Timinal: Miss Qiao, you are pregnant!Qiao Xi is embarrassed, how is it possible?I am infertile

"Miss Qiao, you are pregnant!"

When he heard the doctor, Qiao Xi suddenly stunned.

How can it be?

She is infertile.

After repeated inspection, she was indeed pregnant.

"Buy …"

The phone rang, and when there was a phone call, she returned to God and found the phone and turned on the phone.

"Where did you die again? Get back for me immediately!" The voice of her mother Song Nanyan blew her ears and hurt.

Before she answered, the other party hung up.

The Qiao family can also be regarded as giants in the capital, with three -story single -family villa elegant and luxurious.

As soon as Qiao Xi entered the door, he saw his parents and the adopted daughter Sitting on the sofa.

There is also a young man sitting opposite, in his early twenties, white shirts, black trousers, handsome eyebrows, noble and elegant.

Mother Qiao glanced at her and suppressed the anger: "How come back?"

"Hospital work is a bit busy."

Mother Qiao was even more angry: "I told you a long time, let you quit the work, go to the hospital as a cleaner, do the Qiao family miss the money? You are going to be angry with me!"

"Mom, don’t be angry with your sister, you are not good, you can’t get angry." Goman held her arms to soothe.

"Sister has grown up in the country from an early age, and hasn’t learned much. I have worked hard to enter the hospital as a cleaner …"

"What’s the matter, what do you call me back?" Qiao Xi did not listen without patience and interrupted Jyonman.

Mother Qiao reluctantly recovered her face: "Qiao Xi, this is the eldest grandson of the Fu family, Fu Chen."

Fu Chen just nodded to Mother Qiao, and did not even give her her eyes.

Look down on her.

"Qiao and Fu have a marriage contract. Although you have the blood of our Qiao family, Manman has been raised by us for 20 years, and he is also the daughter of our Qiao family."

"The two of them are in love, and there is no reason for separation, so your marriage contract with Fu Shao must be lifted."

"Sister, I know that I am just the adopted daughter of the Qiao family, and I shouldn’t grab your family affairs."

Kyan’s eyes red, tears fell down one by one, and looked at Fu Chen affectionately: "But I love Chen, please make you all."

"Xiaoxi, everyone is for your good," Qiao’s father Qiao Yun said long -term focus: "You and Chen Xun are not people in the same world, they cannot be husband and wife."

"Qiao Xi, I can’t fall in love with you. The person I want to marry is Manman." Fu Chen was alienated and unattainable.

The corner of Qiao Xi raised a faint smile: "It turned out to be this, so there is no need to spend so much tongue."

"Fu’s parents and grandson? I really don’t look at it."

"Retired, I agree."

Fu Chen looked up sharply, and then looked at her.

She stood lazily and fell indifferently on him, not to her eyes.

It really doesn’t look down on him.

His face suddenly turned blue, white for a while, his hands tightly, and he barely maintained the calm on his face.

Kyan’s face shocked: "Sister, you … wouldn’t you know who Fu’s parents and grandson is?"

Fu Chen’s heart is a bit balanced, yes, how can this kind of rural TU buns know himself?

Otherwise, she should kneel down and ask herself not to remarry.

Qiao’s father and mother were also shocked, but when she thought she grew up in the countryside, it was not strange to see.

She agreed to retire, and Mother Qiao was in a lot of good mood: "You get married to the Gu family."

Qiao Xi stunned: "What?"

Qiao’s father’s ecstasy explained: "Xiaoxi, we and the Gu family have recently collaborated on a large project. The Gu family is also a first -class giants, and they don’t think you grew up in the countryside since he was a child.","

When he saw this daughter, he knew that her appearance would definitely bring benefits to the Qiao family. I did not expect that she could be seen by the Gu family.

The Gu family is three young?

As soon as Qiao Xi’s pupils were shrinking, the storm gathered in the bottom of the eyes, and then sneered: "Really?"

The Gu family is a first -class giant. Although Gu San -Shao is an illegitimate child and has a disease, she is a rural TU buns, and her daughter is five years old.

What about Gu San Shao?

When Qiao’s mother saw that she didn’t know her, she was angry and did not fight. "The Gu family is a giants. You marry in the past. Someone will wait for a lifetime and enjoy the endless glory and wealth. What else do you want?"


Qiao Xi took the pregnancy checklist in front of a few people, and a three -pointer smiled on his face: "I am pregnant, as long as the Gu family is willing to give me a child, I can marry it."

Everyone was stunned.

"How did I give birth to such a shame?" Mother Qiao reacted the first reaction and slapped her.


Qiao Xi raised her eyes and stared at her, with a smile with a smile instantly sank, as abyss.

Song Nanyan only felt cold all over his body, and his slap stiffened in the air, so he did not dare to fall.

"Sister, don’t you have no boyfriend? How can you get pregnant?" Goman said surprised.

Fu Chen frowned, and there was a touch of abandonment in his eyes.

