On March 23, the "13 -year -old girl color Doppler ultrasound examination" was spread on the Internet.The police reported that the suspect was a minor and was adopted for criminal compulsory measures for suspected rape.

According to Jimu News, multiple online pictures show that a 13 -year -old woman’s color Doppler ultrasound report: Early pregnancy in the pregnant palace, the embryo survive, the bilateral ovaries have no obvious occupation, and the pelvic effusion.The color ultrasound report is issued by Rugao Boyai Hospital on March 22.On March 23, medical staff of Rugao Boai Hospital responded to Jiomi Journalists that it was inconvenient to disclose the privacy of patients.The other party hung up the phone after listening to the question of "whether to deal with the police."

↑ Police report

On the afternoon of March 23, the Public Security Bureau of Rugao City, Jiangsu Nantong issued a police notification: The public security organs found at the work that a graphic information of the "Rugao First Hospital’s color ultrasound inspection report shows that the 13-year-old girl is pregnant" has aroused the attention of netizens.It was found out by the public security organs: On March 3, 2022, after receiving the alarm, the police received a criminal case on March 4 after review.Criminal compulsory measures.

Lawyer Deng Xueping, director of Shanghai Law Firm, analyzed the relevant legal issues of the case to Hongxing News.

Red Star view: The man has a relationship with a 13 -year -old girl and causing his pregnancy to constitute a crime of rape?

Lawyer Deng Xueping: There is a factor to consider whether the man has reached a legal age of criminal responsibility.Because the police notified that the man is a minor, according to my country’s "Criminal Law", even if he is a minor, a criminal of rape is implemented, and criminal liability shall be assumed. In terms of sentencing, punishment shall be reduced or reduced.

Police have forced criminal compulsory measures involved in the crime of rape, which is likely to speculate that the man is 14 years old.If the man in the case shall undergo rape crimes under the age of 14, according to the provisions of my country’s Criminal Law, no criminal responsibility of the man should be investigated, parents should strengthen management, and relevant departments should conduct education education.

According to the law, if the man does not know that the woman is less than 14 years old, the man does not constitute a crime of rape.In other words, the premise of the man who constituted rape was that he knew that the woman was less than 14 years old at the time. Under the previous mention that even if the woman was voluntarily, the man’s behavior constituted a rape crime.

Red Star View: Is there any obligation to report to a girl under the age of 14 during the medical examination?

Lawyer Deng Xueping: According to the provisions of the "Protection Law of the Minor" in my country, any unit or individual finds that the minor has suffered or may have suffered from illegal violations, or in danger of personal life, and they are obliged to be or dangerous. The department reports.

Red Star: The police remind all sectors of society to protect minors. What should ordinary netizens do?

Lawyer Deng Xueping: Even if the case will enter the trial of the legal procedure in the future, when the netizens release this information, they should protect the privacy of two minors. Do not publish personal information such as their photos, family address.This is also the legal obligation that every netizen should follow when publishing related news.

Red Star News reporter Chen Qingyuan

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