Three squirrel off -oxygen leaked caused by misdiagnosis of pregnant women.

On July 25th, ” Three squirrels of oxygen dehydrations leaked to pregnant women by mistake ” boarded on Weibo hot search. Some netizens broke the news that the three squirrel nuts were sprinkled in the three squirrel nuts of the online purchased.Subsequently, the official Weibo of the three squirrels posted a response that the cause of dehydration damage was caused by error cuts caused by the shift during the launch.The company’s subsequent linkage suppliers make a version adjustment and re -confirm the optical eye position in the design.

This is not the first time that the three squirrels have caused heated discussions due to the problem of foundry production.Insiders believe that relying on the "foundry+brand" model, three squirrels have developed rapidly and become well -known brands in the leisure snack industry.However, the key point of this model is whether enterprises can comprehensively and strict supervision of the production process. Once the regulatory level is slightly careless, there will be hidden safety hazards.

Type oxygen leakage causes pregnant women to eat by mistake

On July 25, a netizen in Fujian released a video that the three squirrels found the particles leaked in the daily nuts of the three squirrels.The netizen said that he was purchased by the three squirrels daily for the daily nuts. The pregnant wife had opened a half -envelope and found that there was a deoxist particles in the bag.The sealing of the deoxidant is large on one side, without completely sealed, there is an open vulnerability, and the second package is the same.

A reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily called the three squirrel official website. The staff said that the company is actively contacting the consumer and has not yet contacted it. It will properly handle the problem for consumers.Three squirrels official flagship store customer service stated that it is actively contacting the consumer in the process of verification and processing, and it will be properly handled.

The news of the news shows that the dehydration agent packaging is written in unavailable.According to reports, three official squirrel staff responded to the media that food dehydration agents have been experimented, and they have no harm to the body. Drinking plenty of water can be discharged from the body.You can seek medical treatment in time.

At 3 pm on July 25th, the official Weibo of the three squirrels posted a response: "The company contacts the consumer as soon as possible. According to the picture judgment in the video, the cause of the damage of this dehydration agent isCaused. The company’s subsequent linkage suppliers adjusted the version and re -confirmed the optical eye position in the design. The main component of this deserter was iron powder, silicon dioxide, activated carbon, water, edible salt, etc. As of July 25On 15:00, the company has been trying to contact consumers and has not yet contacted. The company is very concerned about the health of consumers. It is willing to actively cooperate with consumer family members to do a health check and bear all costs and related responsibilities. "

At 4 pm on July 25, according to the latest video released by the netizens, the pregnant woman has seen the doctor. The doctor said that the situation of the pregnant woman’s misuse of oxidant cannot be clearly judged, and the follow -up observation should be waited.

Reproduce the hidden dangers of food foundry

According to the official website, three squirrels were founded in 2012 and have developed into listed companies with annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan.Relying on the operating model of "foundry+brand", the three squirrels developed rapidly in a short period of time. At the same time, it has repeatedly fell into public opinion storms due to the problems of food safety.

In August 2017, the State Food and Drug Administration was spot -checked and found that three squirrels happy fruit molds exceeded international regulations 180%; in November 2020, three squirrels were detected by the Shenzhen Consumer Council to exceed the standard. Three squirrel potato potato potato potatoClass 2A carcinogenic acrylamide in the film exceeded 2000 μg/kg; in May 2022, three squirrel foundry companies Mimosi foods were fined 10,000 yuan by the Nanjing Municipal Supervision Bureau of Nanjing City; threeShandong Zhixuan Food Co., Ltd., the daily nuts box manufacturer of Squirrels, was also punished by administrative penalties for unqualified sampling checks …

On the black cat complaint platform, there are as many as 2,462 complaints about the three squirrels. Many consumers have said that the three squirrels they bought have problems such as moldy products, eating foreign bodies, and insects.

Zhu Danpeng, vice chairman of the Guangdong Food Safety Promotion Association, said in an interview with Beijing Business Daily that in the field of leisure food, three squirrel accidents occurred.This highlights that the three squirrels have a certain amount of management in the quality internal control system.Although the three squirrels said that the three squirrels were the responsibility of the foundry, the three squirrels as the brand commissioner could not be removed.

"The foundry model relies on Internet -based thinking and is generally adopted by the operation of the real economy.The key to the difference is whether it has invested enough resources to supervise the production process. Even foundry can still realize the supervision mode like its own factory, such as video surveillance production lines, real -time detection of production data, and artificial spot checks at irregularly."Shen Meng, chief strategist of Guangke Consulting, said.

The three squirrels also seemed to realize the above risks, and they were trying to make up for the shortcomings of the foundry model.The official website shows that the three squirrels are accelerating the transformation to the digital supply chain platform enterprise.On June 25, the three squirrels stated on the investor interactive platform that the company is entering the production chain innovation model such as demonstration or alliance factories to indirectly enter the secondary production penetration and one production, promote the improvement of industrialization and technological innovation, and create product competitiveness.Construct product barriers.According to its concept, three major squirrels will build six new manufacturing parks in China within five years.

After the incident, the three squirrels would strengthen the supervision of the supplier. The staff of the three squirrel officials responded to the Beijing Business Daily reporter: "The company will link the supplier to adjust the version.We will rectify in the future. I am very sorry for consumers in this incident. "

Beijing Commercial Daily reporter Guo Xiujuan Zhang letter

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