Qiao’s father also wanted to ask what was going on. After listening to the words of Kingsman, his face was hard to see: "My Qiao family has no such thing as you who is unknown, and marry the child to the Gu family, otherwise, get me!"

Qiao Xi’s eyes were sinking again, and only a little emotion and temperature died instantly.

"I must have given birth to the child. I will move out. From now on, my Qiao Xi and your Qiao family are broken and there is no melon."

She picked up the pregnancy checklist on the coffee table and turned upstairs to clean up.

She was trafficking at the age of four and was less than half a year when she returned to this home.

From the day she entered the door, her mother looked down on her at all, and she was scolded at all. His father was better, but now it seems that they and Kyan are the real family.

She spent such a long time not incorporated into the family, and there was no place for her here.

forget about it.

There was also the scolding of Mother Qiao from behind:

"Let her go, a rural were illiterate, no dignitarian, and a small dragging oil bottle. Can I live for three days in this capital? Didn’t you come back obediently and get rid of the child and marry the Gu family …"


On the second floor, Qiao Xi pushed the door to isolate those voices.

There is only one bed in the narrow room, a desk, and there are only a few items. The rude and cold is incompatible with the villa.

She took the shoulder bag and stuffed the laptop inside, and suddenly had a touch of light through her eyes.

In order to ask the Fu family to retreat with her, 50 days ago, he gave her medicine on the grounds that he took herself out to know her friends.

With her ability, it was impossible to count her.

But she was recruited.

There are masters in the back.

Are those people finally here?

The corner of her mouth raised, showing a mad smile.

After five years, I came to the door, and my strength was not good.

"Buw and hum …" The phone rang.

She took back her mind and connected the phone:

"Joe Qiao, there is news on the gene therapy department!"

Qiao Xi’s heart fiercely became a ball.

"Xiaoqi has been hacked into the system of 404 hospitals, and found their core research. It is also a genetic technology. There are several studies, which is not better than our backwardness. Will the child send it to it?"

She rubbed her heart slowly, her face was pale, she was shaking.

Just now, the news she thought was the whereabouts of the child.

Five years ago, she not only gave birth to the next daughter, but the twins.

chapter 2

Both Dabao and Erbao are boys, but Dabao was born as dead.

Erbao was thrown away because of her genetic defects.

Over the past five years, she has flooded all over the world and has not found him.

Therefore, she established a genetic treatment department specializing in children who were sick due to genetic defects.

If you want to pick him up, you can send him to see the doctor.

But he has never appeared.

Right now, this is also a news.

Qiao Xi forced herself to calm down: "What else?"

"The investor over 404 is Fu Ruizhen. He should be able to find more useful information from him."

"Fu Ruizhen?" She couldn’t help but stun.

Isn’t it fifty days ago, did the man who tossed her one night?

"Yeah, the Fu Wuye of the Fu family, your fiance’s uncle."

"27 years old, unmarried, like you, there is a five -year -old child, a boy."

Continue to say that the child is afraid of affecting her mood, Xiao Siqi has opened the topic:

"Another thing, the Fu family has found out that we have come up. Fortunately, Xiao Qi’s reaction is fast enough, and it has been covered for you."

"But you are afraid that you can’t hide it for long."

"Can’t you save the Fu family? But they have been looking for you for more than three years."

There was a touch of contemplation in Qiao Xi’s eyes: "Let Xiaoqi continue to stare and drag them."

"I still have something to deal with, you go to the kindergarten to pick up Xiaoxing from school."

"Okay, Joe Qiao."

After hanging up, Qiao Xi thought for a while and dial another number:

"Fu Ruizhen, I am Qiao Xi. On the night before, the woman in the first hotel, I need to talk to you in person."

SK Group, President’s Office.

Fu Ruizhen put down his mobile phone and fell into thought.

On the night of fifty days ago, he went to perform a task. He was taken medicine. When he fled back to the first hotel, he met a woman and then had a relationship.

When he woke up the next day, the woman was gone.

He checked the monitoring, nothing, if it wasn’t for the monitoring content of his own monitoring, he suspected that it was a dream.

For a moment, he called: "Those who are secretly, check a woman named Qiao Xi, 50 days ago, appeared at the first hotel."

"Woman?! Wuye, why are you suddenly interested in women?"

Fu Ruizheng’s eyebrows twisted: "I now approve your retirement?"

"Complete the task right away!" Assistant Zhou hung up immediately after saying.

He didn’t like to like gossip, but it was too surprised that he asked more.

An hour later, Qiao Xi appeared in the SK Building, and a female secretary in her early thirties led her to the president’s office.

"Miss Qiao, please."

Qiao Xi entered the door, the slender eyelashes lifted, and the eyes were shocking.

The one -meter -eight -nine man was leaning in a black leather chair, his legs were open, and his long arms were put on the handrail of the chair.

Seeing her, a three -point smile appeared on her face, and the fingers with clear fingers rubbed their thin lips.

Desire and danger.

Fu Ruizhen has also looked at Qiao Xi.

In early April, the cold of the spring did not disappear.

