Two episodes rushed to 9.6 God, he scolded Trump with his eyes, and he had no ambition to break the upper limit.

This year is the "graduation season" of many 9 points and American dramas.

In the sixth season of "Black Blood", 9.2 is handsome.

In the sixth season of "We Day", 9.7 ended perfectly.

In the sixth season of "Leaders", 9.8 farewell.

In the sixth season, it often becomes the final battle of the best works.

Like tears, the bloody friends, like the vivid and interesting souls in all walks of life, pass by.

Play, move, reluctant.

Don’t rush to sigh.

I have watched a men’s play.

Now it is also the queen’s turn.

Battle of Available Season 6

The good fight

As the derivative of "Anti -Bone Wife", in the six seasons, it has already completed the transformation from derivative to the protagonist.

It was broadcast on September 9th, only two episodes, 9.6.

The proper "Divine Drama" opened.

This series SIR is written almost every season, and the basic settings are no longer needed.

Several keywords.

CBS’s ace, large -scale, close to social reality, feminism, and law drama.

And, ruthless.

How ruthless?

This drama came from Trump to scold Trump. The epidemic came to shoot the epidemic. What did you add in reality? Don’t let go of the heat, and even always want to overtake the curve.

It builds a parallel world that is closely linked to the present.

If the "Battle of the Bone" is divided into the "battlefield" into two and a half games.

In the first half (first three seasons), focusing on building a surging external world.

Not only does it sound the anti -Trump’s political horn, but also shows the protagonist as a firm feminist, how to look at the “Me Too”movement, and think about the way out of the feminist movement.

In the second half (latter three seasons), focusing on repair.

When the epidemic presses the suspension of life with the trend of destruction, how can we re -examine our relationship with the world?

If you are interested in these issues.

Just one word:



In the sixth season, look at the fresh place first:

Poster and Reuters.

The sunglasses are tall eyebrows, and the eyes are reviewed under sunglasses.

The capable golden curly hair, slightly red lips, each wrinkle is deserved sexy.

Dian (Christine Barrence) is back.

But with the withdrawal of young Maya and middle -aged Luca actress, she was only left.

Compared with the embarrassment of being deceived in the first season and being brought back from scratch; the third season of the second season of the decisive killing, the fourth season of the first time the dream of the big dream, and the fifth brain openJi … At this time, she looked particularly calm and graceful.

This season, a reddain in red, holding sunflowers.

Quite a little "fine sniffing rose".

Retire, lying flat, and apprentice?

That’s not Dian.

But this time, she also changed.

She was caught in a kind of "returning" confusion.

Everything around me seemed to know each other.

Once the objects appeared again, and repeated it again if they said the same person.

Merrisa, who was plugged in the ground, took out two ancient African masks.

△ The picture below is the scene in the second episode of the first season

In the court’s debate.

She can even predict what she wants to say next.

These all made her worry.

What are you annoying?Press no table.

Even, she even gave up the office to the highest -level, the most luxurious one, and continued to work in the corner.

Sexual changes have changed greatly.

On the other side, the company’s power structure is changing again.

Before Liz and her relationship, she returned to zero.

Later, there was a new title partner, Richard, and was aggressive.

The suit is tall, the younger brother Lin Li, the tone is full, like a gangster.

As soon as you are looking for the largest office, modify the decisions, set the rules, and gather people’s hearts in the name of religion.

Recruit soldiers to buy horses.

In terms of the senior office, Kamen, who has just joined the company for 8 months but signed a big customer, and paid a salary.

It’s the last season, still engage in palace fighting?

The pattern is small.

Although returning, the environment has changed greatly.

There is a detail at the beginning.

In the morning, a few flying birds were killed on the glass of the office.

Is it really just flying birds?

Upstairs, the aggressive partners are attentive, fighting for power.

But the perspective turned downstairs, the truck driver strikes, and the riots were carried out for a long time.

The shouts of workers, the whistle of the car, and the police call of the police became the background sound of the office.

