Week 17

Fetal weight: 150g

Fetal height: 18cm

Tips during pregnancy: The hearing of the fetus has become developed, the heartbeat is more powerful, and the pregnant mother’s lower abdomen is more obvious.

Abstract of fetal development: The eyelashes and eyebrows of the fetus have grown longer, and the hearing has begun to develop.

Fixed keywords · Fetal size: size like pear

Fixed keywords · Development: Hearing has begun to develop

Fetal development text:

The fetus is about 18cm long from head to hip, weighs about 150-200 grams.The average value of the double -top diameter is 3.97 ± 0.44cm, the average value of the abdomen is 11.49 ± 1.62cm, and the femoral length is 2.52 ± 0.44cm.

This week, the fetus’s eyes were still closed, but it has become greater.Both eyelashes and eyebrows are longer.The fetus began to form brown subcutaneous fat, and the growth rate began to slow down. The white fat surrounds the nerve fiber of the spine, and the hearing began to develop.

This week, you can hear the baby’s strong heartbeat with the help of the auscultation. From then on, you can determine the health of your baby by listening to the fetal heart sound. If you find any abnormalities, please go to the hospital immediately to seek the help of a doctor.

Summary of mothers: The weight increase is about 2.3kg, the abdomen protrudes, the hips become wide, and the upper part of the uterus can be touched.

Fixed keywords · physical change: small abdomen bulge is obvious

Mom change the text:

In 17 weeks of pregnancy, your weight is now about 2.3kg.At this time, your lower abdomen looks more prominent. When you touch the navel and the toe bone, you can feel that there is a hard thing. This is the upper part of the uterus.Your abdomen is between 76-89cm. In the past, you can’t wear clothes anyway. You must wear loose pregnant women to feel comfortable.

The effect of progesterone, your hips will gradually widen and thicker.As the uterus increases, my mother will feel that breathing becomes rapid. This is caused by the pressure of the uterus to the lungs. Some mothers often have symptoms of anemia. They should eat more lean meat, eggs, animal liver and other richness.Iron -containing food, or supplement iron under the guidance of a doctor.

Abstract for healthcare: Anemia will occur during pregnancy. If the treatment is not timely, the prognosis is poor, so we must pay attention to the symptoms of anemia.

Random keyword 1 (medical care): anemia during pregnancy

Random keyword 2 (medical care): digestive system disorders, etc.

Medical and health care:

1. Knowing the anemia during pregnancy

(1) The demand for iron for pregnant women has increased significantly.After pregnancy, the blood volume in expectant mothers will increase by 30%-45%. Therefore, pregnant women need to absorb more iron than the average person to synthesize hemoglobin for additional blood quantity.

(2) It requires some iron to meet the needs of the baby and the placenta.In addition to meeting their body’s needs for iron substances, pregnant women also need some iron to meet the needs of the development of the baby and the placenta. At this time, if the expectant mother’s iron material is not added, anemia will easily occur.

(3) It is related to the situation of the pregnant woman itself.Most women do not store enough iron at the beginning of pregnancy to meet the body’s increase in iron.If pregnant women have partial or chronic diseases, such as more menstruation, gastric disease and parasitic disease in the intestinal tract, it is easy to cause the absorption of iron substances to cause iron deficiency due to insufficient gastric secretion, which will cause anemia.

2. Symptoms of anemia during pregnancy

(1) If expectant mothers are mild anemia, generally there are no obvious symptoms, and you need to go to the hospital for a special examination to find it.If the blood test results of pregnant women show that hemoglobin is 10 grams/100 ml, red blood cell pressure is less than 30%, or the count of red blood cells is less than 3.5 million/cubic millimeters, it means that the pregnant woman will start to supplement the iron.

(2) Pregnant women’s anemia often feel tired, want to sleep, and has no strength throughout the body. This is the earliest symptom and the most common symptoms of anemia.

(3) The face and mucous membranes of anemia are generally pale.It should be noted that it is generally believed that those who are pale skin should also be more reliable based on the size of the palm and the color of the nail bed.

(4) People with anemia often feel headache, dizziness, dazzling, and distraction. Those with severe anemia may also have conscious ambiguity or even syncope.

(5) palpitations are one of the symptoms of prominent anemia.Those with anemia are too fast, and they can hear soft murmurs when the pulmonary valve area and the tip of the heart are in the contraction period. This situation is called anemia murmur.When the pulmonary valve area and the tip of the heart are in the diastolic period, the murmur can also be heard, and the situation is more serious.

(6) Lost appetite, bloating, want to vomit, and constipation are also the symptoms of anemia. This is because anemia causes the digestive system disorders.

(7) Difficulty breathing or breath is one of the symptoms of anemia.Because anemia can cause low oxygen or hypertonatemia in the respiratory center.

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