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At 5:30 in the afternoon, black sugar appeared in a small square like celebrities. The children around cheered and ran around and surrounded it -this is a two -month -old hamster, 35 grams, and the eyes are dark.The fifth grade young owner brought it out; Liu Yong and Liu Li no longer rushed out early to work. This is the "three -person time" that can be able to spend 24 hours a day. Their first child was born soon; Gao Rong just waited forWhen she arrived at the bed in the nursing home, as soon as she had an epidemic, her live alone would last for a while, but the vegetable cart and the medicines that were delivered to the community made her feel "content".

On June 16, due to the confirmation of new crown pneumonia in the Guangwai Tiantao Red Lotus Vegetable Market, there were seven communities in Guangwai Street to start closed management.

Outside the door, life is still going on.

Social worker Wang Zhiping sent medicine to Gao Rong.Photography/Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

elderly living alone

The community can’t go to the nursing home to start to "review" the old newspaper

Gao Rongben was in a nursing home.

She is 83 years old.There are some problems in the cervical spine, compressed to the nerves, do not listen to the hands and feet, and the fasteners of the clothes are strenuous; the back of the ear, the hearing aid is always worried about being accidentally removed, but you have to go out to buy medicine regularly.Essence

If it was not for physical reasons, Gao Rong would not want to leave Lecheng Community.She has lived here for more than ten years and has been used to living alone. Her wife and daughter -in -law often come to see her.She is not good at cooking, and her son will send the stewed meat herself. After the New Year’s Eve, the neighborhood committee will also hold milk and fruits to express care.The community and neighbors took care of her. One fainted at night. The staff of the community helped her to play 120 and sent to the hospital. She felt dizzy and disgusting. The other party took the pot to help her catch the vomit.Can’t stand it. "

What made her really move to the nursing home was a fall in the living room two months ago.The teeth have broken. Until now, there are still tooth marks on the floor, and the legs and feet are even worse. You can only move slowly when you walk. When you sit downsofa.

Her son was too busy, and she was inconvenient to act by herself.The core area of the core area is tight, and the environment and price must be taken into account. It is not easy to find it. In the past, the situation of the Beijing epidemic situation was relatively gentle, and finally a family had a bed.But I didn’t have time to watch. The epidemic came again. In a few more days, there was a confirmed case in the nearby vegetable market. The community was closed, and the affairs of the nursing home had to be postponed.

The epidemic also brought other changes to Gao Rong’s life.There is a square near the community. Usually, she will sing with the neighborhood there, and now I do n’t go; I originally had to go to the vegetable market outside the community to buy vegetables. Now I do n’t let it go, so I will go to the vegetable cart in the community to buy it.

Gao Rong felt that it was boring at home, but he was already satisfied with the current life.I usually go to buy medicine and go to forty minutes. Now Wang Zhiping helps to buy it, and Gu Nian’s legs and feet are not good. He specially brought it to the door and talked with her. She ordered two newspapers.All of them turned out and re -"review" again.

After the community is closed, the son cannot come to see Gao Rong, and the community often cares about her condition.She felt guilty about the trouble of others, and said to Wang Zhiping: "When people are old, they will become your burden." Wang Zhiping comforted her, "You are down -to -earth, you have dedicated it."

Miao Yuli helped enter nucleic acid detection information in the community.Photography/Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

00 post college students

After the winter vacation, I played a small half year to learn to "classes the lesson" online

Miao Yuxi’s winter vacation has continued from January to today.

She was 19 years old and studied in the freshman year. She has not returned to school in the past six months.In April and May, the newly issued cases in Beijing gradually cleared, and the school was open for a while. By mid -June, it became unpredictable.

You can’t go to school, and there is nothing inconvenient.Miao Yuxi felt that the lineouts were pretty good, the time was more free, and the way was more flexible.You can skip the place where you understand. If you do n’t understand, you can look back several times. Other schools have good online courses, and she will also stab.

In a blink of an eye, the end of the special semester.Her major is business administration, but she has always wanted to study finance. She passed the interview not long ago, and began to switch to professionalism in the next semester.However, the biggest pressure at present is from the upcoming final exam. She gets up at 8 o’clock every day, reviews at noon, and continues in the afternoon.After the community was closed, the workload of the community increased significantly. When she saw the news in the group, she signed up as a community volunteer to help to do some information statistics.

On the first day, she helped make the nucleic acid detection information of 150 residents into an Excel table. The work looks simple, and there are some twists and turns in the middle., Modify the format re -recording.

"I didn’t expect the neighborhood committee to be so helpless, I also felt tired. But I can contribute to my own strength, it feels pretty good."

Miao Yuzheng is not a house, and usually likes to go out to play.During the winter vacation, she and her classmates made an appointment to Guangzhou, but the epidemic broke out and could only retire the air ticket. A while ago, Beijing was stable. She pondered to go to Yunnan to play. As soon as she had a new case, she had to dispel her thoughts again.

When she knew that the community was closed, she was sleeping, and she felt a little surprised when she saw her mother came back from get off work in advance.

