Two menstruation in the past two months?These situations need to be seek medical treatment in time

The normal menstrual cycle is 21 ~ 35 days, so it is impossible to come twice a month. Of course, some people have a short menstrual cycle. The menstruation comes at the beginning of the month. It is normal to come again at the end of the month.

However, the menstrual cycle of most people is 28-30 days. There are few menstrual periods in a month, especially when menstruation between menstruation is normal. If you suddenly appear twice a month, you must be careful.It may be caused by pathological reasons, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Most menstruation in the past two months is mostly caused by these reasons

1. Take a post -after -to

Avoiding drugs may lead to retreat bleeding, which will cause bleeding before menstruation, leading to two menstruation in a month.

Of course, some people will disrupt the endocrine because of taking a childcare pill and disrupt the endocrine after taking it.

In general, this situation is occasionally adjusted automatically next month or three months, and generally no treatment is required.

2. Bad living habits

Some people have been caused by the disorders of ovarian dysfunction caused by the bad habits of life in the past two months in a month. If you stay up late, bad living habits such as menstrual periods can easily lead to ovarian dysfunction, which will also cause menstrual disorders. In addition to it, it will be possible.Causes delayed menstruation, advanced menstruation, and low menstrual flow, etc., may also lead to two menstruation in the past two months.

If these bad living habits should be changed as much as possible, otherwise the menstrual disorders will come to the door sooner and later.

3. Bad emotional impact

Our emotions directly affect the hormone in the body. If the hormone levels in the body fluctuate large, and the sudden rise and decrease, retreat bleeding will occur, which may cause menstruation in a month.

Therefore, you must pay attention to adjust your emotions to avoid bad emotions such as overly depression, often sullen or too anxious or nervous.

4. Bleeding during ovulation

If a small amount of bleeding occurs in the middle of menstruation, and it is automatically stopped for 2 to 3 days, it is mostly bleeding during ovulation, but occasionally occasionally occurs, which is caused by physiological reasons. Generally, it is not necessary to ignore it.

However, if ovulation bleeding will occur for a long time, it may also be caused by pathological causes, and this will also affect conception, so you need to seek medical treatment in time.

5. Functional uterine bleeding

Uterine lesions, cervical cancer, liver dysfunction, hemophilia, ovulation disorders, etc. caused by uterine lesions such as polyps, uterine adenomy muscle diseases, etc. The irregular bleeding of vaginal bleeding is called functional uterine bleeding, which has a great impact on women’s health.Therefore, this situation needs to be medical time in time.

There are many reasons for menstruation in the past two months. It is necessary to distinguish what it is caused by it. If it is the cause of the disease, you must seek medical treatment in a timely manner.


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