Wanderer "crazy" prospective dad, women are pregnant like "work", these reasons are worth understanding

Many pregnant mothers will change their temperament after pregnancy, and this is the same in Fifi in Baomu’s group.

Before pregnancy, Feifei was a very good girl, but since she was pregnant, Feifei found that she often couldn’t control her temper to her husband, and she liked to be unreasonable.Feifei herself also knew that this was not good, but she couldn’t control it. She often became inexplicably irritable and didn’t make sense.

At the beginning, her husband thought that Feifei was just pregnant, so she was so smooth to her, but over time, Feifei’s temper became more and more irritable, and eventually led to the current Fifi’s husband who did not want to stay at home every day.Lazy to talk to Feifei.This situation makes Feifei very distressed.

In fact, the reason why pregnant mothers have this kind of performance are mostly caused by these aspects, and pregnant dads should also be considerate in a timely manner.

1. Physiological reasons

Physiological reasons, such as changes in hormone levels in the body of pregnant mothers or changes in the body, will cause pregnant mothers to have these performances.For example, pregnant mothers will increase in thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy. As the level of thyroid hormone levels increases, the synthetic metabolism in the pregnant mother will increase.Then the level of other hormones will increase accordingly, which is very easy to cause the emotional excitement of pregnant mothers, making them prone to anxiety and fear.In fact, these physiological changes are normal. Do n’t worry too much about it. Pay more attention to ingesting some energy and nutrients, and learn to regulate your emotions.

2. Psychological needs

Psychological needs will also cause changes in pregnant mothers.During pregnancy, pregnant women very much hope that someone will care about them. Pregnant mothers generally go through the situation of pregnancy and nausea during pregnancy. Then the pressure that pregnant mothers have suffered during this period are not what others can experience, so the pregnant mother at this stageI especially hope that others can understand them, so as a family, while taking care of pregnant mothers, we must also pay attention to soothe the emotions of pregnant women.

In the face of these performances in the face of pregnant mothers, family members must do these aspects.

1. Try to meet the requirements of pregnant mothers, but the premise is that there must be principles

In daily life, family members must not quarrel because of some trivial matters and pregnant mothers. If some family members should appropriately understand that pregnant mothers learn to make concessions, try to meet the requirements of pregnant mothers, and take care of their emotions.Don’t make a big noise with pregnant mothers.Of course, while tolerance of pregnant mothers, family members must have principles.For those things that excessively touch principles, we must communicate well with pregnant mothers.

2. Terminal reason when the pregnant mother is normal, but pay attention not to speak too much

In daily life, pregnant dads must pay attention to the way of speaking in the process of talking to pregnant mothers.For some principled things, pregnant dads can communicate with pregnant mothers in a way of reasoning, but pregnant dads must pay attention to the way of reasoning. Do not speak too much.Pregnant women are relatively fragile during pregnancy, so the pregnant dad should still learn to understand the little temper of pregnant mothers in life.After all, taking care of pregnant mothers and creating a good growth environment can make the baby grow healthy.

The reasons for the poor mood during pregnancy during pregnancy are here, so what about you?What do you have to endure after pregnancy?How did you deal with it?

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