Three years after the pregnant woman has fallen in the cliff: I can walk, and continue to fight lawsuits

Cover reporter Yan Lei Zhang Yidan

Recently, Ms. Wang, who has attracted much attention, released a video of the "Pregnant Women Thailand Falling Case", saying that after more than 3 years of medical rehabilitation and surgery, she can finally stand and walk.

In June 2019, while traveling in Thailand, Ms. Wang and husband Yu, a pregnant woman from Jiangsu, fell from a cliff of about 34 meters high.Relying on wheelchair life.Ms. Wang said that she was pushed down by her husband Yu, and the local police intervened in the investigation.Yu was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first instance, and the second instance was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Ms. Wang fell in Thailand in 2019

On April 2, 2023, Ms. Wang told the cover reporter that now she can walk, and the next step is to continue to fight a lawsuit, "Always fight, criminal plus civil".

Three years after pregnant women falling cliffs for three years

"You can walk, continue to fight a lawsuit"

Since March 24, Ms. Wang posted many videos on social platforms. After sharing her three years after the cliff, she can finally stand back and walk.

In the video released on March 25, Ms. Wang stood in front of the camera and introduced that she is in the hospital and is going to make conventional recovery.She said that after the cliff, many doctors thought she could no longer stand and need to rely on wheelchairs to live."But I always stunned. Since I survived, I am not willing to live in a wheelchair and crutch for a lifetime."

Ms. Wang previously introduced a cover reporter that she was taken to a local hospital after the cliff and surgery in the ICU. The doctor told her that there were 17 fractures in her body, 6 of which were open fractures.The worst part is the main bone of the left thigh, which has become an S -shaped, and there is a completely crushed in the middle.

Cover reporter noticed that since a video was released on January 5, 2022, Ms. Wang’s account had not been updated for more than a year.In the video released this time, Ms. Wang explained that she made a decision more than a year ago that time and energy should be used to recover.The newborn child starts to learn to walk again. "

Ms. Wang released her own fitness video

In another video, Ms. Wang shared her fitness fragments.In the video, she walked in a treadmill and completed the pull -ups up, lying up and waiting.Ms. Wang also introduced to netizens in the comments, "At present, walking is not good, but she will continue to work hard to recover to the best state."

Event review:

Pregnant woman Thailand falls cliff "Husband will push me down"

Cover News previously reported that on June 9, 2019, Ms. Wang and husband Yu from Jiangsu went to PHA TAEM National Park, Wubenfu, Thailand.There are many injuries in the whole body and were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Ms. Wang initially said that she had lost her feet because of dizziness, and then changed her mouth to be intentionally pushed down by her husband Yu.The local police investigated found that the incident was not unexpected.More than 10 days after the incident, Ms. Wang’s husband Yu was controlled by the Thai police.

In 2020, the Thai Court of Thailand was sentenced in the first instance that the defendant Yu Mou was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first instance.In 2021, the second instance of the case determined that the defendant Yu was "no murder" and was sentenced to 10 years in prison by life imprisonment.In this regard, Ms. Wang said she would continue to appeal.

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