She wore a beige cock knitting, tall and slender, her skin was white, her small faces were exquisite, and a pair of big peach blossom eyes.

A bright red tear mole at the end of the right eye lifts a touch of coquettish and affectionate.

Between the light of the eyes, the temperament of Jiao Ye is free.

"Miss Qiao?" The man spoke, his voice was magnetic and confused.

Qiao Xi suddenly remembered that night, he also coaxed her with such a voice.

"Baby, yes, that’s it, I will end soon, good."


She twisted her eyebrows, cut off her thoughts, and raised her eyes to him: "Mr. Fu."

The man had opened his legs and came to her: "Miss Qiao knows the taste of food.

In words, closer to her red lips.

Qiao Xi’s height of one meter, seven or three, looked slim and petite in front of him, and the nose was full of men’s atmosphere.

She frowned, and at the moment his lips were posted, she blocked it with a pregnancy checklist.

"I am pregnant."

Fu Ruizheng had a meal, raised his eyes and looked at the pregnancy checklist, and breathed.

Over the past five years, he has wanted to have a child.


He loosened her and restored his seriousness: "Follow me."

Half an hour later, he took her to the 404 hospital, and a doctor had waited.

This man brought her here so soon, it surprised her.

The hospital is located near the suburbs in the north of the capital. There are few people in this place, and there are almost no high -rise buildings in the building.

There are not many patients in and out, almost all of them are severe patients.

It seems that it is a research -based hospital.

The results soon came out, and the information was right.

Fu Ruiyu took the pregnancy checklist and was ecstatic.

He really has children again!

"I will marry you."

He will fulfill the responsibility of a father and will be responsible for her.

And that night, he asked her to help and forced her.

Qiao Xi shocked.

But when he thought of the child in the stomach, 70 % of the genetic defects may occur, and his gene is needed to cooperate with treatment.

In this way, it is easier to get into the 404 hospital to find the news of Erbao.

Just silent.

Fu Ruizhen glanced at her again, and her voice was a little cold: "I heard that Miss Qiao had a good marriage?

"I have retired."

His eyes narrowed, and he was interested in: "Oh?"

Fu Chenzheng went to Qiao’s family to retreat, and Zhou Mi had also told him that this result was surprising and curious.


"I do not like him."

"Um." He was more satisfied with this answer, and he felt inexplicable: "Let’s go, get the certificate."

Qiao Xi was shocked again, but he did not expect that he would pull himself so quickly to get his permit.

Seeing her a little surprised, Fu Rui thought about it, and added: "As for the wedding, if you want, then you will follow your thoughts, then …" At that time … "

"Buy …"

Before Fu Ruiyu’s words, the phone rang.

He turned around and turned on the phone:

"Five Lord, the old man is critical!"

The phone was called by the housekeeper in the old house.

His tall body trembled, and the other party had hung up, and he still stiffened his phone.

The moment he groaned, another phone call came in.

"Five Ye, position the position of Yaoshen!"

"Very good!" His gloomy and sad eyes burst into hope: "Tie people and send them to the old house."

Qiao Xi shook.

I heard the voice of the man above his head: "Go to the old house with me."

Chapter 3

Half an hour later.

In the north of the capital, the old imperial city, the old house of Fu family.

The Chinese -style architecture is simple and elegant, and the courtyard is beautiful and open. The golden sunlight in the afternoon is reflected, and it is brilliant.

The villas were full of people, and the other four children of Mr. Fu also guarded their children in the hall.

The eldest son Fu Nanyong, 54 years old, Zhou Shunhua, 53 years old.

The second brother Fu Yuanjin took their two children.

The third brother Fu Yuyuan was 38 years old, and Zhang Wanyi, who was pregnant for six months, had a big belly. He was the second child of the two.

Four sister Fu Ning is 33 years old, with a 4 -year -old son, Gu Yuchen, Xiao Ming Chenbao.

All of them were sorrowful, and several eyes were red. They had cried secretly, and the atmosphere was dignified.

As soon as Fu Ruiyi entered the door, everyone whispered to him:

"Five Masters."

"Five brothers."


"Uncle Five."

"Five Mo."


They also saw the woman who followed him, but at this time, no one had the mood.

"The Fifth …" Seeing him coming, Dasao Zhou Shunhua choked: "Go in!"

Fu Ruizhen is Lao Laizi.

At that time, Fu Lao was 53 years old and his old lady was 43 years old. He was a serious elderly mother. In addition, she had a bad body and almost put her life in it before giving birth to him.

The whole family loved him very much, and the second old man loved him even more.

When the old man fell down, he kept thinking about him and wanted to see him last.

Fu Ruiyu’s throat blocked, nodded his head to Da, and stepped into the bedroom in a hurry.

Qiao Xi hesitated for a moment, bowed his head and followed, and saw an eighty -year -old old man lying on the bed, full of snow, describing his dryness and dying.

This is the Fu family, Fu Chong.

He was a well -known general. Thirty years ago, when he was 50 years old, he suffered a serious injury and dropped the serious illness. Then he exited the front line and turned to serve as an important position.

