing a child to give birth, after having children, whether the legs of the pelvis and below the knee are twisted, and the physical status of the body of the waist is bent, which can reflect whether women have the possibility of having too much childbirth before.

Of course, the serious situation of the legs of the legs and the bending of the waist is just a small number of phenomena, not the majority of the situation, so pregnant mothers please do not worry and panic.

Finally: The changes in the uterus are the most obvious.

After all, in this small room, a small life was born.Therefore, after pregnancy and having children, the uterus will quickly shrink and provide conditions for the next birth.Therefore, after giving birth to a child, many women can occasionally feel that when the child is sucking his nipple, he can strongly feel the uterine spasm of the abdomen. This pain is like a female dysmenorrhea.

However, this pain does not require the panic of the mothers, because this muscle pain is a normal physiological phenomenon. It can help women’s uterus to get quickly and high -quality shrinkage and return to the best state.

Of course, we need to emphasize that all the pregnant mothers have experienced abortion and other experiences before, and do not need to worry too much about it and deliberately conceal them. You can communicate and frankly communicate with your family. If the window paper is broken in the later period, it will make everyone feelAwkward.If you really think it is necessary to keep confidential, you can communicate with the doctor before the checkup for the other party to help.

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