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January 11th 9:00-10: 00 Dali City Women’s Federation · Dali City Rong Media Center ((FM99.9 FM99.9) of the People’s Broadcasting Station) in this issue of "City Time · Scarlet" program: Dali Cang’er "Gold" Gold "Hua Liying, a member of the preaching group, a physician at the Dali Maternal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, followed you: What should I do if the pregnant woman is in the sun?Take medicine or hard resistance?

Li Liying

Dali Cang’er "Golden Flower" lecture team member, Dali Maternal and Child Health Hospital physician

At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic has changed to a new stage, and the positive cases have gradually increased. What should I do after the special group of pregnant women and mothers?Is it going to affect the fetus?What kind of medicine should I take?Under what circumstances need to seek medical treatment?Can you breastfeed?Presumably it is a question that everyone wants to know.Today, I will take you to learn about relevant knowledge, relieve anxiety, and help all pregnant mothers go through this wave of epidemic.


Compared with ordinary people, pregnant women are more likely to be infected with new coronal viruses?

A: From the perspective of the overall population, the infection rate of Omicong in the pregnant woman is close to the general population, and the types of symptoms are close to the general population, such as dry throat, cough, runny nose, sore body, and fever.Overall, compared with ordinary people, infection will not have more impact on the health of pregnant women.Maternal mothers with hypertension and diabetes should strengthen self -protection.


If pregnant mothers are diagnosed with positive infections during pregnancy, do they want to terminate pregnancy?

A: It is recommended that patients with early pregnancy infected with this new coronary virus should not be blindly adopted to blindly adopt a "termination of pregnancy" scheme.It has been reported that the risks such as the new crown -positive pregnant women’s own pregnancy and thrombosis have increased, so we can strengthen obstetric examinations during pregnancy.


Will pregnant mothers diagnose a positive infection, will it be transmitted to the fetus?

A: After pregnant women are infected with new crowns, newborn endings are usually good.There is no clear evidence that SARS-COV-2 can pass through the placenta and infect the fetus.Among the newborns born of a positive mother, more than 95%of them are not infected and have a good condition.


Will the new crown during pregnancy cause children to produce premature, abortion, congenital malformations?

A: Most of the cases will not be.Only when pregnant mothers are severe and critical, will the risk of premature birth increase slightly.This risk is not higher than other upper respiratory tract infections.

Let’s talk about the natural abortion rate and congenital malformation rate. At present, the incidence of the new crown is higher than that of the popularity than before.As for the risk of premature birth and cesarean section, it may increase slightly, and basically occurs when the mothers suffer from severe, critical illnesses, and basic complications.


Pregnant mothers infected with new coronary viruses. Should she have a caesarean section for giving birth?

A: Based on existing research, there is no sufficient evidence to support cesarean section better than natural delivery in preventing possible vertical communication.The vaginal delivery infected by the new coronary virus is relatively safe. As long as the protection is not available, if there is no obstetric cesarean section, it is not severe patients. It is not recommended to blindly use cesarean section to reduce the vertical transmission of maternal and infants.


Can you still breastfeed if the maternal is infected with the new coronal virus?

A: The current research confirms that when the mother is suspected of or suffering from the new coronary virus, no new coronal virus is found in their breast milk.Therefore, on the basis of personal protection, breast milk can be continued.


What are the symptoms of pregnant women’s new crowns, is it serious?

A: If pregnant women are infected with new coronal viruses, there may be no symptoms, or symptoms, and asymptomatic cases are common.There are symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, discomfort, headache, muscle pain, etc., and severe illness can cause shortage of breathing, dyspnea, hypoxia and even respiratory failure.After pregnant women suffer from new crowns, symptoms are usually similar to non-pregnancy patients, but some studies have found that compared with those who are not pregnant, there are fewer fever, cough, dyspnea and dyspnea and dyspnea and dyspnea and dyspnea.Steriper.


Is it safer to take Chinese medicine after pregnancy?

A: Many pregnant women think that traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicines are more natural and safe. They can be taken safely. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine are also divided into toxic and non -toxic, which may also cause abortion or teratogenic effects on pregnant women.And due to the complexity of proprietary Chinese medicine, the content of each component is unknown, and the lack of clinical research materials for medication for special groups. Therefore, pregnant women must take a cautious attitude when taking Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine, especially in the early pregnancy (the first March), let alone take it casuallyEssencePregnant women need to take non -toxic Chinese medicine under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist.


What are the cases need to see a doctor urgently?

A: Most of the new crown pregnant women do not need to see a doctor, we can be good, but we need to observe their physical changes closely. If pregnant women have symptoms such as headache, dizziness, heart panic, qi, or abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding or flow fluid,You can also seek the help of a doctor.

Reasonable medication during pregnancy is also a kind of protection for the mother or fetus, not all medicines will hurt the fetus.According to the toxicity and teratogenic risk of the drug, the US FDA divides the pregnancy risk of drugs into five levels:

A class

Harmness to fetus: safety

Recommended level: safe use of patients during pregnancy

Representative drugs: vitamins, folic acid


Harmicity to fetus: relatively safe

Recommended level: Use the doctor’s advice when there is a clear indicator

Representative drugs: some antibiotics, some explanation of hot analgesic drugs, and partial anti -allergic drugs

C class

Harmicity to fetal: uncertainty

Recommended level: The advantages and disadvantages need to be weighed under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist

Representative drugs: Most psychiatric drugs, partial explanation of hot analgesic drugs

D class

Harmicity to fetus: unsafe

Recommended level: Used when pregnant women have life threats or severe diseases and other drugs are ineffective

Representative drugs: amino glycoside drugs, partial anti -tumor drugs, etc.

X class

Harmicity to fetal: high height

Recommended level: prohibited use during pregnancy

Representative drugs: different vitamin A acid, Libaweilin, some anti -tumor drugs, etc.

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