Upset, insomnia, and sleepy after summer?Doctor: Longan has wonderful use, learn to eat like this!

As soon as it was hot, many uncles and aunts couldn’t sleep well.

Turn over and over in bed, pancakes, it is difficult to fall asleep.Or do not sleep well and wake up easily.

The chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Department of Dongfang Hospital from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine said: Tianyi is not sleeping well, which is closely related to the problem of "heart".

Before and after Lixia, there is a good time. What is the masterpiece of Director Zhou for nourishing the heart and sleep?


Knowing the lover to sleep in separate rooms

It turned out to be the calamity of insomnia

The two singers of Ren Jing and Fu Di have been accompanied by more than 30 years. They are both "lover" on the screen and "healthy observer" of each other in life.

Teacher Ren Jing said: Teacher Fu has no chronic disease, but he has the biggest health problem, that is, it is difficult to fall asleep.It often needs to use the help of drugs, and once it starts, it is difficult to fall asleep.

Teacher Fu said: Teacher Ren is too light to wake up.

The two represent a manifestation of insomnia. In the most serious time, one person can’t sleep and causes another person’s insomnia.In the end, "Knowing Love" can only sleep in a room.

Director Zhou said: If you want to sleep well, you must raise your heart.

Simply test whether the mind is sufficient

How to judge whether your heart and heart are sufficient?

A simple method is to observe whether the heart rate can return to the state of calm after exercising.Many uncles and aunts need to recover for a long time after exercise, which shows that your mind and hard work are not enough.

However, the rhythm of nourishing the mind and nourishing the heart cannot disrupt the rhythm of being born and converged in the day.

Only the "biological clock" law of the heart can be effective.


In response to twelve hours

Nourish your heart, nourish your heart

"Heart" is an obvious law of dynamic and static, with viscera with a large undulating day and night.

During the day, the heart blood transformed into a heart, promoting blood operation; at night, my heart converged into my heart, and it was stored until the next day.

The best time to nourish the mind

In summer, my heart starts from 5 am, until 12 noon, all are in a state of hair.To do some exercise during this time, you can supplement yang and fill your heart.

It is recommended that you make a set of Tai Chi every morning or morning, which helps the birth of yang.

The best time to nourish the heart

The best time for nourishing the heart is from 9 pm to 11 pm. At this time, it is suitable for quietness and not suitable for party and lively occasions, otherwise it will disturb your heart.

Every night from 11 o’clock to 1 am, when the gallbladder is born, you must fall asleep at this time, otherwise it will consume the blood and blood and cause insomnia.


Contract longan, lotus seed heart

Heart blood to help sleep

Before going to bed, you can contain several longan, which helps nourish your heart and promote sleep.It is especially suitable for uncle and aunt who is fatigue, weakness, and memory loss.

Director Zhou said that the best way to eat longan is to mix with Qianlong’s eyes with tongue and teeth slowly, swallow the liquid in the mouth, and finally swallow the longan meat.

It should be noted that if you are easy to get angry or have diabetes, it is not recommended to use longan.But you can use lotus seeds to make tea instead.

Lotus seeds clearly clear the fire and nourish their hearts, but just a little bit bitter.

Sleeping good things: pearl powder

In addition to longan and lotus seeds, you can also take a handful of pearl powder before going to bed.

Pearl powder can both beauty and beauty, but also calm down.The method of taking is to take warm water under the tongue for a while.You can also mix it with milk and honey.


Can’t sleep, restless

Press this point

Many uncle and aunts who are prone to insomnia are easy to be restless before going to bed and always think about things.

If you are often in a state where your brain can’t stop, you may wish to press Laogong Point.

Laogong acupoint is very easy to find, handle the fist pork, and the middle finger is Laogong Point.

Press the Palace Palace first, and then press each fingertips in order to help calm down the mood and relieve irritability.

You can adjust your breathing while pressing.The brain is empty, and after a period of time, it will fall asleep.

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