What are the benefits of a few dollars of vitamin E?Or it can gain 3 benefits, but pay attention not to eat more

Recently, Xiao Jiu received a private message from a netizen, and she asked:

"I am only 35 years old this year, but my face has begun to grow chloasma! Xiao Jiu, I heard that vitamin E can remove freckles. I want to ask the pharmacy to buy vitamin E tablets to eat?Will there be any impact?"

In fact, there are often fans who ask Xiaojiu about eating vitamin E. Many people think that vitamin E can be anti -aging. What effect does vitamin E effect?What are the precautions when eating vitamin E?This time, Xiaojiu will tell you in detail.

In April this year, a study published in the top tumor science journal "Cancer Discovery" found that vitamin E can enhance the immunotherapy response of cancer patients.

The researchers combined the regression analysis of clinical records with the in -depth laboratory research. It was found that vitamin E could directly target the internal checkpoint of DC, thus rewriting the DC antigen to be submitted, and starting T cells for anti -tumor immune response.

In other words, vitamin E can improve the treatment effect of immunotherapy points in patients with cancer.

In addition, there is a saying that vitamin E can help prevent cancer. Really or false?

A study in the "National Institute of Cancer" found that supplementing vitamin E can reduce the risk of cancer, but it is limited to individuals with specific equivalent genes of Catechol-O-methyl metastases (COMT) genes.Essence

Researchers have found that after taking vitamin E, the total incidence of total cancer in the individuals of MET/MET has decreased significantly. The total incidence of total cancer of Val/Val, including lung cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, and lymphoma leukemia, etc.Increased, and there is no effect in the Val-Met individual.

In addition, another study published in the "American Medical Association" pointed out that taking excessive vitamin E (400 international units per day) will increase the chance of male prostate cancer.

Therefore, vitamin E cannot be replenished or excessive, and it may increase the risk of illness if it is replenished.

It should be noted that the following three types of people are not suitable to supplement vitamin E:

Cancer radiotherapy patients: supplementary vitamin E may cause radiotherapy efficacy to weaken.

Breast cancer patients: Because vitamin E mostly exists in some edible oil, eggs, meat and nuts, if too much fat intake, it will increase the recurrence of breast cancer.

Ordinary healthy people: It is not recommended to supplement vitamin E in order to prevent diseases.

Vitamin E has always been hailed as a beauty ingredient. Many people think that oral vitamin E supplements can delay aging. Put your face with vitamin E to lighten the spots and improve the skin.Can vitamin E really fight aging and spots?

In daily life, atmospheric pollution, water pollution, ultraviolet irradiation, and excessive pressure may accelerate and cause illness, and human skin will also deteriorate, such as wrinkles, sagging face, and loose skin.

Vitamin E can inhibit and eliminate free radicals to protect cell tissue from free radical damage.Therefore, vitamin E has the effects of antioxidant and anti -aging.

However, people who do not lack vitamin E in their bodies do not need to be added. Generally, they can get enough vitamin E as long as they eat healthy diet.

As for the role of "external use can light spots", vitamin E is not available.

Topical vitamin E can effectively prevent skin light aging due to ultraviolet irradiation, and can also reduce acute inflammatory response such as erythema and edema caused by the sun.

However, the effect of vitamin E for freckle and whitening is currently inaccurate. In addition, the stability of vitamin E is extremely low, and it is easy to be oxidized. It often needs to be used with other redundant substances such as vitamin C.

It should be noted that do not use oral vitamin E to apply your face daily, because oral vitamin E capsules are used to facilitate the use of gastrointestinal absorption, more than 90%of the ingredients are accessible.of.

Oil skin and acne skin can be applied to vitamin E, but it will make the skin oil refuel, and it will also block the pores, which will induce more acne.

If you can take vitamin E correctly, you may harvest the following benefits:

1. Anti -aging

Vitamin E can protect the fatty acids on the cell membrane are not oxidized, thereby keeping the cell membrane’s activity and metabolism normal, the cell aging slows down, and human aging will naturally delay.

2. Improve immunity

Vitamin E can regulate and enhance immune function. For example, patients with rheumatoid arthritis are regularly supplemented with vitamin E, which can effectively improve the symptoms of joint stiffness and pain.

3. Help hormone secretion

Before going to bed at night, taking an appropriate amount of vitamin E can promote the secretion of sex hormones in the body. For men, it can increase the number of sperm and their survival rate. For women, it can increase the concentration of estrogen and increase the ability of fertility.

Although vitamin E has many benefits, if it is not used reasonably, it may also bring a lot of harm to the body.

If you take 400-800 mg/day vitamin E for a long time, it may cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and mammal.

Taking a long -term vitamin E with a> 800 mg/day, for patients who lack vitamin K, may cause bleeding tendency, also change the endocrine metabolism and immune mechanism, and also increase thrombosis, thrombosis and heart failureWaiting for the risk of disease.

Those who can really need to supplement vitamin E are those who have serious partial eclipse habits, dysfunction, or some vitamin deficiency diseases.

In addition to oral supplements, vitamin E can also replenish through diet.

Grain products, etc.

Vitamin E is not only necessary vitamins for the human body, but also the most important antioxidant. It is important for vision, reproductive, blood, brain and skin health.

When the vitamin E in the body is lacking or too much, it will have a series of adverse effects on the body.However, before supplementing vitamin E, you should consult the professional doctors and take it under the guidance of the doctor.

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