Flying birds are affected by tear gas that suppressed riots.

Blood is outside the window, and it is outside the building, like two worlds.

The people upstairs did not care about the cause of the strike and the demands of the strike.

But every few hours, the law firm will shake violently, and even the water in the water cup will sprinkle the desktop.

Even in the evening, the lights of the helicopter can shake the office, but everyone is accustomed to it.

This group of elites who seem most concerned about the development of the world, political direction, and human fate.

I know nothing about the new environment they live.

They are too hypocritical?

No, they are just too real.

In the end of the world, the layoffs are popular.

How can people who are busy returning to work and keeping the rice bowl have empty listening to crying in their ears?

How can we describe the outbreak so accurately and the feeling of everyone now

From this, look at the confusion and trouble of Danan’s return.

"I think I am like a hamster of a rotor, and I will return to the origin no matter what you do."

When the epidemic returns.

Interpersonal relationships return to the origin.

The world retreats, and the errors are constantly repeated:

Roy sued Wade’s case renovation, and abortion was not protected by the Constitution; Trump’s 2024 will come to the president again; Russia and Ukraine have entered a turbulence; the use of nuclear weapons has even become a topic.


When these happens, how can you pretend everything even if you return?

Note that Sir said before.

In "The Battle of Bone", there is the parallel of the current world.

But this parallel is really not a real prediction?

No one dares to guarantee.


Except for the new environment.

This time, there are new topics.

A topic that was very arrogant a few days ago.

Yuan universe.

But in the play, the most controversial news was directly picked:

Sexual assault in the universe.

In the play.

Ms. Domo was sexually assaulted in the Yuan universe VR somatosensory game produced by the company.

Other men with body sensation equipment on her hand, but she failed to take off her glasses in time and draw from it.

For Dian and Liz, which had been defended by dozens of sexual assault cases, this was also an upgrade of a dimension.

As the defense lawyer of the company, Dian and Liz believe that the other party is blackmailing.

Because men did not have a physical contact and relationship with Miss Domo.

In court, Liz even chose to use the common "spray speech" to defend, and her posture was aggressive.

However, she accused Miss Mo chosen the image.

Although clumsy.

However, because Du Mo did not cause physical damage, the judge had to bid to investigate the company’s ruling.

But the other party’s lawyer turned his conversation and planned to be demonstrated in court, and the scene was restored.

The judge himself participated in the game himself.

He was playing with a lot, put on a touch suit, and chose a beautiful beauty character.

Last second, he was still happy to enter the new world.

With a sexy figure and sexy voice, he was addicted.

In the next second, in the front lens, the men swarmed.

They spoke dirty, touching her chest and patted their hips, like a color wolf rushing towards fat, and they attacked.

It’s like watching a live broadcast.

Outside the game, in court.

The judge covered his body in horror and wanted to drink back the men loudly.

He was frightened and the female voice scared in the game overlapped.

When he remembered taking off his eye mask, his flushed face could not calm down for a long time.

In the hearts of everyone, there is the fear of setting buckle.

I have always been an empty words.

It is not until you really "bears" that you can feel the feelings of the other party.

In the final season of "Ao Bone", you want to release the ability of Danan to perceive the world.

For a long time, she has been a representative of rational, dignified, and strong control.

But this time, she started to change.

Just like the beginning of each season, there are changes and unchanged.

What is unchanged is fried, fried, and fried.

But it is something that explodes.

Explosion, from leather bags, high heels, to computers, tablets, then hammer, trial table.

From exploding stereotypes, bombing men’s stare, to exploding the inseparable sacred judicial system.

And this season, the image of exploding pistols and grenade explosions.

The grenade is not an imagination.

The protagonist group went down the elevator to the 14th floor. Suddenly the elevator was stuck, and a grenade was thrown in.

The calm and calm people were frightened and screamed.

Although this is just tear gas.

But perhaps, "the next one is true."

But whether the Yuan universe or gas is just a catalyst.

What to catalyze?