"Calling also makes sense. What if you spread it? Although it is inside, I am not afraid. If you are infected, you should treat it." Miao Yuzheng said that the only difference is that the only difference is that before, I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt that I always felt likeThe new crown is far away, and now I suddenly feel like my side.

The vegetable market that appears in the diagnosis can be seen in the community. Most residents have to go there to buy food.Miao Yuzheng did not cook, and occasionally went. A few days ago, she went to the market at the door of the market to buy a box of popsicles.

"Do you say that there are wholesale popsicles in Xinfa? My mother said that there are everything there. But I want to think about it, and I finally eat it."

The hamster "black sugar" by the children.Photography/Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

Hamster "Black Sugar"

The little owner brings it to the stars of the community’s small square every day

The two -month -old brown sugar has become a star on the small square.

Brown sugar is a hamster with black eyes and black hair patterns. It weighs 35 grams and can just lie in the palm of the fifth grade little owner Tao Tao.

Beijing’s senior primary school students have a short -term re -class, and then return to the "cage" again, and Tao Tao is one of them.I can’t go to school first, and then I can’t get out of the community. The radius of the activity is getting more and more narrowed, but she doesn’t care, "Now I am at home every day, it’ s great. "

She takes black sugar to walk around every day. As soon as brown sugar appears, the children will run over.Tao Tao sometimes annoyed them. When the brown sugar’s back neck skin was stuffed, he walked deep into the small park, and the children followed him behind him.

She found a bench and put brown sugar on it.The children picked a small leaves and placed in front of the brown sugar. Some of them stretched out their fat hands and wanted to touch it. They were stopped by Tao Tao.

"Can’t touch it. It will be happy to touch its head like this."

In this small square with three or four hundred square meters, there are usually so many children, hamsters, playing skateboarding, playing basketball … Parents are standing aside, some hold electric mosquitoes to catch mosquitoes, some take them.With flower dew, spray the child twice from time to time.

An Guojun’s daughter hugged his father’s arm to hang herself, and then chased the hamster.If you can’t go to class, the life of An Guojun has become extremely simple. He is doing housework and bringing children at home. Sometimes he has to slip a few times a day. Usually, he does not have so much time to accompany his daughter.

"Just take this opportunity to rest." He said, "The virus has always existed. When you come, you can face it."

Liu Yong and Liu Li are waiting for the birth of their children.This is a "baby epidemic". At the beginning of the year, she was pregnant and had not been born. It has experienced the two rounds of epidemic in Beijing.After the community is closed, they do n’t have to get up early to work early, and they have to work at home, but they are much more flexible. They have more time to accompany each other.

This is a rare 24 -hour three -person time.Every time the sun falls, the two will come out to bend.I used to go next to the moat, and now I walk around the residential building.

"After unblocking, I want to go out and go out, visit the shopping mall, and visit the park. Although there is nothing inconvenient now, it is always a little bit stunned!" Liu Yong said with a smile.

Community workers are working.Photography/Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing

Community social worker

Run four points for half a day to buy medicine for 11 elderly people

After the community is closed, life continues.In this special period, the community has undertaken heavier jobs.

At four in the afternoon, Wang Zhiping returned to the two large bags of medicine into the community office area. Before he had time to drink water, he began to call the residents one by one.

She was holding a table in her hand, which recorded the names, contact information, and medication needs of 11 elderly people.Among these elderly people, the oldest people are more than 90 years old. They basically do not use mobile phones, unable to buy online, and medical insurance problems can only help the community.

"Most of them are common diseases, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, but different drug brands, different dosage, and different medical insurance points.Buy, it is cheaper. "Wang Zhiping said.

One afternoon, she ran four places, from Taiping Bridge to Xiaohong Temple and White Paper Place, which was generally smooth.Last time, she went to Guangwai Hospital without a drug community of a resident, but was stopped outside because she was from closed communities.She reported the situation to the community and found a way to contact a doctor. She asked the doctor to get the card, bring the medicine, and the dose of medicine. It took an hour or two.

The new task of the community, in addition to helping the elderly buy medicine, also detects nucleic acid testing.

Wang Yan is a sinking cadre in the street. The day before the community closed, he received a notice from support.The scope of community nucleic acid detection has expanded twice. At first, she was in contact with residents in risk areas. Later, she expanded to all residents. She had to help register, go to the scene to maintain order, and collect relevant information to make electronic documents.

"I usually work at the grassroots level, but I am so busy for the first time. One day I sleep at 2:30 in the morning and start at 4:30 in the morning. I don’t even have a dream time."

She was a girl in 1997 and just worked last year.After knowing the situation in Beijing, her parents were very worried that she often sent WeChat to pay attention to security, but these days, she was so busy that she had no time to reply."The biggest impression is that everyone is quite cooperating. We are not sure about many things, such as when to start and how much can be measured. They ask, we can’t answer, but in a special period, they all understand.Thanks to them, I hope the epidemic will pass soon. "

(Gao Rong, Liu Yong, Liu Li, An Guojun, and Tao Tao in the text are a pseudonym)

Beijing News reporter Dai Xuan Photography Reporter Wang Jianing

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