What are the common treatment for bacterial vaginitis?

Clinically, bacterial vaginitis occurs in women with sexual life. Because men’s foreskin contain dirt and bacteria, it is easy to cause women to be infected and cause vaginitis after sexual life.First clean the genitals and then bed to ensure that the genitals are clean, which can reduce the chance of gynecological diseases.

Bacterial vaginitis cannot live sex during the attack, because the vaginal environment in the vagina is poor and it is easy to aggravate the condition. Usually avoid wearing tight underwear or jeans because the vagina is not breathable, at temperature, at temperature, at temperature, at temperature, at temperature, at temperature, at temperature,In a humid environment, it is easy to cause gynecological diseases. Therefore, it is usually recommended to wear loose cotton underwear. Underwear can be washed with warm water or some disinfected laundry fluids, and then exposed to the sun.effect.

After diagnosis of bacterial vaginitis, it is recommended to rinse the vulva and vagina with some washing liquids, and can also be treated with metronidazole embolism, gnangazole embolism or tinidazole embolism into the vagina.One month of medication is a course of treatment. It can be completely cured for three consecutive months. During the medication, sexual life needs to be avoided. Both men and women should treat them together to avoid cross -infection.

When it comes to vaginitis, most people think that it is just a small problem, which is not worth mentioning, but for women who prepare for pregnancy, small vaginitis can also hinder women’s pregnancy.Getting vaginitis can lead to infertility, because a large amount of white blood cells and foam -like leucorrhea in the vagina can change the movement of sperm and cannot reach the binding of the fallopian tube and the egg.

When the vagina appears inflammation, leucorrhea cells will devour sperm, reduce the vitality of sperm, and shorten the life of sperm, so it will cause sperm quality to decrease and easily cause infertility.If you plan to prepare for pregnancy, it is better to prepare vaginitis completely before pregnancy.

If vaginitis is not actively treated, it is easy to cause premature breakthroughs and infection in the uterine cavity. Therefore, it is necessary to actively treat vaginitis during pregnancy or pregnancy. According to different pathogens, symptomatic treatment, suffering from vaginitis will affect the baby’s baby.healthy.

During the pregnancy, you need to go to the doctor for treatment in time when you have vaginitis. It is best not to eat spicy foods, and scientifically consume the nutrients required.Oral folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy, avoid tobacco and alcohol, do not contact the drugs that are used with caution or disabled.You need to relax as much as possible, relieve stress, and maintain a good attitude.

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