urgent!What should I do if contraception fails and accidental pregnancy?Can I test pregnancy a few days after the same room?

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Failure to contraception, accidental pregnancy

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I am very concerned about pregnancy after a few days after the same room

Hope to check if you are pregnant as soon as possible


If you want to know the time required for pregnancy after the same room

First understand the principle of pregnancy and the process of conception

The gynecologists at Shishi Modern Hospital below analyze and explain for everyone

Can I get pregnant during ovulation?

How long can I conceive after the same room? First of all, we must start with the principle of pregnancy.A combination of egg cells produced by women can get pregnant.

Generally, only one egg cells are excreted in women in a month, and women’s ovulation periods will be postponed or advanced due to the influence of many factors such as women’s emotions and pressure.Therefore, ovulation may be ovulate four days before the ovulation period, called ovulation period or easy pregnancy.This is why couples who want to get pregnant have to choose a female ovulation period to live a husband and wife, and the couple who wants to avoid women should avoid women.

How many days after the fertilized eggs in the same room?

During the 4th to 6th day after the fertilization, the fertilized eggs have not taken root. It is suspended in the uterus, drifting, and fully absorbing nutrition to continue to split until it becomes a cystocyte with a tail and tail.Starting on the 7th day, the healthy blastocytes have grown a small tail -like drill, which is used to drill into the mother’s uterine wall, which will develop into a umbilical cord connected to the mother in the future.

On the 7th to 10th, the blastocyst finds a suitable comfortable position on the wall of the uterine.Then the little drill began to pierce the mother’s uterus and drill inside (bed). Some mothers here will feel that the lower abdomen will feel pain from time to time, and at the same time, there will be a little red blood on the underwear. This is the place where the drill is drilled.Blood.At this time, small cells can become blastocysts, have split nearly 100 cells, and begin to secrete velvet hormone HCG by themselves, and increase the more secretion as the days.

Under pregnancy and normal, the amount of HCG is very small, and the value of blood testing is very low.However, the content of HCG in the blood and urine after the fertilized eggs will increase.Therefore, we can determine whether to be pregnant by testing the content of HCG in blood and urine.

How many days after the same room can be tested?

Generally, you can detect it 7-10 days after sex. The longer the time, the more accurate.

This is because after HCG is secreted, it first enters the blood circulation and then enters the urine.If the blood test HCG can be measured in about 7 days after the same room, whether it is pregnant, but if it is a urinary HCG, it usually needs to be at least 11 to 14 days after the same room.

The blood HCG examination needs to be carried out in the hospital, the results are more accurate and the error is small.Urine HCG is the method of using ovulation test strips or pregnancy test sticks from me, with an accuracy rate of about 75%.

What do you need to pay attention to when checking HCG?

Blood HCG test does not require an empty stomach, mainly to determine whether women are pregnant by measuring the HCG value in women’s blood.

HCG, urine, theoretically, when the urine is available in the day, but the first urine in the morning is more accurate because the urine will be diluted after drinking water.

However, it should be pointed out that many non -pregnancy factors can cause false positive urine HCG, such as urine with blood, ovarian tumors, or taking some maternity medicines, which may also be the stimulus of other hormones.Therefore, if you only use urine HCG accompaniment test strips to detect whether you are pregnant, you will not be completely diagnosed.If the urine test is positive, you should go to the hospital in time to conduct blood tests and B -ultrasound for further diagnosis.

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