We have to make it clear about vaginitis

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"Inflammation" is a universal speech.

If you are uncomfortable, it can be said that it is inflammation. It can be said to be inflammation. It can be said to be inflammation when it hurts. It can be said to be inflammation …

Almost 100%of women will face the problem of inflammation in their lives, scratch their hearts, and misery.After each inflammation, I will be afraid, because I do n’t know when they will be committed again, and people with a strong sense of sixth sense can even feel their upcoming inflammation.I have also seen someone going to the fortune -telling master to calculate the chance of the recurrence of inflammation and make the master miserable.

Judging from the background comments, one -third of the readers consult the symptoms caused by various degrees of inflammation, which accounts for one more than one of the six -storey response time every day.The pain caused by inflammation can easily allow patients to drag the grass into the water after discovering the "life -saving straw". Therefore, sometimes the six -story floor has to forcibly interrupt their crying and ask them to read the article.

Today, with the urging of the Liuyun helper, I decided to sort out the problems related to inflammation and give it to you who scratch the liver and the "inflammation". I hope you can have a unruly pleasant life.


How to treat vaginitis to make it not recur?

Answer: To be honest, it is impossible to rely on treatment to make vaginitis without recurrence.

Because drugs are basically divided into two categories: symptomatic medication and reasons.Among them, most of the drugs for treating inflammation are for treatment.For vaginitis, even if the treatment of drugs suppress the group of "gangsters" that are not wrong, they will come again after a while.Just like a cold, no one said that he would not have a cold in his life, because as long as the immunity was low, he would catch a cold.

Therefore, we should ask: How can life make vaginitis not relapse or reduce recurrence?

1. Standardized treatment

Here are regular hospitals, serious doctors, and regulatory medication. Do not find a small hospital to deal with things.I know that it is difficult to have these conditions at the same time, but I also believe that such a combination must be there.If you can’t find it, rest assured, there are still six.

2. Change your habits to wear loose, breathable cotton panties, and change to wash and dry them frequently.Some special shapes of underwear are just worn at special moments.Wipe the vulva every night and keep dry and clean.Water is warm water, pots are special pots, towels are special towels. Clean your hands before cleaning.By the way, cleaning is also possible.Pay attention to menstrual hygiene, use the appropriate and quality -clearing sanitary napkin, remember to change it diligently.Here is also Amway. Once you use it, you will not be able to return.Don’t pay too much attention to your diet. Keep your original dietary habits. You don’t need to control too much. Try not to overeat.Maintain a healthy life and psychological state to improve autoimmunity.Both sexual partners before and after the same room should pay attention to cleaning. Regardless of men, women, men, women, women, cleaning and safety must be put first.

Sometimes you may do everything, but inflammation will still recur.Complaining at this time is useless, we may have to come from scratch.Fortunately, the sixth floor will always accompany you.

Can I have the same room during the treatment of vaginitis?

Answer: The incidence of vaginitis will greatly increase after sexual life, because sexual life is an invasive sex after all, which will bring the vagina to the outside world bacteria and pathogens.Infectious infection inevitably.

Therefore, we usually recommend that patients do not have the same room during treatment.It is not absolutely impossible, just because this will affect the treatment effect and may cause the inflammatory recurrence.Sometimes on the sixth floor, you will say to the disobedient members: When can you have the same room, I will make the final say.

If you encounter special circumstances, such as long -distance love, you must treat it special.For example, the men and women have not met for 20 years, and finally I have to see it, want to be hearty …

Seriously, I understand the mood that knows that I ca n’t do it. For example, I hide the small vaults for the baked gluten …

Will check that vaginitis will affect pregnancy?

Answer: Generally speaking, after discovering vaginitis, treat the treatment first, and prepare for pregnancy.

Although mild inflammation has no effect on pregnancy, the experience is bad.If you think about it, you know that the inflammation is getting worse, there are various pathogens, and you insist on the same room and endure all kinds of itching, pain and psychological pressure. Why should this be?You are not Wusong, do not have to bid to Hushan.

Therefore, it is a suitable choice to treat vaginitis first.It is not recommended to do the same room during treatment, so that you can avoid the embarrassing situation of vaginitis while pregnancy.Take 10,000 steps to say that if you are pregnant when you find vaginitis, you should choose to use drugs used during pregnancy for treatment.

What should I do if I have vaginitis during pregnancy?

Answer: Let’s follow the last question.

When women are pregnant, hormone levels fluctuate large, and their own immunity decreases. It is not convenient whether it is activity or cleaning.These issues concentrated at the same time, which will cause the chance of vaginitis to become higher.

Many people have vaginalitis during pregnancy. If the symptoms are not obvious, they only need to wash the vulva with water and keep them dry and clean.If there are obvious symptoms that affect life and work, then medication is needed.

Rest assured that there are schemes for treatment during pregnancy, just because the current pharmacies have no lower limit, so I will not write down related drugs.

During the treatment of vaginitis, do partners need to cooperate with treatment?

Answer: This is a dog abuse problem.The premise of discussing this question is that you must have one first …

Okay, to go to home.Generally speaking, the same room is not recommended during the treatment of vaginitis.But when men and women are interacting, there will be some physical contact.Even if it is strictly controlled, it will still sleep together sooner or later.If you sleep in the room, what else do you do? Really … In short, if you cannot completely avoid physical contact, your sexual partner is best to cooperate with treatment.

The usual solution is that the other side also uses the same medicine as the patient, and it can be taken to orally.The two sides of the medication are kept in sync, how long the woman uses, and how long the other side is.

Hope this matter will not affect your normal life.Don’t worry, even if there is a temporary impact, it can be restored to normal through standardized treatment.

Some will get better.(This is chicken soup)

Is the private product in the circle of friends reliable?

Answer: Speaking of this, you are angry. You don’t know how much I will receive such products every day.You have followed me for so long, and you have changed from a young girl to a big dirty sister. Why do you always plan in some places with obvious logical flaws?After my serious and meticulous analysis, the only reason to find out that the only reason for you is -you are too rich!

Turn back and say something.After the previous study, most readers know that there are different types of vaginitis, so different drugs need to be used for treatment. No drug can sweep the world. This is also the purpose of clinically allowing patients to make leucorrhea routine.If the same drug is used to treat various vaginitis, it is also an attempt to "cure", it is as ridiculous as hoping to "cure" a cold.

Objectively speaking, those drugs may have a little effect, but always remember that the effect must not be worth that price.

By the way, detoxify, this is simply a woman’s "heart disease". I don’t know how many people think that their privacy is dirty.The sixth floor told you here solemnly: In the female reproductive system, there will be no so -called toxins in the past and in the future.Organs, secretions, cells fall off, and endometrium stripping is normal, and it is irrelevant to toxins.

It is not appropriate to say that they are playing hooligans.Forget it, there is nothing inappropriate, they are all like that …

Okay, that’s it today ~


Discussions on inflammation have never stopped. Many people repeatedly repeatedly, three years and three years … The whole youth is strong than this inflammation.Later, the physiological problems of some patients have even transformed into psychological problems.No doctor dares to say that he can solve all the problems, but there will be a way to make you better, whether it is physiological or psychologically.

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