Three years pregnant, is this true?Scientific basis

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Expectant mothers should have heard a saying, called "one pregnancy silly three years".At first, many people did not believe it, but the signs of postpartum always made the expectant mothers "slap" their faces.

I once watched a mother sharing postpartum interest in the group: "One day to buy vegetables, 10 tomatoes, 7 pieces of eggplant, and I bought a pound of meat 16 pieces. After the stall is finished, I want to talk about a price.Just say 35, the boss said no, in the end he received 33 yuan, and after returning home, he found out how stupid he was. From this time, he was ridiculed by her husband every day. "This is" a stupid pregnancy stupid.Typical example of three years.

Will pregnancy really become "stupid"?In fact, expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much, it will be "stupid" in fact because of these factors:

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1. The gray quality of the brain

Babies pregnant babies will significantly narrow the brain’s gray area, and this change will last for more than two years.Studies have shown that the reduction of gray quality will increase the intimacy of mothers to babies. It has a positive significance, so don’t worry too much.

2. Insufficient rest

Pregnant production and postpartum to bring their mothers in a state of nervousness. If the mother is breastfeeding, this feeling of fatigue will be stronger.Coupled with some physiological changes, mothers may experience emotional fluctuations, decreased memory, and forgetfulness.

3. Psychological effect

"Three years pregnant" is actually affected by mothers’ psychological effects.From pregnancy, my mother will hear this sentence. Long -term deepening memory will make mothers form a psychological suggestion. When I agree with this sentence, there will be some "subconscious" behaviors in life.

How to deal with the trouble of "pregnancy stupid"?

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1. Make a good rest

It is basically impossible for a good rest for the newly produced mothers. Because it is necessary to breastfeed in the middle of the night, it has become the commonality of all postpartum mothers.So how to ensure the quality of rest?

In addition to the necessary breastfeeding time, expectant mothers can ask expectant dad or family to help bring their babies. Generally, babies need more mothers at night, so they must strive to sleep well during the day.

2. Memo in advance

If you don’t want to appear "What do I want to do?", Expectant mothers can make a memorandum for herself.If you have already planned, you can write it in advance, and you can add it in time temporarily. After all, the mobile phone memo function is very convenient.


These postpartum "sequelae" are temporary, so the expectant mothers who are still during pregnancy do not have to worry too much, and use each "little surprise" given to life with ordinary hearts. Postpartum life will be happier.

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