It was not until three years ago that the body could not support it before retiring.

The seventy -year -old Mrs. Fu Jing Muyi clenched her husband’s hand tightly, her eyes were red and swollen, and she tried to restrain her tears.

The eldest son Fu Nanyong helped her shoulders to soothe.

There are two famous doctors, 65 -year -old old military medical ink, and 23 -year -old Jingxingyan.

"The fifth old," when he saw him, his elder brother Fu Nanyong helped the old mother away, and his voice was dull: "He dad … say a few words."

"Dad!" Fu Ruiyi kneeling in front of the bed "bang", holding the old man’s hand tightly: "Don’t worry, I have found the medicine god, he will arrive immediately!"

"The Fifth …" The old man opened his eyelids hard and revealed a light light: "Well … are you bringing a woman?"

His manual movement tried to lift the woman standing aside.

After hearing the words, several people were also shocked, and their eyes could not help but fall on Qiao Xi’s body.

Fu Ruizheng grew up, taking a woman back to the old house, or for the first time.

"Cough cough …" Father Fu used his strength, coughed violently, and he would break it in one breath.

"Dad!" Fu Ruizheng shouted anxiously and got up to help him.

Qiao Xi left close, stepped forward to help, holding his arm, raising his hand, and a white pills stuffed into his mouth.

"Coughing–" The weak breath was blocked in his throat.

"What are you doing?" Fu Ruizhen pulled Qiaoxi suddenly.

Qiao Xi was about to explain that a voice over.

"Sister, no!"

When Kyan who had just entered the hall saw this scene, he screamed out.

After she followed Qiao Yunde, Song Nanyan and Fu Chen.

When Fu Chen was in the Qiao family, he also received news of the old man’s illness, and the family followed him.

I didn’t expect to see this scene as soon as I entered the door.

The Qiao couple shook her body and almost fainted on the spot.

They couldn’t believe it, after Qiao Xi left home, they would come here directly.

What can she do here?

Let Fu’s parents keep her family affairs!

Georman’s voice is even greater: "Grandpa Fu is now in this situation, how can you feed him? How can he swallow it!"

She is a graduate student at the Capital University School of Medicine. She is famous for her talents. This situation is clear.

"Even if you are just a cleaner at the Seventh Hospital, this common sense should have …"

"You shut up!" Qiao Xi stunned back, interrupted her, and turned to Fu Ruizhen: "My medicine, you can save Mr. Fu."

"The old man is clicking!" Mo Laojun shouted.

The old lady was dark in front of her eyes and fainted on the spot.




The children of the Fu family were panicked, and a few young children were so scared to cry, chaotic.

Fu Ruizhen looked at Qiao Xi, and she didn’t discern his anger in his solemn look. He went to the old housekeeper: "Uncle Fu, send this Miss Qiao to rest."

At this point, he couldn’t tell her, he only believed in the facts.

Qiao Xi stunned, and he didn’t get angry on the spot, which surprised her.

She followed the housekeeper Fu.

Fu Ruiyu’s attitude towards Qiao Xi surprised everyone. Should he strangle her on the spot?

But at this time, everyone had no intention of investigating this.

The people of the Fu family stared at her, and they couldn’t wait to swallow her.

A successful smile floated at the bottom of the eyes.

The Qiao couple exploded. The dead girl was to kill the Qiao family.

"The Five of the Five …" Mo Lao Military Medical Doctor and Jing Xingyan looked at Fu Ruizhen, anxious, and helpless.

"The medicine is here!"

With a shout, everyone was relieved, and the atmosphere of originally became active.

Everyone gave away, and Zhou Mi took a group of people to support a little old man in his eighty -year -old.

Everyone was stunned.

"Xue Yuyi?" Mo Laojun screamed.

Xue Chengshou was the former imperial doctor and the leader of the Chinese medicine industry. Everyone has always respected him.

The capital, or even the world, no more powerful TCM than him.

"Grandpa Xue!" Jing Xingyan’s eyes were red, and he wished to worship him.

Kyan also trembled with excitement. In the past two years, she has always wanted to become his student and learn pharmaceuticals with him, but he has never received the student.

I didn’t expect him to be the medicine god!

Five years ago, a medicine god suddenly emerged. His medicine could cure all diseases, and even hesitated to return to life, shocking the world.

Everyone is looking for him and ask him to see a doctor.

But he was mysterious and reluctant to come forward to save people. No one could find him.

Even the Fu family had found him for more than three years before taking him here.

She must worship him as a teacher and become his inner disciple.

At that time, she will be able to receive both fame and fortune. Who else dares to step on her head?

Who else dares to say that she is not worthy of being Fu’s parent and granddaughter?

Xue Yuyi looked at everyone’s eyes and was almost crying.

He is really not a medicine god.

Today, he just went to the Chinese Medicine Department of the Seventh Hospital to deal with something, and was suddenly surrounded by a group of people. He was the god of medicine and took him here.

He looked at the situation of Mr. Fu, and did not have time to explain. He immediately cleared the field and took the doctor for first aid.

