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Constipation is a problem that most pregnant mothers will encounter.Generally, in the early pregnancy, in addition to nausea and vomiting, pregnant mothers may also face constipation problems.The emergence of progesterone has caused the gastrointestinal tract smooth muscle to weaken, and at the same time, the uterine compression of the intestine enhances the intestinal tract, resulting in poor stool.Coupled with the decrease in eating, drinking water, and outdoor activities in early pregnancy, it has also prompted the bowel movement slowly, dry and hard stool, causing constipation of pregnant mothers.

1. There is a way to relieve constipation

(1) Participate in sports activities appropriately to keep gastrointestinal function normal.You can walk more, do gymnastics, or do the squat motion to increase the strength of the abdominal muscles, improve your physique, condition the breath, and help smooth defecation.

(2) Pay attention to replenishing moisture, which is more conducive to gastrointestinal motility.After getting up every morning, drink a cup of saline to supplement the liquid lost at night, and then eat breakfast. This can strengthen the upright reflection and gastrointestinal reflection after getting up, which is conducive to forming a good bowel biological clock.

(3) Develop the habit of defecation on time, forming conditional reflexes, and it is easy to stir up intestinal motility.Poor bowel movements in about the same time every day, no matter whether there is any intention or not, they have to squat for a while.After a while, the human body can slowly form a biological clock.

(4) Pay attention to the quantitative replenishment of fruits and vegetables. Edible fruits and vegetables with coarse grains and crude fiber can not only provide trace elements, but also help the intestinal reflective peristalsis.

(5) Before pregnancy, constipation can be consumed, but after pregnancy, you cannot use the medicine privately.If the symptoms of constipation are very serious, go to the hospital for a doctor.Use a diarrhea with caution, you must not use severe laxatives to avoid abortion or premature birth. Under the guidance of a doctor, oral acute calamitative medicine, if the guide tablets, Menzi Po Pills, etc.In severe cases, you can also use Kaishu or glycerin to lax, but you must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Several common laxative foods

(1) Tudou: Tudou is a very complete and easy -to -digest food, which helps the development of baby.At the same time, the crude fiber contained in potatoes can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the metabolism of cholesterol in the intestine. It has the effect of reducing cholesterol and laxative, which is very beneficial to improving constipation during pregnancy.

(2) Corn: Corn contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which is a very representative food in coarse grains. It can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate the excretion of feces, but also have functions such as diuretic, lowering pressure, enhanced metabolism, meticulous skin and other functions.Pregnancy constipation is great.

(3) Soybean: Soy beans contain very high -quality protein and rich dietary fiber, which is conducive to the development of baby and promotes the metabolism of pregnant mothers.At the same time, rich and high -quality dietary fiber can make intestines, which is conducive to improving constipation.

(4) Sweet potato: Sweet potato is a good alkaline food. Its main ingredient is starch and can provide a lot of energy. Therefore, in some areas, its status is second only to staple food.It has the effect of protecting the digestive system and enhancing immune function.Pregnant mothers eat a little sweet potatoes every day, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, help the mother absorb and digest nutrients such as protein, and clear the fat sediment on the blood vessel wall. It has a good food and therapy effect on constipation and obesity of the pregnancy weeks.

Article Source: Qiu Yuqing. October Wanderer Health Encyclopedia. Beijing: Science and Technology Literature Publishing House, 2017.

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