What are the changes in the body during different stages of pregnancy?Specific mothers need to know in advance

At different stages of pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother will gradually change. Understand them in advance and master them, which will help pregnant mothers to spend the entire pregnancy more smoothly.

1. Breast pain

Most women’s first signs of pregnancy are usually this. Due to the increased sensitivity, they look bigger and even occasionally pain. This is usually accompanied by fatigue and uncomfortable feeling.

2. Emotional fluctuations

Emotional fluctuations after pregnancy may be very long and longer.Sensitive and emotional uncontrollable, this situation will continue after giving birth for a while, which is also a change that makes the pregnant woman feel frustrated.But these are normal phenomena and do not need to worry too much.

3. Pregnancy

The time for pregnancy vomiting varies from person to person, and most of them occur in the early pregnancy. It makes people feel dizzy. The degree of vomiting makes many pregnant mothers feel physically and mentally physically and mentally.Although there are many ways to relieve pregnancy, the effective way for everyone is different.There are also some women who are very lucky and will not have pregnancy at all.

4. Skin condition

Many women responded that their skin became better during pregnancy, but because of hormone changes, some women still have problems with rash and pigmentation. Not only are they on their faces, some people also have on their necks and breasts.Some people will disappear after giving birth, but some people have not improved.Another major change is stretch marks. Pregnant mothers can do this skin care after pregnancy.

5. Edema

During pregnancy, women’s bodies will start to retain more water, which may cause ankle swelling, and severe hands and feet and facial swelling may occur.The way to prevent and relieve relief is to avoid excessive salt and sugar, and then add more water to help pregnant mothers discharge sodium in the body.

6. Increased weight

The body and weight change of pregnant mothers are generally not large. In the later period, the weight growth rate will increase, especially in the third trimester.It will become difficult.

7. Over -active bladder

The number of bowel movements has become more. The changes in the uterus and fetus have contributed to this phenomenon. Do not try to reduce the amount of water drinking. It is not a good way for pregnant mothers and fetuses. It is essential to defecate 20 times a day.

8. Constipation

Constipation is also a condition that many pregnant mothers will appear. Eat more fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, apples and spinach, etc., or add green food rich in fiber -rich fiber while taking supplements.

9. Stomach acid reflux/indigestion

This is the most affecting the appetite of pregnant mothers in addition to pregnancy, stomach burning, gastric acid reflux, and indigestion. These affect the daily life of pregnant mothers in the third trimester.The larger uterus will squeeze other organs of the pregnant mother. The movement of the fetus will exacerbate this squeezing stimulus, and eating and digestion will be affected.

10. Change of sexual life

The changes in hormones during pregnancy will make the sexual life needs of pregnant mothers more or less. No matter what the situation is, it is normal. Pregnant mothers can share their feelings with their lover and find a balanced way.

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