What?IntersectionThe cause of breast pain during menstruation is actually this

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Women’s tall chest will bring a beautiful feeling

Healthy breasts can bring women’s curves and proud self -confidence

However, sometimes the chest feels pain, or uncomfortable

We will worry, is there any problem, and sometimes we feel uneasy and anxious.

Some pains are indeed worthy of attention. They need to go to the hospital for examination on a regular basis, find problems early, and treat them early.

But as a woman, we also need to know that some physiological breast pain is normal. We need to treat it reasonably. Do not cause nervousness to keep us healthy.

So, which breast pain is physiological?

Breast pain during pregnancy

When women are two months pregnant, they will feel chest pain.At this time, due to hormones, it is necessary to prepare for the post -breastfeeding. The breast rise will cause discomfort. Generally, it appears in the early stages of pregnancy, and some women will until postpartum.

Postpartum breast pain

Breast pain for one week after giving birth will be particularly obvious. This is because prolactin can make the breast full of milk, and it is also reminding women to breastfeed in time.The breasts become hard and painful, and the massage can be soothing. Too many milk can be sucking out with milk suction to avoid causing fever and other consequences.

Pain during menstruation

Some pathological chest diseases do have pain during menstruation, but they will have pain even if they are healthy women, and the proportion is more than half.This will occur one week before menstruation. Do not lift heavy objects at this time, rest more to relieve.

Pain after abortion

After abortion, the body hormone changes rapidly, especially the artificial interruption of pregnancy, which is more prone to breast pain or even mass.Continuous observation generally restore hormones after a period of time.

Children’s chest pain

Adolescent girls’ breast tissue is under development, and it will feel painful, but the general pain is generally not strong.It will gradually disappear after menstruation.If it is continuous or serious for a long time, you need to seek medical treatment in time, and even nodules such as nodules may occur even in adolescence.

Sisters, develop a good life, dietary habits are the basis for preventing breast diseases.

Regular examination, early prevention, early detection and early treatment are the key to preventing breast diseases.

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