Truth: I do n’t pay attention to these three points in the same room, which is not safe!

The safety period may also be pregnant, so women should also do contraception in the same room in the same period. From the perspective of contraceptives, the menstrual cycle is divided into a safe period and dangerous period., But the safety period can not be completely contraceptive during the same room.

1. The same room may also be pregnant during the safety period. Therefore, the same room must be avoided in the same room. Women should take appropriate contraceptive measures in the same room in the same period.Female friends must master the accurate date of the safety period.

2. Women’s ovulation period is about 14 days after menstruation, and 3 to 5 days before and after ovulation is a dangerous period during this period. For couples who do not plan to give birth, the dangerous period should do a good job of contraceptive work in the same room.Other times are called the safe period. The safety period can reduce the chance of conception, but contraceptive measures must be taken.

3. Women’s ovulation is affected by the external environmental factors, and it will also be affected by the climate and emotion. The health of the body will affect the female ovulation. Women’s ovulation may be pushed in advance or pushing a few days in advance. ThereforeIn the same room, it is necessary to do a good job of contraception, otherwise it is easy to cause accidental pregnancy.

1. Many diseases will change the ovulation time of women, and endocrine diseases will affect women’s ovulation time, which will cause women to have no absolute period of safety. Therefore, women must also do contraception in the safe period.The right contraceptive method can reduce the risk of women’s accidental pregnancy.

2. Period should be taken properly for women’s safety. Long -term use of contraceptives will cause serious damage to the body, and it will easily lead to endocrine disorders.The success rate of this contraceptive method is very high.

3. Women with menopause age will have a small amount of bleeding. It should not be in the same room four days after the bleeding stops, because this bleeding may also be caused by ovulation. Many women will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding during ovulation.Therefore, women must master the accurate ovulation date and safety period.

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