The door of the bedroom was closed, and only Fu Ruiyu was guarding inside, and everyone else stayed outside the lobby.

Everyone’s heart hangs high, and it is suffering every minute and one second.

The old man was tortured for most of his life. In the past three years, his condition has increased.

Especially this year, I have made several illnesses.

Moreover, he is eighty years old.

I’m afraid this time is–

"No! The heartbeat is weakened." After a while, Jing Xingyan was shocked in the room.

"Xue Yuyi, this heartbeat is afraid of–" Mo Lao was also anxious: "Breathing is also weak! This pulse is almost gone!"

"Woo …" The old lady who just woke up heard the sound inside and sobbed her mouth.

Several children also cried.

Everyone’s eyes flushed and tears.

Kyanman’s heart was ecstatic, but she said with tears: "I said that my sister was chaotic. Although she grew up in the countryside, how could she be so reckless and ignorant?"

Qiao Xi wanted to use this to settle the Fu family, but he was clumsy.

Now, the Fu family will never let her go.

No need to shoot again, Qiao Xi had already perished.

Chapter 4

Dasao Zhou Shunhua has thought of the Qiao family’s affairs, and now he understands.

She turned and went to Qiao Xi angrily.

When the Qiao couple saw this, they followed immediately.

This rebellious woman is dead or alive. They don’t care anymore, and they must not let the Fu family get angry to Qiao’s head.

Fu Chen and Kyan also followed.

Qiao Xi was taken to a guest room. She sat under the window and looked at the scenery outside.

The sky is about to be dark, the night is drooping, and the sky is turbulent.


The door was opened, and a group of vigor came in.

"Sister," Kingsman rushed in front of her and pulled her arm: "Grandpa Fu died, you kneel down and apologize to his glory, please forgive you!"


Qiao Xi frowned.

"Oh, is it so?"

She held her arm with a backhand and "click" and kneeling down.

"My sister cares about me so much, just ask Mrs. Fu for me."

"Ah! My hand …" Broken!

Girkin screamed and looked up, and saw a faint smile in her eyes, but it was cold, and her voice was stuck in her throat, and she couldn’t get out.

"What are you doing?" Mother Qiao immediately stepped forward to protect people.

She was let go and gently picked up the bones of Kingsman.

"Mom, my hand …"

Mother Qiao immediately took her hand to check: "It’s okay."

It’s just a bit of green, which is not a big deal.

Just now, she thought Qiao Xi broke her daughter’s hand.

Kingsman grabbed his hand wrongly, and there was no strangeness except the pain of drilling.

Then he looked at Qiao Xi, who was still sitting.

Just now, is she obviously breaking her hand, is it illusion?

How did this cheap woman suddenly become so demon today?

"Mom," Fu Chen said, "I have retired with this poisonous woman, and the person I want to marry is Manman."

Zhou Shunhua frowned tightly.

Half a year ago, the Qiao family picked up the daughter from the countryside. Although she brought an oil bottle, she was still single.

Let her son marry such a woman, she is unwilling to make compensation with money, no matter how much money it is spent.

However, the second old man asked the Fu family to fulfill his marriage contract, which caused her son to be laughed at the whole city, and even took her to laughed at.

Now it is changed to marrying Jonman.

In the past, she looked down on her small family jasper.

But now under the backdrop of Qiao Xi, she is perfect like heaven.

Qiao’s father glanced angrily: "We have no face to let her marry the Fu family."

Mother Qiao: "Manman has been raised by us for so many years, and she has been better than her life. She is the daughter of our Qiao family."

"That’s right," Qiao’s father went on to say: "My father is knowing it under the spring, and it will definitely agree."

Qiao Yunde’s father, also the grandfather of Qiao Xi, was once a general around Fu Lao, who sacrificed to protect him.

The Fu family set this family affairs with their family to repay his old man and shelter the descendants of the Qiao family.

Only recognize the blood of the Qiao family.

But as long as their couple persist, they can be replaced.

"Qiao Xi," Zhou Shunhua stepped up, majestic anger: "For the sake of selfish desires, he forcibly feed him things regardless of his physical condition, which causes him to stabbish his breath. This is a murder."


The bodyguards outside the door came in.

"Send her to the police station and let the lawyer go together."

Prosecuting her to kill.

If you do not sentence the death penalty, you have to turn off your life for a lifetime.

After speaking, Zhou Shunhua turned and turned to the Qiao family: "Mr. Qiao, Mrs. Qiao, do you have no opinion?"

Qiao Xi looked up at her biological parents.

Father Fu had only hanging a bite, and she did nothing, and she would die.

But she was sent to the police station, the murderer.

Song Nan was unbearable and hesitated to look at her face similar to herself.

Qiao Yunde looked cold, secretly dragged her, and respectfully answered Mrs. Fu: "It’s a little girl to do it right, we will return the Fu family to justice."

"Mom …" Kingsman held Song Nanyan’s arms viciously.

