What are iron deficiency anemia, what are the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, and how to improve through diet?

What is iron deficiency anemia:

Anemia includes many types, such as giant red blood cell anemia, regenerative disorder anemia, hemalded anemia, and iron deficiency anemia, and iron deficiency anemia; therefore, iron deficiency anemia is determined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the worldOne of the lack of sexual nutrition.

Iron deficiency anemia, as the name suggests, is caused by the lack of trace element iron, and the reduction of red blood cells in the blood in the blood is a kind of nutritional deficiency.

Causes of iron deficiency anemia:

1. Insufficient intake, the iron content of the railway in the usual food is low, and it cannot meet the physical needs.

2. In a special physiological period, the amount requires increase.Women during pregnancy, due to the needs of mothers and fetuses, they will have physiological anemia; infants, children, children, and adolescents, often lack of growth and development.

3. Gastrointestinal diseases, such as atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcers, and lack of gastric acid, such as the absorption of iron, which will also cause iron deficiency.

4. In order to treat acid -resistant drugs for gastric disease, gastric acid is neutralized and affects the digestive function, resulting in reduced iron absorption.

5. Patients with gastric resection, diarrhea, enteritis and other diseases increase the consumption of iron. Excessive bleeding from trauma will increase the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.

The role of iron: iron and protein constitute hemoglobin (red blood cells), and hemoglobin is responsible for transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body.

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia:

1. The symptoms of anemia are directly related to the severity of anemia. In the early stage, fatigue, panic, shortness of breath, dizziness, and even motion sickness, slower blood flow becomes cold, and the severe complexion is pale, pale and liter of the liver and spleenSymptoms such as swelling.The most serious anemia heart disease is prone to left heart failure.

2. Normal growth and development of infants, children, and adolescents, and slow growth and development.

3. Iron is an important raw material for hemoglobin. The lack of hemoglobin causes hypoxia in the brain. Inaccessible attention when children learn, affect the level of intelligence, and further affect the child’s academic performance.

4. Anemia causes normal muscles to play a normal play, which reduces activity and labor endurance.

5. In severe cases, the mucosal tissue has lesions, and symptoms such as stomatitis, tongueitis, tongue and polygonum atrophy, which affect the digestion and absorption of food, and even "alienity" similar to zinc deficiency.

6. Normal people, the skin is red, tight, elastic, and shiny, with dry skin, yellow hair, and hair fork easily break.

High -incidence of iron deficiency anemia:

Pregnant women, breasts, infants, children, adolescents, adult women and elderly people are prone to iron deficiency anemia.

After pregnancy, women often have physiological anemia due to the increase in physiological needs. Breast nurses, infants, children, children, and adolescents are particularly prone to anemia due to the increase in amount. Adult women are lost due to menstruation once a month.Due to the weakening of the decline of the body’s function, it is a high -incidence of iron deficiency anemia.

The amount of iron: see the table

It can be seen from the table that people who enter the age of 14-18 in adolescence, girls, women and breasts who enter adolescence are the highest.

Reference intake of dietary iron in Chinese residents (mg/d)

Prevention and dietary supplement of iron deficiency anemia:

Common food content (mg/100g)

1. Nutrition and health education, correctly guiding people to establish a scientific and reasonable eating habits and diet, is the most important and effective method for preventing nutrition and lack of disease.

2. Guide people to learn to distinguish and use iron -containing nutritional reinforced foods, such as iron soy sauce and iron to strengthen flour.

3. Improve the absorption and utilization rate of iron in food. Most of the iron contained in food is a three -valent iron, which cannot be used by the human body. Only the two -price iron human body can be used.Vitamin C can transform the three -valent iron into a binary iron.Vegetables and fruits contain more vitamin C. You can choose foods with rich vitamin C content, such as jujube, citrus, kiwi, fresh dates, pepper, tomato, carrot, etc.

4. Tyrum -divided heme iron and non -heme iron in food. Animal food contains mainly hemoglobin iron, with high absorption and utilization rate.Multuteic acid and acid -implyry acid affect the absorption of iron. It is relatively low in absorption or utilization. Like the red dates, spinach, wolfberry, etc. we often mention, it does not play a role in iron supplementation.

The most abundant iron containing foods in foods are animal blood and animal liver, followed by lean meat, egg yolk, animal kidneys, etc.; Plant -based iron containing soybean, black fungus, sesame sauce, dried fruit, etc.

5. You can also choose iron supplementary preparations, specific dosage reference manuals or consulting professionals.

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