Wanderer accidental pregnancy does not know who his father is, baby sleeping streets rely on passers -by to feed

We occasionally see people who are in the streets on the street. Many of them have mental illness or intellectual obstacles, and they cannot take care of ourselves at all.If a wandering woman with a low IQ is pregnant unexpectedly and does not know who the child’s father is, it is tantamount to worsening for her.What is most worrying is how her child survives?

(The picture shows NGA)

According to foreign media reports, recently, citizens in Hanoi, Vietnam noticed a worry -free thing: A baby of about 1 month sleeps on NGUYEN KHOAI Street every day.Several enthusiastic citizens decided to talk to their children’s mother out of worry.But this made them soon discover the problem. The 35 -year -old woman named NGA had some problems with intelligence.

And NGA does not know who the child’s father is, nor do he know how to take care of the baby.She goes to pick up trash every day, and go back to the sidewalk on Nguyen Khoai Street at night to sleep at night.After patient inquiries, people asked NGA to be sent to the hospital a month ago to have children, and after a few days, they lived on the street again.

(The picture shows nga and children)

Because NGA does not know about breastfeeding, when the baby is hungry, he can only drink the milk from the kind of passersby.After learning about the situation of NGA, many people took the initiative to raise children, but NGA did not agree.

(The picture shows passers -by feed children)

Recently, a charity worker named Tran THI QUY shared the story of NGA on the Internet, hoping to attract the attention of the local government and make children have better living conditions.

This sharing triggered a fierce discussion among netizens.Some netizens said, "I hope someone will adopt children as soon as possible to avoid tragedy."

Some netizens said, "Who is the person who makes NGA pregnant? He should see the news? Why not come to take care of them." Some netizens said, "The child is too young, will it be sick?"

Other netizens held opposition and believed that their children should be left with their mother.Some netizens said: "NGA does not agree to let others adopt, indicating that she has feelings for children."

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