Song Nanyan looked at her, and looked at Qiao Xi again. Only in this way can she have no way to entangle with the Fu family. Manman successfully married Chen Chen.

Her heart was horizontal, her lips tightly, and her eyes moved away.

Qiao Xi disappointedly looked away from their couple, stood up, facing Zhou Shunhua, his eyes turned, and he revealed a bit of coercion lazily.

"Mrs. Fu is sure to do this?"

Zhou Shunhua’s brows tightened, his look was more firm and solemn.

"Even if I do nothing, I will die with the physical condition of Father Fu."

"Killing the murderer? Oh!" Qiao Xi sneered: "The crime of adding." "

"It’s not the first time my grandfather has been on the disease. Which time wasn’t it good?" Zhou Shunhua righteous: "It was you who feed him to kill him."

"No, your medicine killed him!"

Father Fu’s condition was special. He used the wrong medicine. Even if he was a life -saving medicine, he would become a fatal poison.

Do you want to add?so what.

Thinking of her before Song Nanyan’s remarriage, her words, she had long wanted to remove it.

"The child grew up in the countryside, and had never seen any glory and wealth, and had never seen a good man like Chen Chen, and cared about this marriage."

"She brought another child, this is her best opportunity, so she and her dad, she didn’t listen."


People like this, still want to marry her son?

Zhou Shunhua couldn’t wait to order to the bodyguard: "Take it away."

Qiao Xi didn’t say more, hooking his lips and a smile.

Zhou Shunhua had a meal, inexplicably chilling.

A delusional country girl, watching the bodyguard take away people, and didn’t rest assured.

Several people returned to the living room again, and the sky was completely dark.

After waiting for a while, the bedroom door opened.

Xue Yu wiped the sweat and was helped by Fu Ruizheng:

"Thanks to the time to feed the medicine in a timely manner, even if it is half a minute late, I am afraid that I will not be able to save it.

"But he is too poisonous, and he needs to feed another medicine to remove the residual poison."

The crowd who was about to cry in.

The old lady’s red and swollen eyelids lifted: "My old man …"

"Dad is out of danger!" Fu Ruizhen excitedly shared the good news to his family.

"Old man!"





The dead hall suddenly became jubilant, and everyone cried.

"This … how is it possible?" The last response of Goman was trembling, and his face was unbelievable.

Aren’t people dead?

Chapter 5

The Qiao couple could not help but breathe, and if they were not dead, they would not involve the Qiao family.

"The results of the test came out! It turned out to–" Jing Xingyan came over with the test sheet, so excited that the whole person was shaking.

The old man has been sick for many years, and the room has been equipped with the medical instrument he needed, just like the hospital’s ICU.

After he was fed by Qiao Xi, they took a blood test for the first time.

Mo Lao took a look, and was shocked, and then handed the list to Fu Ruizhen: "It is the vitality of life!"

Fu Ruizheng took the view and suddenly understood why this medicine could save his father.

The fundamental cause of the illness was that thirty years ago, the enemy was injected with the Zero genes, and the toxin had been soaked in the whole body a few years ago.

If it wasn’t for supporting with powerful medical technology, his old man would have been there for a long time.

Five years ago, the vitality developed by Yaoshen could just solve this poison.

This is why he has been looking for the medicine god.

"Grandpa Xue, that Miss Qiao is also your person!" Jing Xingyan sighed.

"Miss Qiao? Which Miss Qiao?" Xue Yu did not know.

"Just, the one who feeds the old man who takes medicine!"

"Oh," the old man reacted and explained seriously: "I’m really not a medicine god, let alone use his name."

"You are not the medicine god, who is that?" He scratched his head and asked.

Everyone in the Fu family looked at his old man, and it was the same question.

"If I am a medicine god, can I not save Fu Lao? Can I hide you now? Am I the kind of person? Do you know me on the first day?" The old man was very angry.

"Uncle Xue, we know." Fu Nanyong said.

He still knows the nature of his old man. He and the old man are also intertwined. It is impossible to hide his identity and not save people.

The old man ignored them at all, and turned to a few people to Fu Ruizhen.

"I have to ask her to give a medicine to the old man again. She has medicine, maybe she knows the medicine god, hurry up, take me to see her!"

As a ash -level old Chinese medicine, his obsession with the prime and medicine god is stronger than anyone present.

The people of the Fu family are all clear.

What really saved their old man’s life was the woman who had just fed the old man’s medicine.

"…" Kyman’s body shook, and his doubts were burning in his heart like anger.

How could that village woman save Mr. Fu?

Can you still know the medicine god?

The Qiao and his wife are also unbelievable. Is this the Qiao Xi of their family?

"I go to pick her up." Fu Ruizheng spoke, and the eyebrows were a little more happy, and the whole person was easier.

Fortunately, she explained in Qiao Xi that when her medicine could save the old man, she did not directly negate her.

"Hurry up … Come here, my old lady wants to thank her!" Mrs. Fu’s body was not good, her voice was shaking, and she would also thank the life -saving benefactor.

Fu Nanyong: "We will all apologize to her."

