Two months of pregnancy found syphilis: "I only have my husband alone", how is it infected?

"How can it be positive?"

Two words in the column of syphilis: positive, deeply stabbed Xiaoting’s heart.

01. Two months of pregnancy, syphilis was found."I only have my husband!"

A week ago, Xiaoting, who was 8 weeks of pregnancy, was suspected of positive during the prenatal screening.

Xiaoting mostly hopes to be misdiagnosed. Now, the result of the review in her hand made Xiaoting fall into the ice cave.

The doctor said to Xiaoting, "Let your husband check it!"

Fear, anger, and desperate emotions wrapped Xiaoting, "The person who transmitted to me, except for him, who else …", what did the person who sleeping every day?

02. My husband’s examination is actually negative. "Who is that man?"

Xiaoting who returned home said nothing, her husband came over and hugged her.But Xiaoting was like a panic little deer. He roared "Don’t touch me!"

Checking a single brain fell on his face, "What did you hide from me?"

Xiaoting’s husband was confused and picked up the checklist, and his face changed instantly."What did I do? Isn’t it your wicked man before?"

The two people no surprise quarreled.The next day, Xiaoting’s husband also did a serum examination. What was unexpected was that the results of her husband showed "negative".

Xiaoting couldn’t believe it, and Xiaoting’s husband asked Xiaoting "Who is that man?", Followed by a loud slap.

Who did you lie?I obviously did something wrong, why did I have become a "sinner"?

03. Divorce after 1 year, what is the truth of the matter?

Since then, Xiaoting has been treated.Go to the hospital once a week to get penicillin needles for 3 weeks.The serum is regularly reviewed throughout the pregnancy, 1 January.

However, she is always alone.After that incident, her husband moved to her mother -in -law’s house, and only came back once before Xiaoting gave birth.

Fortunately, the child is healthy and not infected.However, the child’s birth did not repair the cracks between Xiaoting and her husband.One year later, they chose to divorce.In order to compete for the child’s custody, the couple who once loved each other died at each other and accused each other again.

As for why Xiaoting was infected, it was not because of her private life, but because of her marriage, she talked about a predecessor infected with syphilis, but because she had no symptoms, Xiaoting didn’t know that she had already recruited.

Although the main way of spreading syphilis is sexual dissemination, it does not mean that syphilis does not mean "not love", "deserved" and "chaotic style".

When it comes to syphilis, many people may feel ashamed, but they don’t have to do so.

Medically, syphilis is a sexual infectious disease caused by syphilis spiral infection.It is just because the main transmission pathway is sexual contact dissemination, so it will be misunderstood.In addition to sexual contact, syphilis can also be spread through maternal and infants.

Some syphilis patients said that they had no unclean sexual behavior and no blood transfusion, but inexplicably infected. Why?This may need to mention occupational exposure.During the work, the staff of the medical institutions appeared in the risk of infection when the skin damage, mucous membrane contact or non -complete skin exposed to the blood, tissue and body fluid contaminated by syphilis.

There are also daily tattoos, eyebrows, and utensils used during tooth extraction, which may also cause infection, not to mention that the joint syringe is used to take drugs.

However, syphilis does not spread through toilet cushions, door handles, swimming pools, bathtubs, bathtubs, common clothes or dietary tableware and other daily contacts.

Therefore, infection with syphilis is not necessarily a confusion in private life, or it may be caused by other reasons. It is necessary to look rationally.

At that time, Xiaoting entered a hidden period, and the course of disease had been more than 2 years, and the infectivity of syphilis gradually weakened.

Some people infected with syphilis and can not be asymptomatic for many years.The infection period is called early latent syphilis within 2 years. If it is not treated, about 20%of patients may have a second -stage recurrence of syphilis.

The infection period is more than 2 years of infection. It is called advanced syphilis. If treatment is not received, about 50%of patients may have symptoms of three periods of syphilis or late syphilis after 5-10 years.

Therefore, it must be known that syphilis does not heal itself, its symptoms have a tendency to naturally consciousness, and there is a possibility of recurrence at any time. The course of the disease is slow and long -lasting.

What if the infection is not treated, what will happen?

If it is not treated, it may cause serious damage to the nervous system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, etc.For example, patients with late syphilis may cause cardiovascular syphilis. If it is syphilis heart disease, the catheter can easily penetrate the blood vessels when the intra -heart duct intervention is involved.

Some patients have hearing impairment, visual impairment, and lower limb pain, etc., which are all related to infection with syphilis and not timely treatment.Although syphilis does not cause death directly, if it is allowed to develop, it is inestimable on health.

Syphilis is a "camouflage", and the symptoms are not obvious, so some patients do not know that they have been stared at at all.Clinically, the symptoms of syphilis are usually divided into three issues:

The main manifestation of the first phase is scabies, and most of them occur in the external genitals, such as foreskin, glans, labia majora, cervix, anus, rectum, and a few occur in lip, pharynx, official neck and other parts.

It is manifested as a single or multi -round -ups of round pimples or infiltrated erythema. The diameter is 1-2 cm, mild erosion, a small amount of mucus or a layer of gray on the surface, no pain, no itch, scabies and sores without treatment.It will disappear naturally about 3 to 8 weeks.

The second phase is mainly manifested as bayberry sores. It usually occurs within a few weeks after scabies. At the beginning, headaches, low fever, chills, fatigue, decreased appetite, muscle and joint pain, lymph nodes, etc., and influenza, and influenzaresemblance.

Later, it may develop skin and mucous membrane damage such as skin lesions, flatland warts, syphilis, syphilis, syphilis hair loss, and mucosal damage. It may also cause sore, arthritis, iris, iris ciliary bodyitis, etc.

The third phase is the late syphilis, which is mainly manifested in bayberry poison, often invading multiple organs.For example, skin syphilis often has node syphilis rash, gum -like swollen, near joint nodules, etc. In addition, it can also accumulate mucosal syphilis, bone syphilis, eye syphilis, cardiovascular syphilis, nerve syphilis, etc.cause some damages.

There is also a hidden syphilis. Although there is no clinical symptoms, syphilis serum test is positive and contagious.Syphygenic pathogen lurks in the body, waiting for the body’s resistance to decrease before displacement.

Wang Linghang, chief physician of the Beijing Tanzan Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, said that at present, the method of treating syphilis is the treatment of penicillin, and syphilis spiral is sensitive to penicillin.Under normal circumstances, 2.4 million units are injected each time, injected once a week, and injecting for 3 weeks in a row, you can basically complete the treatment.

After completing the treatment, how can I judge whether syphilis is cured?The first is to conduct a review. There are no clinical manifestations or titer level changes for 3 consecutive months or 6 months; the second is that the titer level decreases by more than 4 times compared with before treatment.It means that the treatment is effective; the third is that the RPR is completely overcast.

But it should be noted that even if most people are cured, syphilis marked antibodies will last for a lifetime.So don’t think that syphilis can be cured, just do whatever you want.

All in all, we should not wear colored glasses to look at syphilis patients.For us, we must also learn more about syphilis and prevent preventive measures. If unfortunately infected, we must take regular treatment in time.

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