Two months of pregnancy, I was almost aborted by my husband. Do you want to endure for the child?

In the third month of marrying him, because he did not eat a hot meal when he returned home, he hit me … Afterwards, he knelt down and apologized to me, please forgive him, and said that he would never hit me in the future. I can bear it.Essence

Before getting married, he was very good to me. When he did something, he never spoke loudly to me, but he was not liked by my parents. After he proposed to me, my parents resolutely disagreed.

"Weiwei, he is not reliable! Don’t be confused, plus so far from home, you don’t even rely on someone."

My mother persuaded me to persuade me.But like I was poured with a soul soup, I was going to marry him with heart.

In this way, a marriage without family blessings began.

We live in the "male farming and female weaving". I wait for him to get off work every day at home, try our best to do a housewife. For two months, there is no one -day "vacation".

In the third month of marriage, one day I suddenly had a high fever and had no time to cook. He returned home, not only did he not care about me, but slapped me, saying that he worked hard outside, and he had to be hungry when he went home.

For a while, the pain of high fever seemed not so powerful. The palm prints and surprises in my face made me not slow down for a long time.

That night, he apologized for me. I don’t know if he should forgive him, but when he kneels and begs me, he never moves me again.His apology.

In the next half a year, he did not hit me, and soon I became pregnant.Hearing the news of my pregnancy, he was very happy and vowed to be good to me and my children in the future.

The cousin who happened to be on a business trip here, after hearing the news of my pregnancy, came to see me.It stands to reason that I haven’t seen my relatives for a long time, and I should be very happy, but I can’t be happy at all, because the day before, he hit me again.

"I went to talk about business yesterday. When I came back, I was eating.

"Why come back today ~ What about the business?"

"Why didn’t you make my meal?"

"Didn’t you say you accompany your customers today? I just ate it myself."

He approached the table and glanced at the dishes on the table.

"This is a simple eating? Two ravioli is not good? I think you are accustomed to raising the place of support at home, I don’t know the hardships of life outside!"

After speaking, I walked away, dragged my hand hard, and pulled me to the sofa. I wanted to break free, and he slapped me.I looked at him in amazement, but didn’t expect that he hadn’t exhausted, holding my neck and starting to roar me.I desperately asked for mercy and told him that there were children in my stomach, and he slowly released his hand.

In the middle of the night, I was sitting on the sofa and couldn’t move, tears couldn’t stop flowing, thinking of the children in my stomach, I endured this time."

Sister cousin saw me a bit wrong and asked me what happened worriedly?Is he not good at me?

I waved my head and barely squeezed a smile.

"Your mother is worried about you, let me see you, you live well, and I will explain with her."

"My parents are okay at home, right?"

"It’s good, just worry you, miss you. You said you, why is it … forget it, as long as you are doing well now."

"Sister cousin, I have a good life, please tell me my parents!"


Soon, I gave birth to our son, and my mother -in -law came to take care of me. After I thought my mother -in -law came, he would converge a little, no longer hit me. Unexpectedly, he turned to me for three days.

In the evening, looking at the sleeping son next to me, I was in contemplation … Do you want to endure all this for your son …

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