Others nodded sincerely.

Qiao Xi rescued the old man, the great benefactor of the Fu family.

"Uncle Fu." Fu Ruizheng asked the old housekeeper and asked where others had taken it.

"Five Masters, this …" Old housekeepers in their sixties looked at Zhou Shunhua in embarrassment.

Zhou Shunhua’s face was already green, and she suddenly understood what the smile meant when Qiao Xi was taken away.

That village woman, it turned out to be waiting here!

"Fifth, I …"

"The fifth child, all of which are misunderstandings. I thought his dad was wrong, so …"

"Dasao," Fu Ruiyi ignored her words at all: "What about Qiao Xi?"

She stunned: "You can rest assured, I will pick people back soon."

"What about people?" Fu Rui’s tone improved, and the pressure burst out.

"Go to the police station …"

"Dasao, Qiao Xi is my person. You can’t turn it to deal with it. Please remember it later."

After he warned, he turned around.

The assistant Zhou Mi has already stepped up and drove the car over.

Fu Ruizheng got on the car, and the car galloped out.

The people sent by the Fu family were charged with the murder of the old man. The police would never neglect and do not know how to treat Qiao Xi.

She is still with his child!

"The Fifth …" Zhou Shunhua shouted, and tears in his eyes.

She married Fu’s house at the age of twenty -five, and the next year Fu Ruiyi was born. She helped her big.

Chang her mother, her love for this uncle, better than her biological son.

Fu Ruizheng always respected her, but now she suddenly turns her face with her, where can she accept it.

"Shun Hua, how can you send people to the police station?" The old lady knocked on a crutch and accused him of accusing: "That’s just a little girl, what can be solved at home?"

"Grandma, this is not my mother’s business, it is Qiao Xi, she can explain clearly, she just intentionally …"

"You shut up!" Fu Ning, the four daughters of the old lady Fu Ning, whispered back.

Just now Xue Yuyi has said that even half a minute later, the life of the old man is likely to not be able to save it.

If the little girl speaks, no one will believe her, and the medicine will not feed her father’s mouth.

Fu Chen looked at her in shock, her eyes were red.

Four aunt is ten years older than him, and he has been protecting him since he was a child. He still lost his temper with him for the first time.

"Go back and apologize to Miss Qiao and fight for her forgiveness." The old lady directly ordered Zhou Shunhua.

"Apology?" Zhou Shunhua shocked again.

In her life, she hadn’t apologized to anyone.

"Shun Hua, you did make a mistake in this matter, you should apologize." Fu Nanyong said, his wife, he had to control himself.

She stared at her eyes, angry and heartache.

For nearly 30 years, he has always followed her intentions.

Qiao Yunde spoke good at: "Old lady, big lady, don’t apologize, we Xiaoxi …"

"Mr. Qiao," the old lady interrupted him: "Our old man needs to be recuperated, so you won’t entertain you, please go back."

Qiao Xi was obviously rescued by kindness, but was misunderstood as a murderer and sent it to the police station. As a parent, even if they were not maintained, even the apology that outsiders should have was exempted for her.

How cool.

The little girl was really pitiful.

Qiao Yunde’s face was pale, and he was more embarrassing than being slapped in public.

"Sending guests!" Zhou Shunhua ordered the maid and glared at Goman.

If it weren’t for her words, she would not be lost by the old man before confirming.

Chapter 6

Goman was afraid of her eyes, and she quickly turned to look at Fu Chen, her eyes, tears, grievances and innocent.

Fu Chen could not help but feel distressed and just spoke.

"Send the big master back." Zhou Shunhua ordered the servant.

Qiao Xixiu wanted to marry her son, but she dared to use Kingsman, obviously not a good thing.

"Mom …" Fu Chen said, his request’s eyes were clear.

Zhou Shunhua gritted his teeth fiercely and gave his eyes to the maids who greet the Qiao family.

The servant stepped forward and went to the Qiao family three: "Please."

Their family of Tieqing faced and followed the servant to the parking lot.

There were also their voice from Xue Yuyi:

Xue Yu: "Old lady, you have to take a good rest. Your body is best to find that lady Qiao to see, let her find the medicine god to get some medicine and condition."

Their couple deeply affection, the old man was like this, the old lady couldn’t wait to die with him, and her body had collapsed.

Jing Xingyan: "Which police station was sent to? I also went to pick her up."

Mo Lao Jun doctor: "Don’t go, go back to the hospital first."


Back to Qiao’s house, it was 11 o’clock in the evening.

As soon as I entered the door, Qiao Yunde answered the phone and went to the study.

"Mom, I …" Jonan apologized to Song Nanyan.

"I don’t know that my sister has that medicine, and I don’t know what she wants to do. I will say those words, which will hurt you and my dad to be embarrassed in Fu’s house."

Song Nanyan sat on the sofa and took over the health flower tea handed over by the servant. He waved his hand and signaled the maid to go down.

"It’s not your fault, it’s the dead girl hiding us."

Speaking of which, she was angry.

