What?Nanjing people eat ducks more money?

According to the Hyundai Express, "Each duck seedlings in the previous years were less than 1 yuan, and it has now risen to 7 yuan." During this time, in Huai’an, Jiangsu, the prices of duck seedlings rose one after another and "soared."It is understood that factors such as feed price increases and supply in short supply are the main reasons for the rise in the price of duck seedlings. Since November last year, the price of light ducks is also rising.

Nanjing people are famous for eating ducks. Will duck seedlings and light ducks increase their prices at this time, will it drive the price of saline duck and roast duck?On March 29, a reporter from Hyundai Express visited a number of duck shops and found that saltwater ducks and roast ducks did not increase their prices.Some shopkeepers said that the price did not increase because they wanted to retain the source of customers.

From less than 1 yuan/only to 7 yuan/only duck seedlings soar

Recently, in the duck seedlings of large farmers in Sanshu Town, Huaiyin District, Huai’an City, the working workers were so busy.Mr. Yan Farm Yan told the Modern Express reporter that the market has been in short supply recently. The price of duck seedlings has been up a lot. From less than 1 yuan in previous years to 7 yuan, they can’t stop.

"In the past three years, the number of ducks has fallen sharply. In the early stage, a lot of money has been lost. Many small -scale farmers have no longer raising ducks and choose to engage in other tasks." Mentioning the reason for the price increase, Mr. Yan, a farm, Mr. Yan,Tell reporters that there are fewer people who raise ducks, so there are fewer duck seedlings. In addition, the duck seedling cultivation cycle is long, from purchasing duck seedlings, to planting duck cultivation, as well as egg production, incubation, quality testing and other linksThe supply side is difficult to increase rapidly, and market demand has not decreased, so the current supply of duck seedlings is really tense.

Nowadays, not only the price of duck seedlings increases, but the price of feed has also risen.Mr. Yan said that he was worried about the risks brought by emergencies. Most of the local duck farmers chose to cooperate with the local slaughtering enterprises, that is, the enterprises provided duck seedlings and feed.Worried about "smashing in your hands" like before.

Shandong is a large province of meat duck breeding and production. Liu Changsheng, chairman of the Shandong Animal Husbandry Association Duck Alliance, told the Modern Express reporter that the current market duck seedlings are small and demand is large, so the price has risen.According to the daily quotation of the Shandong duck information platform, on March 30, the guidance price of duck seedlings was 6.6 yuan/feather; on the 29th, the guidance price of duck seedlings was 6.5 yuan/feather; the guidance price on the 27th was 7.3 yuan/feather feather.EssenceBack to December 31, 2022, the platform displayed on the platform was 1.4 yuan/feather, and the guidance price on December 29, 2022 was 0.8 yuan/feather.

Many duck shop roast duck and salted ducks in Nanjing have not increased prices

Ducks are the love of Nanjing people. The price increase of duck seedlings also affects the stomach of Nanjing people. Will the price of roast duck and salted duck be affected?

On March 29, a reporter from Hyundai Express visited several duck shops in Nanjing City.During lunch, a few square meters of stores are entertaining customers with endless streams."Salt ducks and roast ducks are 19.8 yuan/jin, and duck seedlings have increased prices, but our cooked food has not increased." The owner of a roast duck shop near Changjiang Road told reporters that the price has been maintained for a long time.Not far from this shop, there is a duck shop, saltwater duck and roast duck are also a price, but it is cheaper, 16.8 yuan/jin.The owner said that the ducks in the store were made of white duck and there is no price increase.In a duck shop near Shengzhou Road, Qinhuai District, salted ducks and roast ducks are priced at 26 yuan/catties, and board ducks are 35 yuan/jin. Like the above -mentioned stores, there have been no price increases recently.

There are three duck shops at the crossroads of Hongmiao, and the business is very good."The salt water duck and roast duck in our store are 23.8 yuan/jin. It is two or three years, all of which are the price." The owner of one of the shops told reporters that although the roast duck did not increase the price, since November last year, he started in November last year.It is found that the light duck has become more expensive, and the price has gradually risen now. Due to the problems such as customers, the prices of their roast ducks and saline ducks have not yet risen.

The possibility of decline in the price of raw ducks in the short term

Zhang Jianwen, chairman of Nanjing Quality Agricultural Products Association and chairman of Nanjing Cherry Duck Industry Co., Ltd., also paid attention to the phenomenon of duck seedlings. He said that in Jiangsu, duck breeding companies are mainly concentrated in Xuzhou, Yancheng, Suqian, Huai’an, Nanjing City, Nanjing City.The duck varieties are mainly white feathers ducks and hemp ducks, of which about 90 % of white feathers ducks."The growth period of the hemp duck is long, and the breeding takes 70 days. If it is a common people’s farmer, it may not be able to reach the column for 100 days.Come to make old duck pots, and there are fewer cooked foods for braised vegetables. "Zhang Jianwen introduced that in Nanjing, white feathers ducks are mainly used to make saline ducks and roast ducks.As the name suggests, the breed of white feathers duck, fast growth, the growth period of breeding is 50 days, and has a lot of meat, so it is favored by the market.

"Now one ton of light ducks cost more than 10,000 yuan, from November to the present, it has increased by two or three thousand yuan. The market competition is fierce and raw materials are also raising prices. In this case, some shops of roast ducks and salt water ducksThere is no price increase. For stores, this is mainly to seize the source of customers, obtain the trust of new customers, and form consumption habits. "Zhang Jianwen judged that the price of raw duck prices is unlikely in the short term, and then the possibility of falling in the short term, and then go back to the backward, and then go back.For a month or two, the weather warms and the duck grows faster, and the price may fall.

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