What are the benefits and disadvantages of women on the upper ring?The doctor’s sentence is honest, and after reading it, you have the bottom of your heart

The breeding ring, also known as the "in -palace" is the most common method of contraception.However, is everyone applicable to this way of contraception?After all, it is placed in a female uterine cavity in the uterine cavity of women. Will it affect the body of women?Let’s take a look at what professional gynecologists say.

1. Women without fertility.The in -palace is a long -term contraceptive method, which can reach 15 years.For women without fertility, you can choose.

2. Women who are about to be menopausal, such as older than 40 years old, are not suitable for oral contraceptives, and you can also choose an in -palace.

3. People with abnormal uterine cavity.For example, patients with uterine fibroids or adenomia have contraceptive needs.Putting the birth ring on the bottom of the palace, the drop rate is very low, and the contraceptive rate effect is very good.

4. Patients with endometriosis.In addition to contraception, some births can also treat diseases. For example, Manyue can treat endometriosis, more menstrual, and dysmenorrhea.The action time of this ring is only 5 years. After 5 years, it needs to be taken out and re -changing the ring.

Each type of crowd is different, so it is necessary to go to a professional gynecological department for examination before going to the ring.

Dr. Tenglong Fei, a gynecological dragon of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said that the side effects of the in -palace’s birthplace are divided into recent and long -term.

First, the recent surgery period.The in -uterine -saving device needs to be placed in the women’s uterine cavity through surgery. Surgery will risk. It is often the problem of uterine perforation and organs.However, the probability of occurrence is very low, about one thousandth, so there is no need to worry too much.

2. There are several side effects of the long -term: After all, a foreign body is placed in the uterine cavity. After a long time, some changes may occur, which causes physical discomfort, such as: vaginal abnormal bleeding, back pain, wearing ring pregnancyetc.Why do these happens?There are several main points:

1. Drop bleeding.The female uterine cavity is inverted triangle. There are several shapes such as Y -shaped, T type, etc. of the birth ring. Even if it is recently close to the uterine shape Y -shaped, there will be some contacts in the uterine endometrium and in the uterine cavity.There is no contact with endometrium.At the time of the release of the in -palace, the local concentration in contact with the endometrium is high, and the concentration of the part without contact is lower.As a result, when the birthplace is inhibited, the endometrium part of the uterine endometrium in the uterine cavity occurs when the endometrium is inhibited.With the advent of the menstrual cycle, this part of the endometrium falls off in advance, causing a bit of bleeding before menstruation, and it is possible that after menstrual bleeding, it may occur and fail to fall off.

2. Wear ring pregnancy.The breeding ring is to prevent pregnancy in the palace through mechanical and physical effects and local chemical reactions.However, it is impossible to prevent ovulation. Even if women go to the ring every month or normal ovulation, sperm can pass through this channel. It is possible to form tubal pregnancy, commonly known as ectopic pregnancy.In addition, it may also be planted in the uterine cavity.When the position of the birth ring changes, the fertilized eggs can find a suitable position in the uterine cavity to form pregnancy, but the probability of occurrence is very low.

3. Pain in the lower abdomen and the pain of the lumbosacral region.After putting the birth ring in, through mechanical and local chemical effects, the endometrium will be stimulated. The uterus will have an abnormal contraction. After a period of adaptation, this pain will be quickly reduced.

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