TVB Tong Yan goddess announced his belly!The beautiful pregnant belly photo, the breasts of the second child are full of breasts to become plump

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The 40 -year -old Hong Kong actress and TVB Tongyan goddess Sun Huixue (Snow) suddenly announced that she was pregnant with her second child at the end of January and was about to upgrade her mother again.It is understood that Sun Huixue has been pregnant for 5 months, and the due date is about this summer.

Recently, taking advantage of a good weather, Sun Huixue, who was pregnant with a pregnant belly, also met the photographer. He took a number of beautiful pregnant belly photos outdoors, which caused a lot of heated discussions.

From the short videos shared by Sun Huixue on social media, it can be seen that the sun was shining on the day of shooting. She changed a total of three sets of clothing and was in a good mood.

I saw Sun Huixue’s exquisite makeup, wearing a pregnant belly skirt, and putting various shapes in the camera.Sun Huixue has always had the reputation of TVB Tong Yan goddess. She has a baby face, and she can’t see her age.

After her second child, her skin became fair, her limbs did not obviously gain weight, and the whole person still looked very frozen.

Under the guidance of the photographer, Sun Huixue squinted and smiled in the flowers for a while, and then lay down at the camera carefully.

At the end of the shooting, Sun Huixue even took off his shoes, stepped on the water, and helped the rotating wooden props for shooting.The whole process Sun Huixue was particularly patient, and the bright smile on her face did not stop. It can be seen that she was also very looking forward to the second child.

Many netizens found that although Sun Huixue was only pregnant for 5 months now, her pregnant belly looked like she was pregnant for 7.8 months, and her pregnancy was very protruding.At the same time, her chest became more plump after pregnancy.

In fact, in the early years, when Sun Huixue was pregnant with her first child, her super pregnant belly caused heated discussion.Unexpectedly, after several years, after Sun Huixue was pregnant with her second child, her pregnant belly was still grabbing the mirror.

Earlier, Sun Huixue took a pregnant belly to participate in a business performance. In an interview with the media, she revealed that since her second child is pregnant, her weight has soared. At present, she has 130 pounds.

Earlier, she was told by the doctor that her pregnant belly was particularly large during her delivery.For safety reasons, when the childbirth can only adopt the form of a caesarean section.

After taking the second child smoothly, Sun Huixue was naturally very happy and excited, but behind the happy, she suffered a lot of pain and torture.

Sun Huixue originally thought that with the experience of the first child, the second child would be easier. The result was that the second child was even more painful.

Because Sun Huixue suffers from adenoma and adenomia, she often bleeds in the early stages of her second child.Later, when I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor suggested that she get a fetal needle.After accumulation, Sun Huixue has already taken nearly 40 stitches, causing her almost bruises on both sides of the pelvis.

In addition, Sun Huixue still did not escape in early pregnancy, insomnia, and nausea.So after her second child, her sleep quality at night was extremely poor, and the whole person was often in a state of poor mental state during the day.

The second child was tortured so much. Sun Huixue also officially announced earlier that after giving birth, he officially sealed his belly and would not regenerate the third child.

Sun Huixue has made his debut for many years and has always played supporting actors in major TVB dramas.Many Hong Kong drama fans are complaining: Why can’t she be a heroine?It is definitely a big "bead" of TVB.

Now Sun Huixue is pregnant with a second child. In the future, I want to go further in the TVB career, and it seems that there is not much chance.Finally, I bless the sweet, frozen childhood goddess all goes well, and the baby in the belly can be born safely.

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