Let Dian tear off her height of her high.

It was the reason for her confusion and the true main line of the sixth season.

Obviously the world is so bad, why do you pretend that you haven’t seen it?

Therefore, when she feels the truth of life.

Choose a demonstration area that passes through the policeman who strictly guards the police.

When approaching the world of demonstrators.

She began to get true freedom that she had never had before.

know yourself.

If there is no desire, it is just.

According to the Chinese.

She realized.

When Dian began to complete the evolution, she would end the "Battle of Bone" in the back.

It is worth looking forward to.

I realize that I have no desire

And the one with the most power


The reason why the "Antu" series is prosperous.

It is that it has the ability to have a domestic screenwriter to dream.

Can describe workplace portraits, especially women’s group portraits.

Use details.

The young Maya was trapped in the suspected Ponzi scheme of his father, and he betrayed his relatives.

At the funeral, Maya was wearing black clothes, solemnly, sat down, and accidentally exposed the alarm monitoring foot ring of the ankle.

She quickly pulled up her rolled trousers.

A shot exposed the embarrassment of her incompatibility with the surrounding world.

A movement exposed her enthusiastically covering this embarrassing heart.

Use character relationship chain.

Luca’s fairness, restraint, and incompetence of things are manifested in all aspects of interpersonal relationships.

Dian is about to be invited to the company to become a partner, and the risk of wearing small shoes for the opposition leaders.

Her evaluation is still objective and fair.

The arrival of Dian was replaced by the company’s leaders to a small office, and she was excluded.

During the court, the two had different defense strategies. Sir thought she would pierce Daan back and let her plant the first case.

At a critical moment, she strives to provide strong support for Dian.

This kind of justified personality runs through her career and love.

When she learned that her boyfriend was to get more votes to get herself with herself.

Although she loves it deeply, she should break it.

Even when the other party was proposed because of pregnancy, she said:

Pregnancy is not a good reason for getting married

The image of the characters is richer and three -dimensional in each relationship.

The charm of "Ao Bone" dares to write people in the most patient method.

How patient?

For example, in "Anti Wife", she helped the female leader Alice’s lawyer assistant Mei Lisa.

In the first season of "The Battle of Bone", she met Dian.

Unwilling to work, she desperately seized the opportunity and became her assistant.

Clean the leadership office and leave a good impression.

Active expression, not covering up the ambition of being a leader assistant.

At all times, pay attention to the leadership trend, and at the crisis of leaders, they have long been prepared and promptly topped.

Such ambitious and strong roles.

Putting domestic dramas, or the villains are quickly killed, or the protagonist will soon succeed.


It was not until the sixth season that she finally obtained a lawyer’s qualification certificate and independently issued a lawsuit.

After five seasons of experience, we did everything from the assistant, the investigators who assisted in the work, and then to a professional lawyer.

The difficulty of the process can be derived again.

Among them, she had a deep use of her private relationship, and had to use the bridge section of her father’s connection (yes, her family was related).

It also shows the dilemma of the workplace.

Do not avoid the bending of the workplace, nor show off the cruelty of reality.

Just put the characters in the event and gradually show you.

As Daian said, no one is black or white, and life will tell you who it is in your own way.

Yes, life.

This is also the last meaning of the "parallel world".

"The Battle of Bone" is a mirror.

In addition to through it, examine the rolling, surging, and tide of the external world.

It can also find the specific coordinates of each subtle individual in this wave.

Sir had heard more than one female colleague around him.

The "Available" series ("Available Wife" and "The Battle of Aola") is their "life instructor".

After all, when domestic women’s workplace dramas were still rescued by the Fortune and female colleagues, the female group portrait drama still stayed on the "slogan golden sentence".

The emergence of "proud bones" told more people.

Women can not only be protected and take care of greenhouse flowers; nor are they the good wife and wife who are in the kitchen.

Their world can also develop more vast boundaries such as politics, commerce, finance, and law.

Regardless of age.

The tigers in their hearts can still chase and growl.

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