West endometrial treatment method

The endometrium refers to a layer of the inner wall of the mammary uterus. Its thickness will change periodic changes with estrogen and progesterone. These are closely related to whether female friends can get pregnant normally.If the endometrium of women is thin, it will affect the normal planting and bed of the fertilized eggs, which will lead to infertility. Therefore, women in the preparation of pregnancy must be paid attention to thin endometrium.

The cause of endometrium can generally be divided into systemic and local factors.The whole body factors refer to: severe endocrine disorders, insufficient secretion of estrogen progesterone, and lack of ovulation disorders and growth hormone.Local factor refers to: endometrial damage, endometrial adhesion or lack of.Once a woman’s examination finds that the endometrium is thin, it is necessary to take the right medicine. Seeing the thin endometrium caused by which factor is, and then choose a treatment method that suits you.Generally, there are mainly hormone therapy and surgical therapy in common uterine endometrial thin therapy. Doctors will recommend that women choose the most suitable treatment method based on the condition.Today, the editor of Xinbei Parent -Child Network will introduce the main treatment of the lattice endometrium in detail.

Hormonal therapy is mainly aimed at the endometrium caused by endocrine disorders. This type of uterine endometrial thin can be treated with supplementary hormones.If women lack estrogen and progesterone, they can appropriately supplement estrogen and progesterone to stimulate the endometrium and make them slightly thicker.However, there are also many side effects of hormone therapy. I believe that many female friends know that long -term taking hormones can make the body obese, the immunity decreases, and it may also lead to organ failure.

If the endometrium of a female friend is caused by kidney deficiency and blood deficiency, then the editor of Xinbei parent -child network suggested choosing traditional Chinese medicine treatment to adjust.By taking Chinese medicine, it can help women nourish blood and nourish qi, strengthen the spleen and kidney, so that qi and blood can no longer be weak, and gradually increase the thickness of the endometrium.However, the editor of Xinbei Parent -Child Network wants to remind female friends that the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is generally slow. It must be insisted for a long time and should not be abolished halfway.

Surgical therapy is mainly aimed at the endometrium caused by local factors, such as: endometrial damage, adhesion and absence.With the help of laparoscopy, through surgery, doctors can repair the part where the endometrium is damaged. If the damage is severe, endometrial transplantation needs to be performed.After surgery, doctors will also do some prevention of endometrial adhesion to improve the symptoms of thin uterine endometrium.

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