What are the dangers of men’s long -term masturbation?If you don’t quit, there are three major hazards to the body

After the boy entered adolescence, accompanied by the gradual maturity of thoughts and body, his mind began to gradually fantasize about sex.

Some people even compare the adolescent boys into a walking Teddy, full of their brains.

In recent years, the news of college students’ pregnancy and high school behavior is even more common.

However, not everyone can make a girlfriend. In order to solve the needs, many people start to use their hands.

The so -called masturbation refers to the process of stimulating the pleasure through stress stimulation.

Moderate masturbation can enhance the fun in your life and reduce the pressure in life, but excessive hand addiction can cause great harm to the body.

If you do not quit, it may have the following three major hazards.

Excessive masturbation will first cause functional damage to the organs.

Due to the friction between the hand and the genitals, the small blood vessels can rupture of the small blood vessels and increase the possibility of infection in the part.

Due to the frequent stimulation of the hand, the sponge experience is repeated congestion.

The nerve endings of the penile parts, long -term masturbation stimulation can easily cause nerve sensitivity to reduce, and cause their own sexual satisfaction to decrease.

It is reported that because they feel cool, the number of masturbation people will be more and more a day.

Without affecting health, the number of normal ejaculation per person is 3 to 5 times per week.

The number of healthy ejaculation is conducive to the discharge of old semen, boosting the sperm production ability of the testicles, and the excreted semen can also play a role in cleaning the prostate.

Excessive masturbation can cause excessive congestion of the prostate and cause prostate inflammation, and at the same time may cause symptoms such as varicocele, as well as seminal vesicular glanditis.

When the current prostate causes inflammation due to bacterial infections, urine frequency, urgency, enduric urination, forks, diarrhea, weakness, etc. At the same time, the scrotum will also become very humid.

Because the main components in semen are fructose and protein, excessive masturbation will greatly consume the reserves of body protein.

Human immunity is almost equivalent to the amount of protein, and excessive masturbation will soon cause physical immunity.

Adolescent boys are in the second stage of rapid growth and development. Long -term masturbation is due to the body’s absorption of nutrients. The most obvious feature is that the body is thin and thin.

May I ask, how can I find a girlfriend and how to become a family in the future?

Masturbation has been stimulated for a long time, and the nervous sensitivity of genitals is reduced, which will further cause diseases with sexual weakness.

With the damage of the muscles of the sex organs, impotence and premature ejaculation will soon come, and the loss of performance will cause the ejaculation to accelerate.

At this stage, severe cases can only be resolved through surgery.

Excessive masturbation causes a lot of semen.

At this time, the production capacity of the testicles often cannot keep up, the male hormone secretion is reduced, the quality of the sperm will begin to decrease, and the semen will gradually become less sperm and weak.

At this stage, men will show a fat feeling in appearance, edema, obesity and oily face, and even accompanied by hair loss.

This is worsened to the handsome face that is not handsome.

Due to the lack of energy, when you work during the day, you will also perform the difficulties, have no spirit of work, and weak, and may become panic and sweat.

With lack of rest and long -term sexual stimuli, memory and thinking ability will drop rapidly, which will affect normal work and learning.

Some doctors said that masturbation has very serious addiction and is very difficult to control.

In the long run, psychological disorders, even mental stress.

The mental state of the whole person will change hugely. It is manifested in the eyes of outsiders and is insignificant, and the temperament is not good.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, too many masturbation can cause kidney deficiency.

It is manifested as soft waist and knees, fatigue, chills and fear of cold, impotence and premature ejaculation.

Although traditional Chinese medicine surgery can solve the same room problem, it is not cured, and the kidney deficiency caused by excessive masturbation is also divided into kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency.

The symptoms just mentioned are kidney yang deficiency, and the symptoms of kidney yin deficiency are soft waist and knees, insomnia, dreams, five upset fever, and nocturnal emission premature ejaculation.

If the yang deficiency is nourished by the method of yin deficiency, then it will be more effective, and even the more and more.

Finally, masturbation not only refers to men, but also women.

Women’s long -term masturbation can also cause their kidney deficiency.

Moderate masturbation is good for physical and mental health, so be cautious.

Eating color is also not ashamed of what God gave.

All of the above here, I just hope that everyone should not be obsessed with the masturbation world and unable to extricate themselves.

You should go out to breathe fresh air, find a male and female friend, and talk about a real love.

In the end, some male compatriots said that they would not make girlfriends.

Take out your sincere care and love your female companion, I believe the next love is you.

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