Wedding examination inspection instead of pre -pregnancy examination is not feasible

Introduction: In order to promote eugenics, they will be required to do a marriage inspection when they are married. Can marriage inspection inspections instead of pre -pregnancy examinations? Are the items they checked about the same, or is there a difference?

In order to promote eugenics, you will be required to do a marriage inspection when you get married. Can the marriage check instead instead of pre -pregnancy examination?

Marriage inspection

The marriage examination refers to a special check -up that both men and women have performed before they go through the marriage registration procedures. They are medical examinations that may suffer from diseases that may suffer and affect marriage or fertility.

Benefits for marriage examination

Through the marriage inspection, you can understand the health status, mental state, and the situation of personal and family congenital diseases and genetic diseases in order to conduct propaganda and guidance from the problems discovered.For very few patients with genetic diseases, they are guided according to the condition and genetic laws, so that men and women who may have fertilized genetic diseases know how to deal with it in advance, or propose suggestions that cannot be married or can not have childbirth in accordance with regulations to block the continuation of genetic diseases;For those who have more serious diseases, suggestions that should not be married and should not have fertility are conducive to the health of young men and women; they can also conduct related knowledge education, family planning arrangements, contraceptive methods and guidance through pre -marital examinations.

What do you check for marriage checks?

1. My health history and the family history of direct blood relatives, to understand whether there is a history of genetic diseases and psychiatric history. Women also ask menstruation history, whether there is dysmenorrhea, etc.

2. Physical examination: Including general examination and examination of important organs.Mainly the case of the heart, lung, liver, kidney and reproductive system, including the development of men’s penis, erectile ability, testicles, and hardness;You need to perform surgery to get married.

3. Auxiliary examination, such as chest perspective, ABO blood type, etc.

Pre-pregnancy check

Pre -pregnancy examination refers to the relevant test examinations that the couple go to the hospital before preparing to get pregnant to ensure normal pregnancy and healthy babies.Pre -pregnancy examination is conducive to eugenics. Pre -pregnancy examination can help couples who are preparing to get babies to discover their body abnormalities in time before pregnancy

The benefits of pre -pregnancy examination

Pre -pregnancy examination can help prepare people to find problems or abnormalities before pregnancy, timely treat and avoid potential problems, and regulate the body to the best state. This can not only ensure the health before pregnancy, but also reduce the possibility of some physiological defects in the baby.In addition to physical benefits, psychological preparation mothers are more secure and safe.

What do you check before pregnancy?

1. Physical examination: It mainly includes conventional examinations such as height, weight, vision, cardiopulmonary heating, and abdominal palpation.

2. Blood routine: It is mainly to understand whether women have infected lesions or other lesions, and whether there are anemia.Blood type examination is mainly used to predict whether the baby will cause neonatal hemolysis due to inconsistent maternal and baby blood types.

3. Urine routine: help early diagnosis of kidney disease, exclude whether there are urinary system infections, stones, acute and chronic nephritis.Pregnancy will increase the burden on women’s kidney, which is a huge test for kidney function.

4. Blood pressure and electrocardiogram: The main purpose is to understand the general situation and heart function of blood pressure, and determine whether the heart can withstand the load of blood flow during pregnancy.

5. Hepatitis B: Whether women are carriers or viral hepatitis B virus in time.Hepatitis virus may spread to the baby through the placenta.If this item has been checked in the past, there is no need to repeatedly check this time.

The difference between marriage examination and pre -pregnancy examination

The marriage examination is the first step, mainly including the examination of hereditary diseases, mental illness and infectious diseases.Pre -pregnancy examination focuses on checking the mother’s own health to judge whether the body can withstand the load of worsening pregnancy.

There are some contents overlapping and pre -pregnancy examinations, as well as their own targeted examination content, such as rubella, Toxoplasma, giant cytocytosis, and chlamydia chrome for the pre -pregnancy examination, so it is still necessary to check.If you have just finished the wedding check -up time, such as two or three months, some duplicate content and projects can also be selected to do it, which can save some funds.

The marriage examination cannot be replaced by pre -pregnancy examination.Moms who are preparing to get pregnant should not ignore pre -pregnancy examinations, so these two examinations must be paid attention to. This is the key to eugenics.

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