If Qiao Xi can tell them in advance, give them the medicine to them, and let them rescue Mr. Fu, the Fu family will respect the entire Qiao family.

The relationship between the two will be one step closer, and their couple will be respected.

Every time she thought of seeing Zhou Shunhua, she didn’t look at herself, Song Nanyan was very unpleasant.

After twenty years of mother and daughter, Jonman is easy to see through her mind and sneer in her heart.

"Mom," she sat down next to Song Nanyan and hugged her arm kindly: "Will the parents of Fu don’t like me because of this and disagree with my marriage with Chen Chen?"

"No." Song Nanyan was very determined: "Qiao Xi has given birth to a child, and there is a small wild species in his stomach. It is no longer possible to marry the Fu family."

"Dust will definitely marry you."

Kingsman was relieved.

She looked at her mother again, and asked unwillingly: "Mom, why do our family marry the Fu family must be Fu Chen, not … not Fu … Wu Ye?"

When it comes to Fu Ruizhen, her cheeks are red.

"On the strength, Fu Chen is not as good as the five grandfather. On the face, he is more worse."

Remembering Fu Ruizhen I saw today, the handsome mature man charm in the handsome facial features, and her heart jumped up.

When she was still young, she knew that the Qiao family and the Fu family had a relationship, and dreamed that she was married to Fu’s house.

But the person she wanted to marry was Fu Ruizhen.

Over the years, she has been looking for opportunities. Until half a year ago, Qiao Xi was found. The second old Fu family insisted on performing the marriage contract. In a hurry, she had to be with Fu Chen.

Song Nanyan stunned, looked at her carefully, and said seriously: "The Fu’s Group has been controlled in the hands of Zhou Shunhua for decades. In the future, she will definitely pass it to her son."

"Besides, what’s good about Fu Ruiyu, he is infertile."

"How did you?" Goman shocked: "He … isn’t he have a son?"

"How did the little monster give birth to, who knows, and it is still incurable, and it can’t live for a few years."

"In short, he can’t have birth."

"There is no son -in -law, not even the family property, what can be used?"

Jonman was relieved, and he had a lot of balance.

Although Fu Ruizhen is good, she wants to be Fu’s real hostess.

"Manman," Song Nanyan held his daughter’s hand: "You are Miss Qiao’s family who raised the grew up in his own hands, the well -known noble ladies, and the pride of our Qiao family."

"Fu Chen will definitely marry you, you can coax him with peace of mind."

Kyan’s heart blooming: "Mom, you can rest assured that in the future, when I become the grandchildren of the Fu family, you are the most noble lady in this capital."

"I will definitely make our Qiao family go to the top of the capital to become the first -class giant in the capital."

Song Nanyan showed a satisfied and relieved smile: "This is a good child who has raised his mother!"

Fu Ruiyi rushed to the police station, but was told that Qiao Xi was picked up.

He frowned: "The person sent by the Fu family, do you let it go, just say hello?"

This is not their style, they dare not.

"Wuye, look at what you said, isn’t that a misunderstanding. The little girl saved the life of Father Fu. Of course, we have to put people."

"She said she saved the life of our old man?"

"Yeah, we also called your old house to confirm that it was a call from the housekeeper."

At that time, he had left the old house and was on the way.

Fu Ruizhen thought for a moment, he was curious how Qiao Xi knew these, and easily got away.

But it is more worried about where she is now, whether her body is affected, and how the children in her belly.

I don’t know where she was panic and urgency.

He is already worried about this woman.

"Zhou Mi, check where she is."

"Yes, Wu Ye."

Soon, they found the news that people were picked up by the Seventh Hospital.

When Fu Ruiyi rushed to the hospital, it was already three in the morning.

The doctor at the night shift told him: "Miss Qiao is participating in an important operation, and the end of the operation is uncertain."

He frowned and turned to look at his assistant: "Those secretly, can the cleaners still enter the operator? Um?"


He couldn’t explain.

Their intelligence organization is one of the best in Huaguo. There is no error without any information that cannot be collected.

Zhou Mi wiped his sweat full of sweat: "Five Ye, I arranged it, and went to check Miss Qiao’s information again."

In the night, Fu Ruiyi looked up at the hospital building, smiling at the corner of his mouth, and was interesting.

But his brows frowned again.

Qiao Xi had a pregnant woman for a day, and during the day, her face was very bad, and she vomited several times. Now she is still in the operating room in the middle of the night.

Can’t she be a little conscious as a pregnant woman?

It seems to be well managed.

But now he can’t rush to the operating room to get people, he leaned in the car and waited.

It didn’t take long for Jing Xingyan’s phone to call:

"Five, we used the drug ingredients extracted from the blood of the old man to experiment with Xiaochen’s cell tissue, and there were breakthroughs!"

His eyes were red.

In order to heal his son, in the past five years, he has invested countless financial resources and manpower, but he has not been able to make breakthrough progress.

This is the hope of the son’s life.

Reprinted from the public account: Hao Xuan Yuefang

Protagonist: Qiao Xi

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