Three times a year!What should I do if I encounter the "stubborn" endometrium polyps?

New Jiangsu · China Jiangsu Net News (Reporter Sun Jun Correspondent Sun Qian) mentioned polyps. Many people’s first reactions are a piece of "meat" in the body. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t hurt or itchy.But if you grow into the uterus, it will be a little troublesome.Ms. Zhang, who is eager to give birth, encountered such troubles. Due to the influence of endometrial polyps, she was always difficult to get pregnant. Although she was removed in time through surgery, she recounted three times a year, which made her miserable.

Preparation for many years infertility is a polyp

"I never thought it was difficult to get pregnant!" Speaking of her own experience, Ms. Zhang had a bitter stomach: I was always busy with my career when I was young, and I only entered the marriage hall at the age of 33. She had never been able to get as expected for three years.

In order to better prepare for pregnancy, Ms. Zhang had a comprehensive examination at the nearby hospital at the beginning of last year, only to find that she had endometrial polyps.Because other indicators are normal, doctors suspect that the endometrium polyps may affect the fertilized eggs and cause infertility. It is recommended to do hysteroscopy surgery.However, the B -ultrasound was reviewed in January after the operation, and the disturbing endometrium polyps grew again.Although it has been removed in time after surgery, stubborn polyps have recurred three times a year.

Worried about the surgery for excessive physical trauma, Ms. Zhang pinned her hopes on Chinese medicine.Deputy Director Guo Hongyu who took the consultation was based on the fourth diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine to discriminate the treatment, treating the kidney yang, warming the palace, and the prescription medicine.

Why does the endometrium polyps affect pregnancy?

According to Guo Hongyu, endometrium polyps are a common endometrial benign disease, accounting for 25%of gynecological diseases, which is more common in childbearing age.It is caused by factors such as inflammation, foreign body irritation, and high estrogen levels, which are caused by local excessive hyperplasia of the uterine endometrium.It can reach 2-3 cm.

"Clinically, endometrium polyps are considered a risk factor that causes infertility." Guo Hongyu said that uterus is an organ of the embryo.The polyps grow directly in the cervical canal, which may hinder the sperm entering the uterine cavity and directly lead to infertility. If the polyp grows in the uterine cavity, occupying the uterine cavity volume, it will affect the fertilized eggs in bed.In addition to physical factors, endometrium polyps can interfere with the normal pregnancy process by changing the intravals environment, which leads to embryonic discharge and abortion.

Surgical treatment is the first choice but half of the patients are easy to relapse

For the treatment of endometrial polyps, if the polyp is less than 1 cm and has no obvious symptoms, you can observe first, and regularly review it.If it exceeds 1 cm, the treatment is mainly removed under uterine laparoscopic surgery.Due to the possibility of recurrence of more than half of the patients, it is often supplemented by short -acting contraceptives, progesterone, and the internal gynecological rings in the uterine cavity.

However, for women with urgent fertility needs, it is not feasible to place breeding ring and take short -acting contraceptives. At the same time, if estrogen is taken for a long time, it may have a certain effect on coagulation, liver and kidney function, and recur after the drug.Therefore, the clinical efficacy is not good.

Traditional Chinese medicine specimen and recurrence of prevention

The endometrium polyps belong to the category of "symptoms" of traditional Chinese medicine. Professor Xia Guicheng, a master of Chinese medicine, believes that the pathogenesis of this disease is actually deficient in kidney yang, the internal and cold of the yin, the cell palace is lost, the gasification function is lost.Insufficient, "Liuyang" cannot be in place, and Chongyang turns to yin. The stasis of the endometrium cannot be discharged.TCM treatment is based on the theory of "yang qi, yin forming" in the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon", combined with Professor Xia Guicheng’s method of "tonic kidney and adjusting the week", and the treatment of dialectics.The harvest of good results can not only improve the multiple menstruation, extension of menstrual periods, and inter -menal bleeding, but also restore the balance of yin and yang in the human body, reduce the recurrence of endometrial polyps, and increase the pregnancy rate of women in childcare.

Deputy Director Guo Hongyu emphasized that infertile women cannot ignore the examination of endometrium in order to find the specific reasons for infertility and give timely treatment.Once there is a large amount of menstrual flow, meridian bleeding, and extension of menstruation, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time to take a three -dimensional B -ultrasound examination to clarify whether there is an endometrial polyps.

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